I came across, a clip on you-tube of a young African American rapper, k-Hyphen, who was singing in the barber shop. He randomly breaks into a rap in the middle of a barbershop and his audience is left in awe.

The piece, is done in such a way that he literally pours out his whole life’s journey in the rap. When I read some comments below the clip, it became evident that sadly  k-Hyphen  has passed on.

So, this talent is currently 6 feet under. My first thought was, did he serve his purpose in life? Then another thought came to me that,through sharing his item with the world, is a purpose fulfilled.

His purpose is served, perhaps it’s a message for someone who has been living a mediocre life to start living an extraordinary life. Perhaps it is also a message for someone who has had their fair share of a rough-life, to find restoration. Personally this clip has stirred something deep inside of me…to truly pursue my purpose without holding back.


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