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Why Bother Exercising?


Exercise – The biggest craze and also the biggest neglect. We either love it or hate it. We are in, committed and moving mountains. Then, before you know it, you’re miles back, completely unfit and to be honest, feel ten times less toned than you were before you even started. These are only a few of the benefits of exercising; mood booster, heart fitness, joint and bone health, good weight management, free stress reliever, and a more capable and able human being!

With a new year starting and the ever notorious “New Year’s resolutions” coming up – I think it’s time we put into place some REALISTIC expectations on exercise and some easy steps to KEEP them in place. Let’s be honest, keeping it going is often the hardest part.  Here are three KEY IDEAS to focus on – if you can get these right – no New Year’s resolution for your exercise plan will go sour.


No matter what, even it’s only for 10 minutes, always do some of your exercise plan. We aim for perfection too much, and that causes us to give up if things aren’t 100%. Rather focus on maintaining movement. KEEP MOVING.


Get a buddy in on this with you – not a lazy one, one that is ready to encourage you and push you on. No friends? Make some! Or join a running club!


Make sure you drink water all day everyday – this will help keep you awake! Eat correctly – scrap that excess sugar and unhealthy food. Music – like music or not, it will help you to keep going. Take time to put together an awesome playlist, maybe even a podcast, and entertain your ears while you are at it!

We have only been given one body and one life, sometimes this one chance we have can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully we have God’s grace to carry us through, sometimes life can get a bit too hectic and it feels like we’re drowning. If you could do with some help getting ahead of the game, click here.

Is Sex Worth The Wait?

Whether religious or not, there are many who believe it’s better to wait until there is a marriage commitment before having sex with their partner.

It’s something that’s full of pleasure and fun right – so why take that away if it’s at your front door knocking?

I chose to wait and I believe it was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. This isn’t a legalistic opinion, it’s merely my thoughts on the decision I chose to make.

There are four areas of my life that I feel benefitted from this decision:

1. I stayed healthy. Let’s be real – sleeping around can come with some nasty little buggers. From HIV to STD’s.

2. I am no one’s daddy other than to the little boy me and wife are parents too.

3. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to my wife. No part of my heart has been left behind with another woman due to the emotional tie you can form when sleeping with someone. Don’t get me wrong – these ties aren’t permanent if you choose to break them. God offers freedom to everyone. However, that’s not something I needed to deal with because I chose to wait.

4. I felt I honoured God. Above all I felt I was walking in obedience and aligning my life to the calling God had placed on it. Would my dreams have been shattered had I not honoured this? Who knows, there’s grace so maybe not, but it’s not a risk I was willing to take.

“Saving yourself” has become a far-off, unrealistic expectation. It no longer is the norm. I think it’s time we rethink things and just maybe reset the norm.

Why not? And even if you have slipped up but are keen to start today, why not? You’re not excluded, no one is.

If you feel you would like to make move in committing yourself to God or would like help in dealing with some of what you have already gone through, click here:

What Part of Death Is Fair

Heaven is something my heart is set on. Living for eternity is within my bones because God has created us to last forever with him.  With this breathed into our inner most being, having to say goodbye to someone is literally heart-breaking.

To the human understanding it is close to impossible to fathom the concept of “goodbye” when the breath of eternity is woven in our hearts.

Yet despite acknowledging this, we are still left behind hurting and confused. So many of us have faced deaths’ nasty sting and are yet to recover. How are we supposed to move forward in joy and triumph if bit by bit we saying goodbye to another piece of ourselves through those we love and lose?

Through the pain I have seen from a lost loved one I have learnt a few things that have helped me look forward and up.

Five lessons learnt from Death:
I have learnt that the now will never add up and if I try make sense of it I will lose the vision to focus on the future and the beauty that lies within it.

I have learnt that one’s life is truly in the hands of the Beholder. Taking time to value MY life and those IN my life will never be of wasted time or effort.

I have learnt that if I truly want to move on, to stop the pain from impacting my life and to function even great than I did before my loss, the decision lies within my mind and heart. I have the power to piece my life together.

I have learnt that handing my broken heart and shattered logic to God is honestly the only “dump” that has the ability to change my life entirely.

I have learnt to trust my Heavenly Father with my life and the lives of those around me. No news is new news to my God. He is the author and creator of time. In Him I will trust.

What part of death is fair? It is not. We don’t live in heaven, but in a fallen world. But one thing that is guaranteed – there is a God who will hold your hand as you pick yourself back up again and He will never fail to show you the beauty that lies within your loss.

If you would like help in picking up the pieces again and moving forward with your life, click here…

Why Do People Get Tattoos?

tattoo |taˈtuː|

verb (tattoos, tattooing, tattooed) [ with obj. ] mark (a part of the body) with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin: his cheek was tattooed with a winged fist.

  • make (an indelible design) on a part of the body by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin: he has a heart tattooed on his left hand.

noun (pl.tattoos) a design made by tattooing. they were muscle-bound men covered in scars and tattoos.

Tattoos are common these days. Once something only the lower class did, it is now something many people have or want. Why would anyone want to ink their body permanently? Let’s look at some of the reasons below…


It is extremely popular to have a lost brother, best friend or parents name / something that symbolizes them, tattooed on oneself. It serves as a lasting memory. Some people even go as far as to have the actual ashes of their loved one inserted into the ink used for the tattoo.


Society is crazy about standing out and showing their unique style and personality. Style tattoos are used to symbolize this and has become popular for an individual that wishes to express their distinct style and flair.


Tattoos have been used by gangs and in prison for decades as a form of identification and ownership to a specific group.


This includes something like your star sign or anything particular to a personal favourite piece of art, movie, country, memory, etc. It shows a part of who the person is and is unique to that particular individual.


Although this may seem ridiculous, often cosmetic tattoos can be very self-healing. Often they will symbolize the accident that took place or improve the scared area.


This form of a tattoo is thankfully not very popular, however there are cases where people have tattooed a company logo on their bodies for money. Most of these tattoos end in regret. (Logically so).

So, what’s your reason for getting a tattoo?

Click below to find out about someone who has engraved your name on the palm of His hand.

Keep Your Eyes On The Dream, Wait, What Dream?

It’s a great reminder to hear when things are tough; keep your eyes on the dream. Of course right? So easily said, yet at times, it’s close to impossible. What makes it even more challenging is that even more often than not, that “dream” isn’t really there. So many are running this race called life with such passion and conviction, they are heading in one direction and they are obtaining their dream. Yet there are ‘us’, the few that remain in limbo, the group that find it hard to get the ‘reality’ done, never mind accomplish ‘The Dream”.

This thought came to my mind and I could not shake it. I realised this dream takes more courage than we bargain for, but if you can nail the basics, you can dominate almost anything.

Firstly, I realised it is essential for one to fully, wholeheartedly believe, whether or not you see it, feel it or believe it, that YOU do have a dream. You have a unique God-breathed dream that no one on this earth can take or duplicate. How can you keep your eyes on the dream if you don’t believe you have your own dream right? That’s like driving to work with no car. Impossible.

Secondly, I realised you need to want to reach the dream. We all say we do, yet do we take the time to map out our lives in a way that is strategic in moving us forward? Do we plan time to dream? Do we plan time to realign our focus? Do we set our actions alongside our hearts desires? Do we truly count the cost in what it will take to reach our dream? I believe if we give our dream the time of day, our day of living the dream will surely come to pass.

Keep your eyes on the dream is something you are constantly working on. It’s something that takes blood sweat and tears, yet there is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing the dream you were designed to complete. It’s yours; find it, work it, get it.

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