This poem is about embracing creativity – as we were also created by the Creator (God) and his ability to create is in us – so let’s glorify him through creating and harnessing our various crafts.

Stay connected to Jesus for motivation for true expression!!!


My expression, my motivation, my soul connection

Pictures, thoughts embraced by my mind, moulded to beauties unseen.


Sculptures chiselled to perfection,

That’s my soul connection.

Words woven in the rhythm of reason, now I call that verbal expression.


Fingers snap in acceptance.

There is no better motivation

Art crawls In my veins to take away my embedded pain.


Fingers Snap-snap 2wice,  and they say it was nice.

It’s my Expression, My Motivation, My soul Connection.


Colours blended to bring healing.

Strings attached to bring believing

Voices harmonise to bring feeling.


I travel to places afar, I meet faces full of existence

I meet crowds in jubilation.

I meet eye’s experiencing restoration.


Born to Create, as I was created

MY FINGERS Snap – snap 2 twice, and I say yes it was nice

It’s my expression, my motivation, my true connection



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