We often speak about absent fathers, men who have abandoned their roles as fathers to their families and more importantly the role of fathers of the nation. We hear of men violating their partners and being involved in corrupt dealings. Over the years, males in Africa have slowly lost their place in society as providers and protectors… amongst other traits.

When I take a minute to observe my community,  I see men of integrity and of honor, which makes me think that not all men are as bad as we label them to be. Pointing fingers at our male counterparts will not solve this pandemic of a fatherless society. We should be working together to find a solution. When I see fathers waking up and taking on jobs which are seemingly demeaning in order to provide for their families, I view them as valuable members of society who are extremely under appreciated. We do have men of honor in our society; however why do we only see the negativity being advertised? What about the single fathers? What about the male leaders in our communities who have become fathers to adopted sons and daughters?

My challenge to you; is to view our male counterparts with a different eye, let’s highlight the good deeds. Let’s celebrate the positive impact that African men have in our continent – let’s make being a ‘man of integrity and honor’ an attainable goal.

African Man – I salute you!

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