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Christ Alone

Seeking the intangible seems like an act of foolishness yet when that unseen is in the person of Christ, the search becomes the object that leads to life or death.

This is a poem about finding Christ and allowing him to take root in your life!

Buildings and outward spaces determine my existence
My thoughts lost in the PAIN of non- existence
Lost in a place others DREAM for ME
The dream I wish I had brings me
To the complexities of the vision lived through me

Am I guided by the discernment of others?
Am I the architect of my own purpose?
Can I sketch my existence ?
IS IT MINE TO illustrate?

Thoughts come from where I am
Thoughts which BIND THIS DREAM
Thoughts which mold and shape this PURPOSE.
The purpose is not mine alone


The Heart pictures Paradise
The Heart sees the impossible being a possibility
Battles are constant to find my LOST ACHIEVEMENTS
The PURPOSE which is  mine to keep

My potentialities give birth to the realization of thine self in Christ

I submit TO his CALL

Taken to a level of existence
Moved by RENEWED thoughts
I see no battle in my heart
Could it be THAT I am in PARADISE?

I submit TO his CALL


My Expression

This poem is about embracing creativity – as we were also created by the Creator (God) and his ability to create is in us – so let’s glorify him through creating and harnessing our various crafts.

Stay connected to Jesus for motivation for true expression!!!


My expression, my motivation, my soul connection

Pictures, thoughts embraced by my mind, moulded to beauties unseen.


Sculptures chiselled to perfection,

That’s my soul connection.

Words woven in the rhythm of reason, now I call that verbal expression.


Fingers snap in acceptance.

There is no better motivation

Art crawls In my veins to take away my embedded pain.


Fingers Snap-snap 2wice,  and they say it was nice.

It’s my Expression, My Motivation, My soul Connection.


Colours blended to bring healing.

Strings attached to bring believing

Voices harmonise to bring feeling.


I travel to places afar, I meet faces full of existence

I meet crowds in jubilation.

I meet eye’s experiencing restoration.


Born to Create, as I was created

MY FINGERS Snap – snap 2 twice, and I say yes it was nice

It’s my expression, my motivation, my true connection



BIG UP to my African Brother!

We often speak about absent fathers, men who have abandoned their roles as fathers to their families and more importantly the role of fathers of the nation. We hear of men violating their partners and being involved in corrupt dealings. Over the years, males in Africa have slowly lost their place in society as providers and protectors… amongst other traits.

When I take a minute to observe my community,  I see men of integrity and of honor, which makes me think that not all men are as bad as we label them to be. Pointing fingers at our male counterparts will not solve this pandemic of a fatherless society. We should be working together to find a solution. When I see fathers waking up and taking on jobs which are seemingly demeaning in order to provide for their families, I view them as valuable members of society who are extremely under appreciated. We do have men of honor in our society; however why do we only see the negativity being advertised? What about the single fathers? What about the male leaders in our communities who have become fathers to adopted sons and daughters?

My challenge to you; is to view our male counterparts with a different eye, let’s highlight the good deeds. Let’s celebrate the positive impact that African men have in our continent – let’s make being a ‘man of integrity and honor’ an attainable goal.

African Man – I salute you!

When you are told – you are the hope!


Ghandi said: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ – that quote is often used and has become quite cliché. It’s a pity that we no longer grasp the depth of that quote to the point of literally becoming the change we want to see. Recently, I came across a recording of Leyamah Gbowee done in New Orleans – USA,

Brief Background on Leyamah Gbowee

2011 Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee is a Liberian peace activist, trained social worker and women’s rights advocate. She is the founder and president of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa, head of the Liberia Reconciliation Initiative and co-founder and executive director of Women Peace and Security Network Africa. Gbowee’s leadership of the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace – which brought together Christian and Muslim women in a nonviolent movement that played a pivotal role in ending Liberia’s civil war in 2003 – is chronicled in her memoir, “Might Be Our Powers,” and in the documentary, “Pray the Devil Back to Hell.” In addition, Gbowee is the Newsweek Daily Beast’s Africa columnist.

Many of us look for hope in others, wait for a word of encouragement, that simple phrase, “It will be ok” yet very seldom do we look inside of us. Faith is the substance of things hoped for yet we often look for the substance so we may have evidence of hope. In a harrowing yet inspiring tale, Leyamah Gbowee, takes the audience through situations she was confronted with, the hardships she faced and how she rose from the ashes.

We do not need to keep looking back at the Ghandi’s and Mandela’s of this world but each one of us has the power to become a Ghandi or Mandela wherever, whenever. The world is waiting for you – to be the hope that brings life to a world that is filled with so much pain and misery.

Wired To The Motherland

Love yourself!


“I want to be validated”….”I want to be appreciated”…. “I want to be loved” – these are some of the words we use as women whenever we get together. I often ponder over these statements when I am alone. I try to understand why so much need for validation? Why the need to be loved? Is the love we get from the most High God not enough?

Women are born nurturers; we are warm and giving – and so giving that we most often end up giving so much of ourselves that we have nothing left for ourselves; hence the yearning to be loved and appreciated. The disheartening thing is that not everyone will show gratitude towards your actions, not everyone is going to say thank you and be forever grateful for your acts of kindness. So, you need to find a coping mechanism, your acts of selflessness have to go together with time for yourself, time to introspect.


I am not by any means, saying stop being a nurturing, loving woman, and give all that love you have to yourself. All that is required is a healthy balance to ensure that when you give and perform your acts of kindness, they are not performed from a bitter or regretful heart. It must come from a place of peace and joy without expecting anything in return. Don’t perform an act of kindness if you’re only doing it to compete with your friends, or to gain favor in your community .That will leave you empty and sad; You can only give what you have. Unless you are filled with self-love, loving others becomes a challenge.

Happiness starts from within – when you are happy with yourself, others will feed off that happiness. Before you show appreciation – first make sure you appreciate yourself, before you give LOVE….show love for yourself.  The time of being Jane of all trades is over….it’s time to be real with ourselves, ladies. Do your best and ensure your garden is fully watered and maintained, before you start watering other gardens.

Yes, as women, there are many roles we are expected to fill in society but there is nothing wrong with taking time off from all those duties and taking care of self to ensure that those roles are fulfilled without any loopholes and feelings of discontent. Whatever position you are in shouldn’t define you – instead, you should give it meaning by being confident and comfortable in who you are!



No more PHD!

Not so long ago my friends and I were gathered as girls are known to do. The topic of discussion was one you may be familiar with, the PHD syndrome. For those who may not be aware of this condition, give me a moment to break it down to you. The PHD syndrome, commonly known as PUSH HER DOWN syndrome commonly occurs in women and often exhibits cancer like symptoms. Simply put, it is a weakness usually evident in women which brings about tendencies to discourage fellow women who succeed, be it in business, relationships or life in general. We tend to highlight each other’s weaknesses more frequently than we highlight our strengths as women. We gossip about each other’s failures more frequently than we celebrate one another’s achievements. Were we raised to constantly compete with one another?  To see no value and substance in other women? Were we raised to gossip?

I don’t think so. If I look at my childhood experience in the village, PHD didn’t exist. As young girls we didn’t allow it to find root in our hearts. We fought it so hard by embracing each other’s weaknesses. If one girl by the river found difficulty in filling her bucket with water, it became a mission for all five or six girls present to ensure hers was just as full as all the others. If the task of raising the pail to her head was too much, we laid down our pails to make sure hers was firmly placed on her head. No girl was left in shame or feeling inadequate – we were equals. We celebrated  our achievements, we assisted one another to  overcome our challenges. We played, we were innocent. There was no drama – no competition. I was once that little girl that looked out for my fellow sister. A little girl who didn’t see my fellow sister as a threat but instead drew inspiration from her ability to carry her pail on head with graceful balance. I want to go back to that place where I looked up to my sisters, where we played silly games and laughed together….drama free. Travelling back in time may be wishful thinking but we can certainly strip down the walls age has built and return to being the little girls who make no reservations. I believe we can start supporting one another as women of this continent, I believe we can fight this disease. The question is: Do you believe we can live PHD free?


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