I’m sure we all love our cup of coffee in the morning, so we can get a head start on all those tea drinkers. I personally love about three cups of coffee before the clock hits 10AM.

One thing I have realized is that most people have not been educated correctly when it comes to having a proper quality coffee. They are used to something that is filled with sugar or sweetener.  Instead of experiencing real coffee are left tasting sugar cane in its purest form and not much else.

The best place to begin with a pure coffee experience is to make sure you’re buying coffee that its not cocoa or a year old bag of beans. Buy from a quality coffee roaster and invest in a great grinder.

So here is my Best Methods For Coffee.


This is a great way of getting the absolute amazing taste out of your bean. You don’t need to add milk to this or sugar. It can get a little messy but the quality of coffee that you will taste is amazing. Normally it has a bit of a more orange to yellow color to it. This process uses a pressure filter and a Aeropress.


I’m sure you’ve been to many households and seen them use this method. It’s a great method if you in a rush or havn’t got a lot of time in the morning. Your taste will differ depending on your water to coffee ratio. The grind that you put into it and how long you allow it to brew also makes a difference.


This is my personal every morning favourite method. Moka pot gives you a bold and strong taste in your mouth. We have our Italian friends to thank for this process. What you need is a Moka Pot and a stove or a fire and some sort of heat. Add to that some beans ground to your favourite consistency and water. You get a different taste depending on whether you use cold water in the bottom or pre-heated water.  I prefer pre-heated, which it also speeds the process up.


The taste is nice, not too strong, not too dark and not to bold. Chemex was designed by a doctor. I think the great taste lasts longer and can be left in the filter you use a little later.


This is a great method, you will need to get a Coffee Cone. They are available and fairly well priced on Ebay or Amazon.  Also you will need a matching filter for your Coffee Cone. Then a nice bean freshly grinded please so you get all the flavors. Probably grind to Medium to fine grind with a burr grinder.

Enjoy and make sure you keep it gold.

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