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NWFND: Kari Jobe – The Garden


Kari Jobe, the wmoan who performed and made the song ‘Revelation Song’ grow wings has produced and written a new album called ‘The Garden’.

This album has been produced so intentionally and is a great listen at home or in your car or at the office.

What sets Kari apart is that she has such a passion and heart for worshipping God. Not only that but she has such a powerful revelation of God as our father which is evident in her music. She has been around for many years in church circles, starting her journey at CFNI (also known as Christ For The Nations).

Kari is married to a powerhouse of a dude called Cody Carnes and he has added so much strength and power to this dynamite duo.

Here you can also check out the album story by Kari Jobe as she and her husband talk about their heart for the album.



Be sure to get your order in and check it out.

NWFND: There Is A Cloud


I’m so excited to share this new NWFND with you. Elevation Worship’s new album, There is a Cloud will be released March 2017 but after a sneak listen, here’s what this album has to offer. There is a lot of music out there but this is different.  It carries a message of hope and of life that you won’t find amongst the booty shaking and heart-break and heart ache stuff out there.

Comprising of seventeen amazing songs, it is clear from the quality of this project that the team behind it have spent a lot of time making sure this package delivers on all levels.

This album title ‘ There is a cloud’ comes the story of Elijah in the bible and can be read it the book of 1 Kings 18:44:

The seventh time the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.” So Elijah said, “Go and tell Ahab, ‘Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.'”

This album is up for pre-order now and you can get the title song when you do that, also the whole album drops on 17  March 2017.

Check it out here and grab your pre-order.


You Can Handle It


Can you believe it we are 27 days into the New Year? It’s already been a big year for me and probably for you too. As this year begins and we head full steam into it. I was reminded that whatever comes I can handle it and you can handle it too.

I’m sure you know a few friends that life has gotten the best of them and they have been pushed to the side to sit on the substitution bench as if they were in a sports game.

My question is what allows some people to rise to the occasion and what allows some people to flounder and possibly drown?

  1. They speak words of life over their situation.
  2. They surround themselves with like-minded friends.
  3. They take time to build into themselves and not just others.
  4. They make sure their heart is healthy.
  5. They plan ahead and make sure they’re getting rest time. Resting is as important as working.

So here is a something that has really been a help to me in this season as we begin this year afresh. This video gave me an injection of confidence that everything is going to be fine

Enjoy and remember it’s all going be okay.

Magazines worth subscribing too

A New Year is the perfect time to make a few resolutions and to take time look back at what worked in the previous 12 months and also take a look forward at the year ahead. While I was taking stock of 2016 I began thinking about how I could benefit if I subscribed to a great magazine, something that would allow my intellectual being grow and allow me to learn a little bit more about different spheres.

After doing a bit of research here are four amazing magazines that may really benefit you, and your family.

Time Magazine:

Time magazine has been around for many years and although it may be considered the Grandaddy of publications this magazine has always managed to stay relevant and sought after. Dealing with everything from popular culture, science, business and politics. Think of it as 1000 newspapers in one magazine.


This magazine is my personal favourite. Monocle deals with design, culture, international affairs and politics in a way that is positive and engaging. This magazine is forward-looking and always seems to be ahead of its time. Monocle is on the pricey side but will be a gift that keeps on giving and the quality of this publication speaks for itself.

Relevant Magazine:

The name says everything.  Relevant is a great family read that focusses on culture looking at movies, music, lifestyle and faith topics. The good news is that it’s well priced and easy on the pocket.

Fast Company

This mag hasn’t been around for long but in all my times of reading it I’ve always come away grateful for the time I spent in the pages. If you looking at starting a business or pioneering in any sphere it’s a great platform to get wisdom and see a few who went before you, what they sacrificed and what worked and what didn’t work.

Get your hands on one and your future you will say thank you.

The Movies: Arrival


I’ve never been a Sci-Fi fan or even thought of going to spend money to watch a Sci-Fi movie, but one thing I must say this movie is worth seeing again and again. The story line, the music, the shots, the emotion it creates is brilliant. It has to be said that it’s the best Sci-Fi movie I have ever seen.

One of my friends in America messaged me to say I must go and see this movie because it has the best story line and it’s done really well.

It is for sure a must see, you may ask why go see or what is it about here is a short little sneak peek preview in a few words:

A mysterious spacecraft touch down on the globe, a specialized team, lead by an expert linguist, are brought in to investigate the ship. As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, the team race against time for answers to find them and the team leader (played by Amy Adams) takes a chance that could threaten not only her own life but also that of her team, and quite possibly humanity.

So here check out a trailer and go see it with your kids and family. You will be thankful you took them out.

Christmas Gifts For Her


As we are standing at the edge of Christmas I thought why not help the guys out there and make there lives a bit easier when they at the shop or at home to get a great gift for her, your mom, your daughter your wife or your girlfriend.

Sometimes it gets difficult thinking of the perfect gift, especially as the lines are long, or you feeling the pressure, or your money is limited. So here are some ideas for Christmas Gifts For Her.

Write A Letter

One thing will be apprecited by the woman in your life is something from the heart. Consider giving her something that doesn’t come from a shop or something that everyone else will have. Write something personal, heartfelt and genuine. A handwritten letter is a lovely gift and you can make it extra special with a little chocolate.


There are some awesome budget-friendly perfumes out there. Try to find out what fragrance she likes. I don’t think a woman can ever have enough perfumes and it always goes a long way.

Clothing Garment

Clothing can be a great gift.  It’s practical and necessary and if you choose correctly could become a favourite go-to outfit.  If you’re stuck for ideas, ask her friends if she has a favourite shop or style. Pay attention when you go out shopping together, she may see something she loves that you can pop back a pick up later. If all else fails, ask your significant female if there is anything that she would really like.

A Fitbit

If you know your lady is into fitness and wants to keep track of her fitness goals and progress a Fitbit could be the perfect present. Check it out here.

Daniel Wellington Watch

So these watches have taken the world by storm. They’re stylish, relatively well priced, elegant and clean-looking . She will love you.

Enjoy shopping and whatever you choose, she is going to love it.

Gifts For Him


As we head into Christmas season I wanted to make your shopping season a little easier. So here is a list of ten gifts that you can get for the man in your life.

Write a letter

A cost-effective present is to write a letter. Don’t forget that words are priceless and can mean way more than a gift that will fade.

Wolverine Boots

A lot of men have become a little bit more metro-sexual and are very into style and what they look like.  I found some boots that are amazing. They are pricey but they standout.  They are full leather and great quality. Plus they come with a lifetime warranty.  Check it here:

Fitbit Blaze

This watch is next level, and definitely something for that man who loves fitness. You can swim, run and cycle with this baby. It checks your heart rate and links to your iPhone health app as well. Check it out here:


I personally would love this box, it’s full of grooming items for men. If your man wants that extra edge when it comes to grooming and looking good in season and out, this is the gift for him.

Check it here:

Hover Board

This is for the man who still has young blood running through his veins. There are so many makes of hover board around now that you should be able to find one with a reasonable price tag.  I’m sure the whole family will have fun on this board.

Check it here:

The Amazon Echo

Amazon has released what is effectively a wireless, voice activated speaker system. It doesn’t end there however, it’s kind of like Apple’s Siri but for home. Check it out here:

Apple iPhone 7

Speaking of Apple who doesn’t want the new iPhone? The iPhone 7 has great battery power and comes looks incredible. The speed is amazing and the new camera they have installed makes this a must-have item.

Check it out here:

Road Bicycle

Following on from the Christmas binge, everyone seems to look for new ways to keep fit instead of resorting to the gym. A great full body workout is cycling and swimming. So why not get your hands gift a pair of shorts or, if you can a great bicycle.  If you’re looking for options try something light weight like a Trek 1200 Sl.

Check it out:

Give Your Him A Haircut.

Get a pair of clippers and give the man in your life an at home haircut. Talk about a practical and potentially memorable gift.

Mocha Pot

Every man needs some form of coffee in their bloodstream to wake them up and set them straight for the day. This method of coffee is bound to set you up for a win, also with the Bialetti you get a lifetime warranty so it’s actually a great present.

Check it out here:

You Can Do It: Zara Larsson

I think we have all been trapped at times by the lies of another voice whispering to us. You’re not enough, or you can’t do it, you need money, you need a Macbook pro, you need a iPhone. Actually here is a something just to remind you that You Can Do It, inspired by Zara Larsson, check it out here.

Even if you scared.
Don’t allow your past hurt or pain to determine your future.  What your creator has called you to is great than the trials you have faced.

Be thankful.
Remind yourself to be grateful for where you are and what you have.  If you allow fear to swallow you it will eat you up and you will find yourself on a downward spiral.

Be You, The World Is Waiting For You.
If you try to please everybody you will always be fighting a loosing battle. There is always going to be something that you say that someone doesn’t agree with.

Spread Your Wings, Try Again, Do It Again.
Coca Cola only sold 3 bottles of coke the first time they started selling and marketing so don’t be afraid to fail and try again. No one trusted online banking at first, so don’t sell yourself short because something didn’t work immediately.


Best Methods For Coffee

I’m sure we all love our cup of coffee in the morning, so we can get a head start on all those tea drinkers. I personally love about three cups of coffee before the clock hits 10AM.

One thing I have realized is that most people have not been educated correctly when it comes to having a proper quality coffee. They are used to something that is filled with sugar or sweetener.  Instead of experiencing real coffee are left tasting sugar cane in its purest form and not much else.

The best place to begin with a pure coffee experience is to make sure you’re buying coffee that its not cocoa or a year old bag of beans. Buy from a quality coffee roaster and invest in a great grinder.

So here is my Best Methods For Coffee.


This is a great way of getting the absolute amazing taste out of your bean. You don’t need to add milk to this or sugar. It can get a little messy but the quality of coffee that you will taste is amazing. Normally it has a bit of a more orange to yellow color to it. This process uses a pressure filter and a Aeropress.


I’m sure you’ve been to many households and seen them use this method. It’s a great method if you in a rush or havn’t got a lot of time in the morning. Your taste will differ depending on your water to coffee ratio. The grind that you put into it and how long you allow it to brew also makes a difference.


This is my personal every morning favourite method. Moka pot gives you a bold and strong taste in your mouth. We have our Italian friends to thank for this process. What you need is a Moka Pot and a stove or a fire and some sort of heat. Add to that some beans ground to your favourite consistency and water. You get a different taste depending on whether you use cold water in the bottom or pre-heated water.  I prefer pre-heated, which it also speeds the process up.


The taste is nice, not too strong, not too dark and not to bold. Chemex was designed by a doctor. I think the great taste lasts longer and can be left in the filter you use a little later.


This is a great method, you will need to get a Coffee Cone. They are available and fairly well priced on Ebay or Amazon.  Also you will need a matching filter for your Coffee Cone. Then a nice bean freshly grinded please so you get all the flavors. Probably grind to Medium to fine grind with a burr grinder.

Enjoy and make sure you keep it gold.

My Way – Calvin Harris

Here is a little thought on a song lyric I heard recently by Calvin Harris, My Way.

In case you haven’t seen or heard this track why don’t you check the music video out. It really is a work of art.

I’ve come to realize that a lot of us start the year off strong but we don’t finish it off strong. I think may it’s because there is stuff standing in your way, or as the song say, MY WAY.

I think the only way to finish off this year stronger than you began it is to ask yourself the question what’s in my way?

  1. Is it People
  2. Is it fear of failure
  3. Is it your past
  4. Is it finances
  5. Is it your demographic

I believe all of these can be factors but only if you allow them to be. External and internal struggles can only hold us back if we give them the power to do so.

So my encouragement is to let it go and let the wind blow.

Don’t allow your way to be determined by the obstacles.

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