Many of us fall in and out of our jobs like they are relationships. And, like relationships you have to keep working on them, they start out very exciting and then dwindle and become more monotonous.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can remain interested, intrigued and excited about your job for a very long time if you do the right things and pick the right attitude.

Never stop learning

If you have become a bit bored with your job it may be because you don’t have any new challenges. As easy as it is to sit there and coast along, you will never be satisfied if you do this. Rather, take a look at where there are opportunities for you to learn a new skill set and challenge yourself.

Do an online course, give yourself a new goal (to get X many new clients for the business by the end of the year), or ask if you can take on more responsibility. A job role is rarely set in stone and should always involve an open conversation with your employee. Don’t stay stuck, but take initiative to get something fresh in your work role.

A little bit goes a long way

It’s surprising how much of life is comprised of a collection of really small things that make a big difference. If you are struggling to enjoy your job, take a step back and look at the very small things which you can do to make things better.

Decorate your desk and organize your files. Change desks. Set up a funny screen saver. Try to make sure you have a lunch break with a different colleague every day of the week. Try a new shift and add some extra time in your evening to do a hobby.

Take breaks

When you are burned out you can hate even the best job. It’s not your fault, we are humans, not robots and all of us need breaks and things to look forward to. Don’t try to be too much of a hustle addict. Take your lunch breaks away from your computer, take your leave days when you have them and save up for a big vacation which will help you feel rested.

We all work long hours at times but this should not be consistent. If you are working long hours for a loooooong period of time and it is wearing your down, have a conversation and make some changes.

Make the most of the benefits

Sometimes we get so caught up in the work side of things that we don’t take advantage of the benefits which our company gives to us. Each company is different. Perhaps your company provides discounted health classes, perhaps it matches what you put away for retirement, or perhaps it pays for studies.

Making the most of the benefits helps you to see the good side of being employed in this place and also makes your salary and sense of well-being go further.

Start a side hustle

This option is not for the faint hearted. However, it can be rewarding and be stimulating at the same time. If you have a side hustle (a hobby or side business), it can help to focus your energy and give you new creative outlets. It can also bring in some extra cash which puts less pressure on your day job.

When you are your own boss you quickly realise how difficult it is to run a company. A side hustle often gives us a greater appreciation for our day jobs.

Create new vision and motivation

Many times our lack of enjoyment in our job is because we have forgotten why we are doing it and we have lost vision for our career. When you ask yourself why your job is important you will discover reasons like: it keeps me and the people I love well looked after, it gives me the opportunity to use my skill set, it helps me meet new people and it keeps me active.

Each and every one of us should have a vision for our careers. If your job fits into your vision then there is no reason why you should be feeling bored or restless. If you don’t know what your vision is, then spend some time thinking about what you would like to see and achieve in this area of your life.

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