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You don’t need social media likes, you need inner likes

There really is something addictive about social media. Every time that ‘likes’ number goes up it’s as if all the validation our little human selves are looking for is satisfied. The number of hearts grow and your sense of worth grows.

But it shouldn’t.

You are you and good enough without the whole world having to approve your photo on the beach.

The problem with the likes situation is when the likes don’t come.

You don’t need social media likes, you need inner likes

It’s easier than you think to become addicted to the pesky affirmation of social media, and it’s harder than you think to break the habit. Usually, if you are able to find your self-esteem and value outside of social media than the habit of living for likes is easier to break.

Self-esteem is how you think and feel about yourself

If you have low self-esteem you feel inferior and worthless. With high self-esteem, you have the opposite qualities: confidence and value. Your self-esteem should be high. You shouldn’t need propping up all the time or affirmation from people or things.

The good news is there is a lot you can do for your self-esteem yourself.

Never expect perfection

It’s good to go for the best but you will constantly feel like you are never good enough if you set the bar on perfection. Nobody is perfect. No situations are perfect. No life will ever look perfect. It’s not set up that way. It’s better to go for good and be happy with that. Do you have a good job? Be happy. Do you have great friends? Be happy. Do you live in a good place? Be happy with that.

Give back

The best way to forget about all your issues is to gain some perspective by helping those who have less than you. Helping others makes your problems seem smaller and adds to your self-esteem.

Why not find a place to volunteer, even if it’s only once a month?

Live with excellence

If you don’t wash your hair. If you don’t clean your clothes or eat properly then the chances of you struggling to keep a high self-esteem is uh, high. Diet and exercise make you feel good. You don’t need to be a health nut but some small changes in this area will have big ripple effects in other areas of your life.

What are your triggers?

Difficult events can trigger a low self-esteem. “I always mess up”, you may find yourself saying to yourself. Try not to let negative events taint your self belief. Try to see the other side, the potential and the possibility – oh well, that door closed. Maybe a better one will open.

What are you good at?

We all have a sneaky ability to look at what other people are good at, what we are bad at and create our self-image out of that. It doesn’t work to your advantage. There are things you are good at. Sharpen those things. Get good at them and be proud of yourself when you do them well.

Set goals

When you do something difficult and overcome it then you are able to feel a sense of accomplishment. This feeling will ultimately help aid the growth of your self-esteem.   

Focus less or likes and shares and instead go out there and have fun. Focus on what really matters, purpose and people.

It’s less about reaching for your dreams and more about working for your dreams


When Celine Dion at 9 year’s old, during a singing contest, was asked what her dream was, she replied: “this is my dream.”

We all have dreams of many shapes, sizes and colours. We dream of homes, weddings, children and success. When you leave school everyone tells you, reach for your dreams. Go for it. Go for gold. You can do it (whatever it is).

Going for your dream has become even more popular in the last 10 years. People have access to more opportunity and more people are able to do jobs that don’t look like 9-5 in the Auditing Firm. Our world is changing and there is an increased emphasis on achievement.

The thing is, when every one discusses their dreams of becoming an astronaut, inventing the cure for cancer, making millions of dollars selling cars nobody talks about the cost. Nobody talks about what it takes to see a dream come true. Nobody talks about the family time that is sacrificed or how it’s more difficult at the top or the price of fame.

Dreams have been over fantasised

We often believe that because we feel so passionately about a dream that it will come to being. We look at the lives of musicians, models and writers and think – wow! We see the spotlight. We see the album sales. We see the fashion ranges being launched or the stage of people at the presentation.

We don’t see the nights of sitting up to 2am to work on a song. We don’t see the musician when nobody would come to his shows. We don’t see the model when someone tells her she’s too fat or too ugly.

Take Ed Sheeran – today he is one of the most’s most popular artists and has had two songs on the USA top 10 at the same time but before he released his first album in 2011 he was homeless for 3 years. 3 years – that’s no joke.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Another great example of the journey someone takes on their way to success is Elon Musk.

Elon Musk had product failures. He went broke. People told him he was a failure, and yet he persevered. He persevered and out of it all came Tesla.

Isn’t it strange that many of our successes are the direct result of learning and keeping on, keeping on?

Ask anyone who has achieved anything masterful and they will tell you the journey is a difficult one.

It’s time to look at our dreams differently

It’s time to weigh the cost of achieving something against the stress and turmoil which it takes to get there. It’s also time to stop looking at the bright and pretty side of the success coin and turn it over to see the darker side.

Maybe your life right now is not that bad. Maybe you think you want your dream, but in reality, you don’t want the cost attached. Maybe your dream is to have a successful family and you would rather build other people’s lives than doing something extraordinary. Raising a healthy family is pretty extraordinary if you ask me.

We’ve bought into the idea if a life around material success and achievement but if you are asking me there are things in this world which matter far more than great amounts of money and ambition and that is how you treat people.

What would the world look like, I wonder if instead of chasing dreams our attitude was to serve those around us. Jesus said in the Bible that in heaven things are the other way round. The people who we think are great are not, and the humble are the ones who are truly treasured.

Chasing your dreams isn’t a bad thing, we should always remember however those things don’t come easily and that the value of your life isn’t determined by what you achieve but by who you are.

How to say you’re sorry


Do you know what are the hardest words to utter? “I’m sorry. I was wrong. Will you please forgive me?” Yup, every single human finds these words difficult to say. They are the most powerful words you can say. You should get good at saying them, here’s why.

I’m sorry

I have a t-shirt which says ‘Choose empathy.’ I love my shirt. I love the message even more. In a world that is caught up in ‘me, me, me’ all the time it takes a shift in perspective to see things from someone else’s view point and acknowledge that something may have gone wrong.

Whenever I hear the words “I’m sorry,” I always think of Justin Bieber or Eminem (am I showing my age here). Didn’t mean to hurt you…didn’t mean to make you cry, but tonight I’m cleaning out my closet… When we say sorry we validate someone else and take responsibility for the hurt the situation may have caused them.

I messed up

For some reason saying this really irks us. We like to be right as humans, and we don’t want to accept that we aren’t right- from our point of view, of course, we are. You can’t go through life always being right. Nobody can.

We are all a little bit messed up and we all make mistakes. It is what it is. You will mess up and you will need to apologise for it. If you don’t do something wrong, then often you neglect to do something right. Either way, it counts as a wrong.

Forgive me?

Nobody can ever put a price on forgiveness. Some of the greatest wrongs done by mankind have been forgiven. We don’t deserve forgiveness, but we are asking for mercy and appealing to the common human understanding that nobody is perfect.

Will you let it go? Is what we are saying.

Often with this sentence, “yes, I forgive you,” both of you are healed.

Holding onto resentments for longer than you need to is the most effective way to poison your thoughts and taint your days. Forgiveness will allow you to let those negative things go and move forward regardless. We only have so much time on this planet, let’s rather spend it creating great things than holding onto the past.

Be genuine

‘I’m sorry’ can be thrown out very easily, without any authenticity. If you really want someone to know that your ‘sorry’ is real then look them in the eyes, use open body language and keep your tone of voice kind and stable.

If you yell or are forceful in your opinion then the person on the other side is far less likely to accept your apology, or believe it is authentic.

No “Buts”

“Yes, I did that but I had a reason behind what I was doing…”- this is a kind of half apology.  I do it.  I bet you do it too! This is a shady way of rationalizing your behaviour and trying to find a loop-hole out.

You may have a side to the story too. I’m sure you do. Regardless, tell your story before the apology and when you say those magic words leave off all your buts and excuses.

One of the most powerful apologies we can ever make is to apologise to God. It’s easy to get angry at God for all the things that have happened in your life which you don’t understand.

The thing is we often don’t think about the fact that perhaps we aren’t perfect and have hurt God too.

God sent His Son Jesus to take away our sins and set us free so that we can hang out with Him. He offers us forgiveness and hope. He’s angry at us. He wants to know us. Maybe it’s time to let go the picture of God you have, stop blaming Him for all the things in your life, and say yes to getting to know Him?

Do you want a good relationship with God?


God loves you. You know that, right? A crazy amount. He even sent His son to die for you. It’s so… nice. So happy. Easy. Pleasant. Nothing can take that away. That’s true, however, there are a few other things that we need to add into the mix.

One of the common misconceptions we have about the whole God factor is that there is nothing we can do to affect our relationship with God. That isn’t true. Yes, God loves you, but there are things you can do which make you closer to Him and things that you can do which can take you further away from Him.

A lot of the time we claim that God is distant. The reason He is so distant is usually because we are distant. In the Bible, Jesus says that if we love His commands and keeps them, we can enjoy an intimate friendship with Him.

Obedience leads to intimacy

Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me. – John 14:23-24

We cannot claim to love God with all that we are if we selectively accept or reject parts of His character that interfere with our desire to do something else. We can’t pick up bits of God that we like and then leave the others. We can’t like the loving side of God and ignore the part that leads us and guides us.

When we don’t listen to God, indirectly we are saying – I don’t care what you think, or I like you but I still want to do it my way. This affects our relationship with God and so instead of having good relationships, we may have an average relationship.

God loves us, but that doesn’t mean we have a good relationship with Him.

We have to invest into our relationship with God

Do you get to know God by watching movies and TV until all hours of the morning? No.

Do you get to know God by spending time with friends and not talking about God for hours on end? No.

Do you get to know God by dating loads of different people and chasing after relationships?

Do you get to know God by drinking and partying all weekend?

You don’t get to know anyone by ignoring and de-prioritizing them in favour of other things you like more.

If you told someone you loved them and then never spent any time with them, it would be clear that you didn’t love them at all.

To actually get to know God, and to get close to him you need to cut out the things in your life which take away quality God time. Try to get up early in the morning and pray. Try to play worship music in your car on the way to work. Try to take some time on the weekend to read your Bible.

If the God of the Universe is not important to us, then maybe we need to look at our priorities and rethink some things. Not spending enough time investing into your relationship with God will decrease the quality of this relationship.

God does love immensely, but your ability to hear what He says and live a life close to Him is dependent on your actions. You can choose to be obedient to His ways and spend time with Him or you can build your life on the things of the earth.

Diet and exercise never fail


I saw an infomercial the other for losing weight fast. “Are you tired of diets?” It asked. “Are you done with sweaty gym equipment and early mornings?”

Of course, you are. Use this (*insert formula and picture of a ripped couple walking along the beach in swimsuits). Hmmm, this makes me scratch my head. I wish to ask the so-called people who tried diet and exercise, a few more questions such as:

How long did you stick to your eating routine?” Or “How hard did you work at the gym? Did you go once a week and walk slowly on the treadmill?” And “What did your diet look like and how many cheat days did you manage to fit into the 3 days you kept at it.”

Here is the fact of the matter, diet and exercise don’t fail, it just takes time for you to get better at the discipline and for the results to show.

Plain and simple. End of story. The question is not if diet and exercise have failed you but rather why you didn’t stick to the routine you were working on?

How to stick to a diet plan?

Listen, there is no easy option, all body transformation results require hard work and a lifestyle change. It’s 100 percent worth it though. Why are some people able to do and others aren’t?

Here are some tips to help you with your long haul exercise and diet challenge:

Don’t create limiting pictures of yourself in your head

It’s easy for all of us to stare at the mirror and talk a whole lot of disgust to ourselves. We often see ourselves a certain way and it is difficult for us to imagine that we may be any other way. Change is always possible. There is always a way to become a new, fitter and healthier version of you. I promise!

Don’t casually date the picture you have of a new you, rather commit to it and give it your all. Go all in! Once you start to feel the results you will shock yourself and everyone around you. Your clothes will feel looser, your face will look more defined and your self-confidence will soar. #worthit

Keep it as simple as possible

There is no need for crazy exercise plans, expensive fat burning active wear or diets which you can’t find in your local store. Join a gym class where you have accountability and start by cutting out the bad stuff. Once you have reached your first goal then you can make the next adjustment.

It really shouldn’t be complicated. It should be simple, clear and rewarding.

Plan for the tough days

Your boyfriend dumps you, your colleague says something horrible or you don’t get the opportunity you wanted – usually when these challenges come up all our discipline goes flying out the window. Don’t give in and don’t give up. Rather use these challenges as fuel instead of an excuse to get out of it.

The first 3 weeks are always the most difficult. Resistance will come in the form of lazy friends, sore muscles, lack of sleep, and waning motivation. Plan for these upfront so that when they happen you are prepared instead of swept up.

500ml of water usually solve most of your craving problems so make sure you always have enough liquid in hand.

Build in accountability

This is the most important step in your fitness journey. When you have someone invested in your journey you automatically do better. A friend, a coach or someone else who is further along the fitness journey will help you to stay in your program.

Celebrate the progress

Anything worth having takes a long time and a lot of hard work – this is life. Celebrate the wins and keep going. You are more than capable of making a change in this part of your life.

Time for a detox?


Did the weekend hit you hard? You went out. There were drinks, desserts, more drinks and then snacks. It was so much fun. Except now you feel kind of yuck. And a little guilty.

Maybe you feel a bit sluggish. Maybe you feel bloated. Ugh.

It’s time to undo the damage from the weekend, give your body the wake up it needs and get right back on track. Come on, there’s no time to waste.

No more junk

It might sound obvious, but if you aren’t feeling great a few days of junk free eating will have you back on track in no time. The first step to recovery is some self-discipline: no more sugar, no more crisps and no more alcohol. If you don’t put a stop to your party habits, then it will become harder and harder over time. Draw a line in the sand, get back into routine and jump back into things.

Flush your system

For 48 hours, your objective is to drink as much water as possible. All the poor food choices often make you dehydrated and your poor body doesn’t know what to do with itself. If you are dehydrated then it will account for you being sluggish and your headaches. Sip water throughout the next two days.

What is really helpful is if you put a glass of water by your bed and make sure that you drink it when you get up in the morning. Drink green or rooibos tea and try to keep your coffees to a minimum.

Get some decent sleep

The late nights out mean that your sleeping pattern is broken. Try to make sure that you get to bed early and make up for the lack of sleep. If you want to be able to exercise and do life on Monday then you are going to need to give your body want it wants – some good old rest and relaxation.

Try to go to bed early for a few days.

Eat cleansing food

Fill your diet will small light meals which are not high in fat or carbohydrates. Stick with whole foods for at least 2 days to get yourself back on track. Try not to eat anything greasy (no pizza or burgers). Also, try not to eat a meal late at night. Rather eat early and if you feel like a snack go for fruit or veggies.

Fruit and vegetables should be the bulk of your food as your body needs to get rid of the toxins from the partying. Try not to cook the vegetables as it often removes the nutrients and fibre. Remember you can always make a smoothie or get a light veggie dip.

Don’t be too extreme

Don’t try to starve yourself because you feel guilty. Or do insane work out sessions to even things out. Ease into it and listen to your body. Going to the other extreme won’t make you feel better and it may put you off doing anything in the future.

Go to some motivating exercise classes, keep your goals in mind, don’t give up, find an accountability partner and go for it. You can get back after the weekend, it just takes some smart choices and a little bit of saying No!.

How to be a horrible boss (spoiler alert: do the opposite to be a good boss)


Knowing what not to do can be as good as knowing what to do.

Don’t reply to emails

Just because you have a crazy schedule and everyone wants something from you doesn’t mean that you can ignore people’s emails. You can’t blame someone for not doing their job when their efficiency is dependent on your response. Treat your colleagues as though it were you sending that email.

Cancel meetings at the last minute

When people have meetings they have accepted then they will plan their day around this. When you cancel last minute you are saying that their time isn’t important. Cancelling meetings last minute happens sometimes but it is always better to try your very best to honour your commitments.

Yell at colleagues in front of peers

If someone has done something wrong you will soon lose your employees respect and commitment if you demean them in front of their colleagues. This is not how to deal with a tough situation. Take some time to cool down and then call the person aside where you can mutually discuss the issue.

Change your mind all the time

There is not a lot worse than working for a bi-polar boss. When you don’t know where someone stands it makes it very difficult to produce good and consistent work for them. It is not fair to those who you work with to change your mind all the time. A good leader is kind and also decisive. This enables a company to go forward and change, whereas indecisiveness holds everything back.

Be vague about your expectations

If you are not clear with your employees as to what you expect of them, then they will not be empowered to achieve these things. Responsibility and clear expectations are linked closely together. Sit down with the people you work with and clarify any areas where you have mismatched expectations of one another. It may be a hard conversation but it will make all the difference.


The people you lead are capable and looking for chances to step up. If you micromanage them you are less able to do your job well and they are less able to do their jobs well. Life is not about doing everything yourself, life is about sharing knowledge and doing things together as a team. Teamwork requires trust, and micromanaging is not based on the concept of trust.

Talk more than you listen

It’s easy to think, “I’m the boss,” listen to me. The boss who thinks like this will miss out on key information because he or she are too stuck in their own heads to find the valuable perspective from outside parties. Listen to your colleagues. Provide them with opportunities to speak openly and share what is going on in their hearts.

Never praise them

If you never encourage your colleagues then you will never get the best out of them. We all need encouragement. We need someone outside of us to say, “hey there – this is what you have done well. And this is what you haven’t done well”. Encouragement is simple that – putting courage into people.

Be moody

It’s not fair to take out moods on the people who work for you. If you are struggling with things which are making you moody then you need to assess these things and deal with them in the best way possible so that you can come to work and do your job with excellence. Nobody likes receiving the hard side of someone’s bad mood.

There you go. Any red flags raised in your mind? Treat the people you work with respect and they’ll treat you with respect. Don’t be a horrible boss. Be a nice boss and you’ll reap the rewards. Guaranteed!

Say no to bad moods


Some days you just feel ugh. It’s as if something takes over your head and slowly whispers negative words into your brain. They travel down your spine and nestle into your heart and you can’t let it go. All of a sudden you feel grumpy about everything. It’s bad mood central and somebody may die.

This happens to all of us. The thing is, more often than not recurring bad moods are a sign of something that needs to be worked through. Worrying and obsessing about negative stuff will never get you anyway. If you have bad moods which would rival a woken viper then try these few things to see what is really going on.

What am I feeling?

Stop for a moment and isolate your feeling so that you aren’t so much feeling it as thinking about the feeling from an objective standpoint. Be honest. Are you feeling insecure, afraid, prideful, or angry?

When did I start to feel this way?

Can you pick the moment when you first started to feel this way? When you can pick the moment you are often on the way to realising why it is that you are not happy. Did someone say something? Did you see something? Did something happen which raised an old hurt?

What’s the core wound?

A core wound is something that happened that you haven’t worked out yet. It could be something that happened in childhood. It could be something that happened in a relationship. Often we go about life and don’t dig under the surface to discover what is underneath the actual negative signs. These core wounds tend to pop up when we don’t want them to unless they are addressed.

Wrap it in love

Try to take a moment of self-care here. Look at the wound and then forgive those you hurt you. Forgive yourself and ask God to help you with this. Forgiveness is vital to letting it go and learning from the situation instead of holding onto it.

Take responsibility

You can respond to this situation in a number of ways and how you respond is your responsibility. You can’t always prevent things from happening and you can’t change the past. What you can do, is take responsibility for the situation moving forward. I take responsibility for creating the best possible next steps for myself.

What’s the best next step?

Be practical and be bold. Part of the whole responsibility thing is knowing what will make you happy and then taking the right steps to do that. Ask for what you want and try to move in this direction. It will leave you feeling like an agent instead of a victim.

What do I need right now and how is the best way to move forward?

Communicate, communicate, communicate

If someone else is involved in this situation then share what has happened and how it has made you feel without blame. Listen to the other side of the story and decide together how to move things forward.

Get accountability

If you want things to change and move forward then talk to somebody about the situation so that you can have verbal accountability. This creates an agreement which is a change agent and will help you to change

Nobody wants to have a bad mood, or experience someone else who is in a bad mood. Don’t let anything take your day and make it horrible. Take it back! Remember, we’re not put on the planet to live grumpy lives. We were put on the planet to thrive, enjoy life and give back.

How to live a full life by 30


I almost get run over by truck every day.  It’s city traffic – it’s deathly. At any given point you have to look in 7 directions at the same time. One poor moment of judgement and that’s me – flattened. A pancake, of sorts.

Sometimes, while I sit in the traffic, I think what if I do die today? I know, I know! People don’t like to think about death.  It’s morbid and we would rather talk about ice-cream or “it’s a sunny today, isn’t it.” I don’t think about death in a bad way, I just think, what if I was to go today, or tomorrow? Would I be happy with what I’ve achieved in my 30 years on the planet?

Would I go into death feeling a sense of accomplishment? Yes, I can honestly tell you I would. Since I can remember I’ve lived life down to the last hour. I’ve always wanted to get the most out of it, of every day and every moment. If you want to feel like you’ve lived life by 30 and the rest of your years are caramel sauce, then maybe some of these points talk to you.

Do ridiculous things

You don’t remember the times you sat at your computer creating excel spread sheets. You remember the times you did ridiculous things. I remember the time my friend called me up and convinced me to go dancing at 12am on the bridge over Cape Town. I remember the time we pretended I was a sushi reporter who went all over the world to try to get me free sushi.

What will teach me the most

Often our approach to jobs is where will I get the most pay? Well, is this really the approach you want to take for your career? What if instead, you asked the question, where will I learn the most? Learning turns into money in the long run but it also turns into a sense of accomplishment and there isn’t a price you can attached to that.


It’s easy to think I’m young, I can do what I want, I have all the time in the world. You don’t and if you spend time watching endless series re-runs and playing video games then you can’t really complain if your progress is 7 years behind your colleagues or peers. Focus will always, always work to your advantage.

Do it now

I’ll get fit when I’m a Dad. I’ll quit smoking when I’m pregnant. I’ll write a book when I have time. Yeah, right. Do it now. Go for it, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow and you don’t want to think ‘awww I wish I had’.

Find awesome people

There are lots of people in the world. Find the awesome ones, keep them near, don’t let them go and invest into those relationships. Great people don’t roll around every weekend and relationships don’t happen overnight. Relationships are great because you make them great.

Ditch the bad ones

Do a friendship purge every now and again and let go of the relationships which are not letting you be your best. You know what I  mean. Those friendships which compromise who you are and pull you down.

Value the quiet moments

In the quiet moments, we find answers to things we seek in the busyness of everyday life. In the quiet moments, we find perspective, joy, patience. In the moments when you lay your head on someone’s chest, in the moment when you sit and look out over a valley, in the moment when you’ve finished a meal and you simply have nothing more to say – you will find contentment.

Count the cost

Everything has a cost – your gap year, your wedding, your nights out on the town, your time in front of the TV, your time on your phone… ask yourself, is it worth it? We tend to think we should go for whatever makes us happy but many things which make you happy in the moment cost you happiness in the long run.

Work hard

Find something that you are passionate about and don’t let it go. Put in the long nights, the re-drafting, the learning. What is the point of building a life on something average or mediocre? Graft. Get better and work hard. Yes, you don’t remember the hours of work on your deathbed but you do remember leaving something worthwhile in the world.

Know what’s enough

There is always another notch on the bench, another opportunity, more money and more fame. Know what’s enough for you, else you will spend the rest of your life looking for more and more.

Get these things right and when 30 rolls around, if it hasn’t already, you’ll find you have a beautiful full life to be thankful for.

Ways to fall back in love with your job


Many of us fall in and out of our jobs like they are relationships. And, like relationships you have to keep working on them, they start out very exciting and then dwindle and become more monotonous.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can remain interested, intrigued and excited about your job for a very long time if you do the right things and pick the right attitude.

Never stop learning

If you have become a bit bored with your job it may be because you don’t have any new challenges. As easy as it is to sit there and coast along, you will never be satisfied if you do this. Rather, take a look at where there are opportunities for you to learn a new skill set and challenge yourself.

Do an online course, give yourself a new goal (to get X many new clients for the business by the end of the year), or ask if you can take on more responsibility. A job role is rarely set in stone and should always involve an open conversation with your employee. Don’t stay stuck, but take initiative to get something fresh in your work role.

A little bit goes a long way

It’s surprising how much of life is comprised of a collection of really small things that make a big difference. If you are struggling to enjoy your job, take a step back and look at the very small things which you can do to make things better.

Decorate your desk and organize your files. Change desks. Set up a funny screen saver. Try to make sure you have a lunch break with a different colleague every day of the week. Try a new shift and add some extra time in your evening to do a hobby.

Take breaks

When you are burned out you can hate even the best job. It’s not your fault, we are humans, not robots and all of us need breaks and things to look forward to. Don’t try to be too much of a hustle addict. Take your lunch breaks away from your computer, take your leave days when you have them and save up for a big vacation which will help you feel rested.

We all work long hours at times but this should not be consistent. If you are working long hours for a loooooong period of time and it is wearing your down, have a conversation and make some changes.

Make the most of the benefits

Sometimes we get so caught up in the work side of things that we don’t take advantage of the benefits which our company gives to us. Each company is different. Perhaps your company provides discounted health classes, perhaps it matches what you put away for retirement, or perhaps it pays for studies.

Making the most of the benefits helps you to see the good side of being employed in this place and also makes your salary and sense of well-being go further.

Start a side hustle

This option is not for the faint hearted. However, it can be rewarding and be stimulating at the same time. If you have a side hustle (a hobby or side business), it can help to focus your energy and give you new creative outlets. It can also bring in some extra cash which puts less pressure on your day job.

When you are your own boss you quickly realise how difficult it is to run a company. A side hustle often gives us a greater appreciation for our day jobs.

Create new vision and motivation

Many times our lack of enjoyment in our job is because we have forgotten why we are doing it and we have lost vision for our career. When you ask yourself why your job is important you will discover reasons like: it keeps me and the people I love well looked after, it gives me the opportunity to use my skill set, it helps me meet new people and it keeps me active.

Each and every one of us should have a vision for our careers. If your job fits into your vision then there is no reason why you should be feeling bored or restless. If you don’t know what your vision is, then spend some time thinking about what you would like to see and achieve in this area of your life.

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