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Kids’ corner

Being a dad, I’m more than aware that kidswear these days often only lasts a few washes – and I know it’s sometimes pretty hard to find great quality without completely breaking the bank. So, moms and dads, this week is for you! I’ve picked a few spots online and in my home city, Cape Town, where you’ll be able to find great quality at good prices – and I’ve thrown in a few fun places to visit for good measure. Hopefully, these will inspire you to search out similar opportunities in your part of the world!

Clothing Corner:

Cotton On Kids

With cool colours and designs, and awesome cuts that will suit your baby, Cotton On will make sure your little one is styling it.

Mr Price Kids

This team has really kept us all happy when it comes to affordability. You’ll find a new garment in no time whatever the age of your kid, and their selection is always fresh and trendy.

H&M Kids

You’ll leave with a garment that’s well priced and also very fashionable. They have taken good time in sourcing the best cuts and fits.

Play areas:

Green Point Park

This is not your average park: the City Of Cape Town has really blessed us with this! It features sections for different age groups and will leave your kids with a smile. The best of all: It’s free!

De Waal Park

With a beautiful setting, one of De Waal Park’s best features is the fact that you have a gorgeous view of Table Mountain. You’re allowed to take your dogs an yes, it’s free!

Deer Park

This is one of the greats when it comes to parks as it has a café that overlooks the whole kids area – which means you can be sipping on a flat white while you watch the kids play.

Have fun! What are some of the best kids-friendly spots in your part of the world?

Ladies’ corner

I’ve recently been more aware of fashion and trends than ever,  and I know it’s sometimes pretty hard to find great quality without completely breaking the bank. So, ladies, this week is for you. I’ve picked a few spots online and in my home city, Cape Town. Hopefully these will inspire you to search out similar opportunities in your part of the world! (If you’re a guy, you’ll enjoy this post).

Clothing corner:


You can tell this company has taken the time to make sure they have the greatest cuts and materials. It can be a bit pricey, but it will last for a lifetime.


This team has really put excellence into every piece of clothing, and it shows – a Witchery item will set you apart from the rest. Check it out here.

Country Road

These stores will bring you great pleasure, and you’ll leave with a garment that’s well priced. Country Road stores feature garments with great, fresh tones. Check it out here.

Hair corner:


This is more than just another hairdresser; it’s a salon set apart from the rest. In a great location that will make you feel right at home, you can fall asleep while getting your hair done in a very friendly atmosphere.


This place is super trendy – they’ll give you a cut that will cut through the atmosphere in any room and help you stand out above the rest of the crowd. Check them out here.

Savas Hair

Another trendy salon, Savas Hair feels like home. Not only will you leave with great hair; you’ll also enjoy good conversation and great coffee.

Fitness corner:


I love this place! You will be in shape in no time! Crossfit is about more than just focusing on one muscle – it’s about building your body, and enjoying cool friendships.

Sweat 1000

If you like running, this workout is for you. If you hate running, this workout may still be for you! Sweat 1000 is all about fun – but in a way that pushes you to your limit.


This is my fave of all of them – they have great facilities and have really sharpened up and created a great atmosphere. Go have a look – try it at least once; you will find yourself going back!

Men’s corner

As men, it’s important that we’re always stepping up our game– if you don’t, the lady in your life may just start sending hints your way!

As a Capetonian (yes, I’m from Cape Town, South Africa), I’m always on the lookout for stylish establishments that’ll help me up my game in various ways. I thought I’d make a list of my top three haunts in various categories in my own city. Hopefully these will inspire you – why not share some of the best places in your own city in the comments below!

Top barbers:

Red Rum Culture Club

Such a great atmosphere and very friendly – not to mention affordable! They don’t just do a haircut, they go above and beyond.


A cray team full of energy they will make sure you leave feeling on top of the world. Also, you can have a good coffee while you’re getting your hair done.

Barnet Fair Barber Shop

These guys take pride and ownership in what they do. They have a range of beard oils and hair products that will ensure your hair is looking sleek and on fleek.

Top tattoo parlours:

Sins Of Style

You can tell they have taken their time and money and made sure that they are the leading tattoo shop within Cape Town. They’re a little pricey, but I’d rather spend the money on ink that will last forever, and that looks brilliant.

Cape Electric

These guys are full of energy and they have been around for a long time. It’s always a good sign when a team or a company withstand the test of time!

Palm Black Tattoo

They’ve created a fresh atmosphere, and their website is amazing. They’re always welcoming, and their art is incredible.

Top clothing stores:


There’s a great atmosphere in store, and they’re very affordable. This store will keep you on top of the trend and won’t break your wallet.

River Island

River Island has been around for years. They’re responsible for some great quality products, including jackets, shoes, and awesome leather wear that is genuine and stands out in a crowd.

Sgt Pepper

They have created an outstanding clothing line. It may be a bit pricey, but you can’t put a price on quality anyway – so head to their website website asap!

What are some of your favourite places in your part of the world?

NWFND: James Vincent McMorrow

Here is a sound that I’m sure will stay on your Ipod or phone for a while: His name is James Vincent McMorrow, and he’s a true master of songwriting.

From the way that he balances powerful lyrics with a feathery soft delivery, to his uniquely crafted sound that stands out above the noise out there (not to mention the tasteful way he uses his falsetto), McMorrow knows how to allow instruments to wrap around his notes and melodies.

His work has been featured in a number of television shows – Wicked Game was included on Game Of Thrones and Ghosts was featured on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. He also recently joined forces with Kygo to complete a powerful track titled I’m In Love.

I hope his sound and genius will be as inspiring to you as it has been to me!

Check out his site here, or listen to one of his live performances below:

10 top tracks for the winter


As winter kicks in, why not treat your ears (and heart!) to something warm and sizzling? Here’s a list of the top ten must-listen songs that’ll keep the chills away this winter.

1. Bourbon – Gallant


2. I Need A Forest Fire (Ft. Bon Iver) – James Blake

3. Surprise Yourself – Jack Garratt 


4. Wherever I Go – OneRepublic

5. If It Ain’t Love – Jason Derulo


6. I’m In Love – James Vincent and Kygo


7. Lonely Cities – Tigertown

8. Move Your Body – SIA


9. What If I Go – Mura Masa


10. Little White Lies – Florrie


An apology to women

I’ve only been around for 27 years, but in that time it has become clear to me that society does not appreciate the true worth or value of a woman. I have seen it time and time again – to the point where I recently felt the urge to write an open letter to women:

Dear woman,

Over the years, society has failed to acknowledge who you really are and what value you bring to the world. It has broken you down, trying to reduce you to a picture in a magazine, or a pull card to get people to watch more videos, or an advertisement. We’ve heard sex sells, but society I’m sure would like to say sorry for using you like that. You are more than that: you are priceless and worthy of so much more than just a position as a sexual symbol. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and you bring so much joy and life to this world – more than any music video or picture could ever capture.

Society has labelled womanhood in many different ways – but rather than build you up it has broken you down. You are more than a thigh gap; you are more than a photoshopped image; you are more than a hip movement; you are more than a pose on a billboard. You are more than a one night stand; and more than your straight hair or makeup. What you have in you is more valuable than rubies or gold, and I want to apologise to you on behalf of society.

I want to apologise to you on behalf of others for the words they have spoken over you. Words that say you can’t be a manager, or a leadership role model; that you can’t lead a movement or a church. You are more than just a mother or homemaker.

You are highly appreciated. You nurture others, but you also carry great authority and power. So, on behalf of society, I want to apologise for confining you to the shadows. It’s your time to shine and to realise every promise made to you.

I hope you can accept this apology.

And the Running Man keeps… running

I’m sure we all have heard of the Nae Nae, the Dab, the Macarena, and many other viral dances. And as you may have seen, a new contender called the Running Man Challenge has made waves all across the web the last few weeks.

The Running Man Challenge started with a couple of high school boys who got bored in class and thought this would be a great way to express their creativity. Soon, Instagram and other feeds were flooded with videos of the dance, especially after two amazing basketball players got a hold of it and showed it to their team. From there it became popular worldwide – and the rest is history, as they say.

Of course it wasn’t long before the duo landed up on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

As you’ve probably guessed, this gave rise to a flood of worldwide video shares, with some pretty interesting variations doing the rounds.

Below is a round-up of some of the more interesting, funny, and random ones – all posted in the last week alone!


The Preachers: Telling it like it is


I was recently made aware of a new TV that’s due to start soon. It’s called The Preachers, and it looks like this could be an interesting one!

Of course there’s no shortage of new TV shows and series in our lives, but this will be like no other as these are pretty influential pastors speaking and chatting about real-life matters and circumstances. It’s going to be relevant to your life, without a doubt.

The Preachers will be hosted by John Gray, teaching pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Dr E Dewey Smith Jr from The House Of Hope in Atlanta, another pastor from God Seekers Church in North Carolina state, and Orrick Quick, also from North Carolina.

Here’s a snippet of what the show will entail… look out for it!


Bono on ‘brutal honesty’

I’m pretty sure most of us will be familiar with Bono, the man who started what we now know as U2 – one of the biggest rock bands of all time.

Many will know that he is not just a rock star, but also a famed philanthropist and humanitarian – amongst other awards, he has been named Man of Peace by the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates (2008).

On the other hand, I’m sure few of us know a man named Eugene Peterson – a writer who handed the world a work of art in the form of a modern, everyday language translation of the Bible known as “The Message”. Whether you know him or not, Peterson has had a massive influence on the world through this translation and some of his other works.

So it was very interesting to come across this mini documentary where these two world changers chat about Eugene’s work, the Bible, and a range of other topics.

I hope this video inspires you to realise that the world out there is waiting for you to translate art, love, poetry, sport, and other spheres of life into modern, real language that speaks to those who need to hear your message.


So you want to build a Café Racer?

Bikes have always grabbed the attention of men all around the world – from childhood through to teens and adulthood. Many of us had a little plastic bike, after which we upgraded to a bike with training wheels on the side. Then, dad took the training wheels off and we could ride like the big boys.

Later on we may have earned some money and realised: Why do I need to peddle when I can have a motor do it for me and enjoy the wind on my face?

It’s like a quote I once saw: “Cars you drive with your eyes, but a bike you drive with your soul.”

I’ve recently taken on the painful but amazing process of building a Café Racer. This is a kind of bike with a great, minimalist feel. (For more inspiration, check out the series Into the Unknown by David Beckham).

So, where do you start when you want to build a Café Racer? Check out these steps:

    • Start by stripping the bike.
    • Get rid of all fenders.
    • Spray the frame.
    • Get smaller lights.
    • Get a nicer air filter.
    • Cut your exhaust or get a new one.
    • Fit some snap-ons on as handle-bars or go for the straight bar.
    • Get some sleek mirrors that aren’t huge and bulky.
    • You don’t really need a speedometer, so make a choice: keep or throw.
    • Build a nice number plate bracket.
    • Choose which seat you want: the straight finish with the round back, or the little hump at the back; or the straight finish but with the lift at the back. Either looks amazing.

Have fun and become friends with a welder – he will be your best friend through this process!

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