I’ve never been a Sci-Fi fan or even thought of going to spend money to watch a Sci-Fi movie, but one thing I must say this movie is worth seeing again and again. The story line, the music, the shots, the emotion it creates is brilliant. It has to be said that it’s the best Sci-Fi movie I have ever seen.

One of my friends in America messaged me to say I must go and see this movie because it has the best story line and it’s done really well.

It is for sure a must see, you may ask why go see or what is it about here is a short little sneak peek preview in a few words:

A mysterious spacecraft touch down on the globe, a specialized team, lead by an expert linguist, are brought in to investigate the ship. As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, the team race against time for answers to find them and the team leader (played by Amy Adams) takes a chance that could threaten not only her own life but also that of her team, and quite possibly humanity.

So here check out a trailer and go see it with your kids and family. You will be thankful you took them out.