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The Vuvuzela is in Brazil!


South Africa hosted the World Cup four years ago. It was an African dream achieved. Africans all over the Continent were celebrating and in high spirits. There was a sense of ownership among Africans.  We felt good enough to host an international event. My highlight of the African World Cup was the Vuvuzela…and the euphoria it brought to stadiums in South Africa.

Recently I spoke to Africans about the differences and similarities of  2010 and 2014, as well as asked about how they thought the World Cup could impact Brazil in a positive way. The remarks were positive; people believe that Brazil as a nation will never be the same again. There is something incredible which happens when a nation is given the opportunity to host an event of this magnitude.

My wish for Brazil is that they carry this spirit of positivity through all that they may face as a country; once the World Cup is over…(and hopefully the cup remains in Brazil!). They should never forget that they are a nation which is good enough. Irrespective of adversity and trials they may face, they should always remember what hosting the World Cup meant to them. The same way our Vuvuzela made it to stadiums of the world carrying with it the majestic mountains of Africa, the colour and festivities, we will all carry a portion of Brazil in our hearts whether we were actually there or not.

Vamos! Forca Brasil!



The Fifa World Cup, which will be hosted in Brazil is close approaching us and I am not excited about it. However, my misery was shifted to humour when I came across these quirky/some-what bizarre set of ‘World Cup Rules’ for the ladies, compiled by the Gentleman’s Association. Have a read and let me know if you agree or disagree.


1. The remote control belongs to me for the whole month.
2. Tell all your friends not to give birth or wed or even die or whatever during the World Cup coz we won’t go.
3. You support the teams that I support.
4. No talking during the game, wait for half-time or end of the game.
5. Repeats & highlights are as good as the main match, so am going
watch them.
6. We can watch Daily TV soaps provided actors and actresses Are wearing football shirts and they are in
7. You don’t just pass in front of the tv if am watching football, you
better crawl on the floor.
8. Make sure you don’t ask silly questions such as; is this Chelsea
versus England?
9. No funny faces to my friends when they come for football.
10. Smile every time EXCEPT when my team is losing.
11.There shall be no comments about Cristiano Ronaldo’s looks.
Professionalism shall remain an absolute part of the World Cup.
12.If you miss the line up please don’t  ask, ‘who is that guy?’
13. Ronaldo the Brazilian and Ronaldo the Portuguese are not related.


Thank you,




Africa Street


This is a Poem describing the beauty of Africa and its people;

The time taken from me by my hesitation,

My lack of concentration in my continent.

The continent which is a victim of colonization

Is this continent merely that – a victim?

A hungry mouth to be fed, a disease to be cured.

Is this continent not more than that?

Sweet melodies whisper in my ears,

The melodies created by the sons and daughters of this continent.

I hear voices saying HOME is  where the HEART is.

Is my heart in places afar?

Is my HEART longing to be in my HOME

My home in Africa Street.


Am I defined by the calabash on my head,

Am I defined by walking barefoot to the RIVER?

My African definition resides on Africa Street.

The Street with a HEART BEAT for all who belong to it.

The Street with a tune we all dance to.

The Street with dusty feet on it.

A vibrant street , A rhythmic street ….

My Native street….is AFRICA STREET,

Corner of HOPE and Beauty Street.

I thank you Africa for birthing me and giving me belonging

There is no more LONGING.

Sweet melodies whisper in my ears

The melodies created by the sons and daughters of this continent.

I hear voices saying HOME IS where the HEART is.

Is my heart in places afar

Is my HEART longing to be in my HOME, my home in Africa Street.

I BELONG TO A vibrant street, A rhythmic street

My Native street, is AFRICA STREET,

Corner of HOPE and Beauty Street.

Serve Your Purpose


I came across, a clip on you-tube of a young African American rapper, k-Hyphen, who was singing in the barber shop. He randomly breaks into a rap in the middle of a barbershop and his audience is left in awe.

The piece, is done in such a way that he literally pours out his whole life’s journey in the rap. When I read some comments below the clip, it became evident that sadly  k-Hyphen  has passed on.

So, this talent is currently 6 feet under. My first thought was, did he serve his purpose in life? Then another thought came to me that,through sharing his item with the world, is a purpose fulfilled.

His purpose is served, perhaps it’s a message for someone who has been living a mediocre life to start living an extraordinary life. Perhaps it is also a message for someone who has had their fair share of a rough-life, to find restoration. Personally this clip has stirred something deep inside of me…to truly pursue my purpose without holding back.


Thoughts of 204ME

This poem is about embracing change and new beginnings in the new year (2014):


Trapped in the thoughts of my past

Now I hunger to embrace change.

As I watch the rivers flow I picture the process of TRANSFORMATION.

The experience IS not yet known but I am longing for it.

My belief says it will come true – change will take place!







Time brings pictures of dreamy lands

Moments of disfigured motions – moving towards the oceans….

Voices of expression – embrace the thoughts of stepping into new roles .

Being formed, NOT TO BE SOLD….but to be TOLD







It’s time  to embrace me.

It’s time to FRAME me.

It’s time to MOLD me.

Dreams entangled in the reality of now.

Voices expressed today.

Actions swayed to current MOVEMENTS.

I’m convinced



When I met Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela!


I remember the first time I met Baba Mandela. It was in 1995 and at 11 years of age, seeing the man in person was something like anticipating a magician who could fudge together candy out of nothing.  Mr Mandela had come to visit my neighborhood  in Cape Town, South Africa. Among the throngs of people young and old, I waited in anticipation to shake the hand of the man who had freed a country from the brutal pangs of apartheid .

Though I didn’t quite grasp the magnitude of the feat he had accomplished; I knew I wanted to be a part of this phenomenal experience of shaking Tata Mandela’s hand. Eventually, the long awaited moment came and all the children were nudged to the front.

Across his face was the iconic smile as he shook scores of little hands. With one hand he gave each child a firm handshake and with the other,  capped tiny palms and fingers as if to seal the handshake for all time.

When my turn came – I was overcome by tears. I reached out my little hand, smiled and said,”Thank You Tata.” Beaming even more, the look on Tata’s face seemed to say,  “Take this freedom and make it your own, be the best you can be.”

All I could think of when I returned home was,  “I met a great man!”


17 years later , I look in retrospect and realize that I shook the hand of an African icon. A man who stood for justice and believed in reconciliation. A courageous man, a man filled with hope, a man of integrity,  a man with a dream for his country to be free.

Tata Mandela achieved his own desire to see African people free. As we celebrate this freedom and say Rest In Peace to Tata Madiba .I wonder – how do we continue Tata’s Legacy as African people. I spoke to a couple of people to get their views on uTata uMadiba and his Legacy;

‘Mandela, comes for a generation who fought beyond themselves – it was whatever I am doing now is for now and for generations to come. There was a sense that I am investing more than myself, my family or my family or my generation – I am investing in the future of this nation’ – Phillipa Namutebi Kabali – Kgwa (Uganda)

‘If we can learn to love and learn from other people – instead of fighting for limited resources, let’s embrace each other and love each other to build together‘– Peggy Zinziswa Mathatho Mongoato   (South Africa)

Dearest Madiba,

As you sat on Robben Island and toiled, chipping into the yellow limestone of the quarry on that island prison, singing songs of fortitude and forgiveness – you may already have had the God given vision and understanding that you were building a great legacy for this continent – reminding us that we as Africans can indeed embody greatness, that we can indeed have good and selfless leaders, that we can rise above and beyond all expectations to achieve anything we seek to achieve. You were giving a wounded continent her dignity.

We love you. You have shown us courage, intelligence, wisdom, goodness, greatness and excellence. The greatest gift we can give you in return is to take your example and seek to rise above all our worst circumstances – to reject hate and division and embrace determination, resilience and forgiveness. Because of your example we can and must dream great dreams, and beyond all expectations work towards achieving those dreams for our continent, for humanity and for the greater good.

Thank you Baba, thank you.Julie Guchuru – (Kenya)




As I look back at 2013 and the highlights. During the course of the year, I have met various individuals from all walks of life. I have shared the vision for my life with a couple of those ‘phenomenal individuals’ I met along the way. Somehow my personal vision got in the hands of the wrong people. People who came across as interested and willing to assist me get the next phase of life but as time progressed  I grew to understand that these individuals were scavengers who were all ready  to steal  and  manipulate. Their endeavour was to get undue credit for the work I had put in and this reminded me of  :

MOVE ON verse image

Looking back at the year 2013 – I get a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth. However I am grateful for all the lessons, the growth and challenges which have come my way. I feel equipped, empowered and ready to conquer the next year (2014). I have learnt that in life there are seasons and sometimes the people we trust the most will disappoint us. In the journey of life you cannot hold on to such moments. You have to recognise the lessons  and then move on.

If you have faced disappointment or broken promises, do not be dismayed. Move forward holding on to the lessons learnt with your head help up high and don’t be afraid of the shame. Embrace whatever has come your way and forge ahead to new adventures…new projects. Some people might be unprincipled  but some people are genuine, so don’t let the dodgy ones stop you from fulfilling your God given purpose.

Rising Ambition


This is a poem about being ambitious about the things of God and embracing every season and challenge which comes your way – with the knowledge that God will always have your back.


Arts defined, defines the languages of your nation, the togetherness of our minds and thoughts.

Unity and diversity takes us to places we never thought we would reach.

Opportunities we never thought were at our reach.

Dreams once put asleep, because of inferior minds.

My mind awakes to opportunities; my mind waits for me to fulfill duties.


Rising ambition carries me to a place of hope

Rising ambition forgets that I am broke

Rising ambition dismisses the thought of I can’t


Experiences woven together to make me believe that I am beaten

Tears shower, told to believe the showers bring about comfort

Animosity makes me believe I’m not LOVED, not treasured


Rising ambition carries me to a place of hope

Rising ambition forgets that I am broken

Rising ambition dismisses the thought of I can’t

Rising Ambition Poem

Gratitude is the song we sing…..

Forgetting the past is the tune to this song

Forgiving those who once damaged our spirits is groove of this song.

This is my Life’s song kept intact by Rising ambition…..

Rising ambition carries me to places of hope

Rising ambition forgets that I am broken

Rising ambition dismisses the thought of I can’t.

Rising Ambition Poem

This Journey Speaks


This Journey speaks

In African culture – we are always taught that we must respect our elders and whatever they say goes; as it is believed that they have the greatest wisdom.

In the villages – as a young person we must do according to the will of the Elders. If they don’t agree with something then they make decisions which they believe are in the best interests of the village.

I have always questioned this philosophy in my heart (as opinions can never be verbalised).  My thinking is: the Elders have so much power over the villagers – to the extent of debilitating the people in the village. It is no longer about the individual’s views and their goals, they fully surrender to the Elders ruling over their lives. The ability to surrender to authority is what amazes me the most. Imagine surrendering our lives to God in the same way, what if we were able to stand up to the Elders and say: NO! This is not what God wants for me – God has full authority over my life.

Its your choice

My hope is for young people from across the continent to stand up for their belief in GOD and not allow anyone to have authority over their lives besides GOD.

The poem below, is about having a purpose in Christ and allowing God to lead you in the journey of life.

This Journey speaks of stories untold Hopes which unfold, broken stronghold

Intertwined in my soul, woven in the Rhythm of my feet to the beat, which captures my breath from deep beneath.

Twisted minds, try to configure my divine enterprise which I like to call my mind. So sublime to the value of time confused with the process of ancient times.

This journey speaks of stories untold. Hopes which unfold and broken stronghold.

Harmonious voices call to the nations; valley’s arise to arrest the essence, to hear the words which heal wounds once unhealed .

The Blood came to cleanse to take away our contemplation – The word came for reconciliation not segregation.

The journey speaks of stories untold, hopes which unfold and broken strongholds

Disaster given to the Master; who works with enduring beliefs –which remain forever alive and that’s simply how we survive.

A movement which has stood the test on time, a radiant light replacing gloom – we are no longer DOOMED…only consumed by the continuous movement.

The journey speaks of stories untold. Hope which unfold and broken strongholds.


Street Light

This is a poem about the internal  battles we face as human beings.


Street light so bright, you provide me with the spot light….

You bring a shine in my step.

You give me an uneasy comfort.

Street light so bright you carry me to a shallow place


The Streetlight will bring you shine, the light will STEAL your purity….

The light will surround you, it will twirl around you…

THE STREETLIGHT will come to an end…it will only light my path for a while

Comes morning…THERE is no STREET LIGHT – darkness comes to attack…

Wait just a minute, let me take a BACKTRACK!!!

Another LIGHT AWAITS ………


A light with an everlasting glow

A light which eases my pain

A light that brings answers to my despair

A light which never dims

A light with consistent comfort


God is my light


I’m talking about the LIGHT with in

I’m talking about the LIGHT which lives with no fuel

I’m talking about the LIGHT they DON’T see

I’m talking about a LIGHT that paves my way







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