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Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Laugh It Off

I was chatting to a couple of volunteers after a service at church one night. We’re all part of the audiovisual department which often requires a lot from us. It is our sole responsibility to ensure that every person attending church is capable of experiencing and being a part of what goes on on stage. This particular night was a tough one and many of them struggled to keep up with what was expected of them. As I listened to the team leader try and explain the importance of why we are always required to be on top of our game, I suddenly had a thought pop into my head. A thought that I later shared with the team.

For many years, I had struggled with constructive criticism. I knew that whatever correction I was receiving was for my benefit and would help me improve etc. However, more often than not, I would take it personally. I let the words eat at me like termites to wood and I hated it. My perfectionist self would question my competency and I would swear to do better next time. Unfortunately, the pressure would not subside but if anything, it got worse. It got so bad I would get upset with myself in the middle of performing an important task, which would then affect the quality of my performance. I started hating what I was doing and deemed myself incapable – “What was the point of doing something if I couldn’t do it right?”, I would often ask myself.

A friend of mine realised what was going on and had a little chat with me about it, precisely the same chat I had with the volunteers at church that night. If what you do is not fun and enjoyable, then there is no point in doing it. Yes, it is important to be focused and perform at a level of professionalism and excellence. It’s important for you to continually improve. However, mistakes will always occur – we’re human, it’s inevitable. Nevertheless, the entire performance does not have to be tainted by a split second mistake. Work around it, forget it and focus on whatever else is coming up.


So whatever task you find yourself doing today, tomorrow and for the next couple of months and/or years, do it to the best of your abilities – do the best that you can! If you happen to make a mistake along the way embrace it, learn from it and rectify it. Don’t let it get you down, don’t let it define you, don’t let it stop you from doing and being the best!! Because sometimes, when all else fails, you’ve just got to laugh it off!

Rendered Speechless By A 5 Year Old

Kids are my favourite beings in the entire world, it doesn’t matter what age, they’re all cute. Some can be exceptionally difficult, while others are just heavenly. Then, there are those who are just so special; you can’t help but give them all the attention. I recently hung out with a pair of the “special” category kids (one two and the other five) and have never had so much fun. Granted it wasn’t easy but they were just so adorable and funny, it made it all worthwhile.


I was then invited to lunch with the family by the parents of these amazing kids and we decided to get some seafood. Now, most people know me as the fussy type foodwise. Regardless, I’ve been trying my very best to give anything and everything new a taste before completely writing it off. We started off with some sushi – I’m not a sushi fan; raw fish just doesn’t appeal to me, but I have recently started enjoying the salmon California rolls; so I decided to give some spicy tuna California rolls a try. They weren’t too bad, although to be honest, I’m convinced that the soy sauce made them eatable (I love soy sauce). I was then offered some prawns…


Now, I’m all for trying out new things but prawns are just weird; googly eyes and detachable skin; not to mention their  whiskers… can you say freaky? Anyway, as I was being offered a taste of these prawns, I very quickly declined stating that their googly eyes scared me. As soon as I said this, the five year old at the table responded without flinching… “Tshego, you can’t be scared, Jesus is with you!”.

 I was speechless. How do you argue with that? How do you respond to a five year old who has just schooled you in biblical truth? I ended up tasting a prawn, it was interesting, but not nearly as interesting as the lesson I learnt…

 have you learnt any interesting lessons lately? – Let us know

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What If…

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were given the opportunity to take over a radio show?? I recently decided to have some fun and let some of Pulse’s guests do just that. Yes, I had the Pulse guests in studio, presenting their very own Pulse Take Over Shows. In this episode, Brad, Xena, Mel and Donna are the first to take over the studio; I was there to get them started and this is what transpired…

Check out the Pulse webpage for more craziness

Judgemental Much??

How judgemental are you? Take the quiz and find out (and be honest!)

1. Your friend has re-decorated their house by painting their walls mustard yellow and lime green. You think…

  • They were definitely smoking something, those colours are awful.
  • Well, this is interesting, definitely something different, but hey, if they like it, that’s their choice.

2. You see a guy with lots of piercings and tattoos all over his body. You…

  • Express your disapproval on what he has done to his body; how dare he defile it in such a manner?
  • Ask him the reason/story behind his art.

3. Your friend tells you that he has started seeing a girl of a different race/culture/religion. You…

  • Tell him to get out of it immediately – we’re meant to stick to our own kind.
  • Are excited for him and support him in every way possible.

 4. You see a rather large person walking down the street. You think…

  • How could anyone ‘let themselves go’ so much?
  • There’s a person walking down the street.

5. A very pretty, yet ‘ditsy’, girl gets the job you were hoping to get. You…

  • Suspect foul play; there is just no way she got it on her own.
  • Are disappointed but move on and try elsewhere.

If you chose the first option as your answer for any of the questions, you are inclined to being judgemental. However, there’s not much to be worried about because everyone does it and the extent to which you pass judgement is the real issue here…

So often, we’ll condemn the actions of others without knowing the full story behind them; we’ll disapprove of their decisions, before understanding their reasoning. Disagree? Well, let’s do another little test. Check out the picture below….

Is that gay?

What were some of your first thoughts?

Let’s be honest, once you realized that this was a boy wearing pink shoes, it was hard to keep the negativity at bay. Thoughts such as, “What kind of mother would let their child wear pink shoes and then take a photo of it?” or “That’s what’s wrong with the world – this is why we have confused people!” or even “That boy’s life has been ruined forever!”, probably went wild in your head and before you knew it, you had already passed judgement without any understanding as to why…

The Story

Embarrassed? That’s ok, I’m just as guilty as the next person; in fact it seems to occur quite “naturally” with me for some strange reason. Regardless, it’s not ok; it’s not alright to criticize someone’s choices because they are different from yours, or because it’s not what you would have done – we’re all different and we deal with and face life’s challenges differently. However, people’s lives are at stake, and our words (and actions) have the power to build and/or destroy. So unless you’ve experienced it, it’s probably best that you keep your comments and opinions to yourself until you’ve got some kind of understanding about it.

stop judging

The challenge -: Take hold of your thoughts; watch your words and just stop being judgemental.

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Ultimate X – Let’s Go Extreme

Sometimes in life you just have to do something out of the ordinary, something out of the box, something you wouldn’t normally do, something EXTREME!!!

I recently attended the Ultimate X – eXtreme Games held in Cape Town, South Africa, with a colleague. I had never heard of this event before (even though it was in its fourth year), but being heavily attracted to the extreme action sports scene, I was quite keen to check out what it was all about; the result – I was completely blown away.

I have attended a couple of extreme sport events before, and know about all the crazy, yet incredible, stunts that the athletes usually perform (that’s what attracts me most), but nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced at Ultimate X. What a community, what passion, what an art; because that’s all that extreme sports is, a community of people performing an art they are passionate about.

I was inspired by their stories; stories of how they defied the odds and how they chose to follow their hearts despite what the world was telling them. They refused to be discouraged by the skeptics and kept reaching for their dreams. They push the boundaries, they take the risks, they give it their all, and most importantly, they support and encourage each other in every way possible.

All in all, it was an incredible day out, encountering one of the friendliest communities. And, despite their prominence and talent, many of the athletes were surprisingly down to earth and somewhat shy; yet, chatting to them was an absolute treat.




Tshego – Pulse Show 😉

***Photos by – Ference Isaacs***

Would You Jump Off A Bridge


I recently took up jogging… I hate jogging! So why in the world would I do something that I hate?? Well that’s the funny thing about life; sometimes you’ve just got to do the things that you don’t like in order to reap the benefits. In my case however, I took up jogging because my overly ambitious running friends thought it would be a very good bonding session, and…  I can’t back down from a challenge (or I just can’t stand up for myself and not follow the crowd – either way, I took up the challenge). I could hear my mom ask (actually, one of my friends did ask), “so if your friends decided to jump off a bridge, would you jump along with them” and my response would be “YES!!” (And that right there is what we call peer pressure – it happens …). In any case, I started training… Now, I’m quite a sporty person, so getting my heart rate pumping isn’t a problem, however, the thought of just running around aimlessly (which in my opinion jogging is), does not excite me in anyway whatsoever! Yet, there I was, training for the very thing I dreaded most… You’re probably still wondering why I put myself through all of that if I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it… Well, remember the benefits I mentioned earlier; they were the reason why I continued training even though I wasn’t very fond of it. Let me explain…

no medicine for me 

When you’re sick, you’ll go to the doctor and he’ll give you some medication to take so you can get better. 99% of the time, the medicine doesn’t taste so nice; in fact, most of it tastes awful, yet in order for you to get better, you will have to take it (like it or not). In the same way, I may not enjoy bobbing up and down the street to get my heart racing, but since I have taken on the challenge, I have never felt better. I’m a lot more energized, I’m a lot happier, I’m getting a whole lot healthier and I’m spending time with my friends in the process.

So, you may currently be doing something you hate; something that you never thought you would ever find yourself doing and it may be tough. Do it anyway because the rewards are worth it and it’ll help not only you, but others around you as well…

Mother Teresa said it best in a poem…

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How To Change A Life

The hype over Lance Armstrong’s confession intrigued me. I didn’t really care much for it at first because the media loves to make a big deal about the short-comings of celebrities on a daily basis (I’m not into supporting that kinda thing), still, I found myself somehow listening to the worldwide exclusive interview when it was aired. As Lance spoke to Oprah, two questions kept circling around in my mind – What finally made him confess and What would happen if we all chose to react differently? – It’s the second that evoked me most…

If you’ve been following the story, you’ll know that this confession was a long time coming. Although many of his fans were hoping his integrity was genuine, Lance had been avoiding and denying the truth, despite hard evidence, for quite some time now (much to his own detriment really) and like a case of bad food poisoning, it all eventually came out (gross – I know). This kind of thing happens all the time and celebrities get hit the hardest because of their public status; but people fail – it’s a fact, and in an effort to cover up that failure, and the insecurities that come with it, people will do anything (more often than not, the wrong thing) to maintain their reputation.

You’re probably among the many who have already given their condemning opinion about Mr Armstrong and his confession. You’ve probably expressed exactly how you feel and just how disappointed you are – “he was, after all, supposed to be a role model”. But what if, instead of judging, criticising and outcasting Lance, as per the norm, we chose to rather uplift, encourage and protect him. What if we decided that we would rather show him love, instead of the condemnation we all believe he so rightfully “deserves”?

Sounds a bit strange I know, but just think about it – if we want the world we live in to change, we have to change the way in which we live in it. In other words, if we’d like to change the way we experience relationships in our world, we’ve got to change the way we respond to the people and/or situations that hurt us. Much like Lance, we’ve all messed up, we’ve all unintentionally (or intentionally) hurt those we love in some way or another and often, as is the norm, the people affected react in a way that inevitably ends up causing more hurt. But what if we chose to put those hurts behind us, what if we chose to, instead of punish, respond in love? No doubt, justice shall prevail; Lance must and will face the consequences of his actions (as will you and I when we make our mistakes). However, everyone deserves a second chance and everyone deserves to be forgiven, regardless of what they have done; because everyone deserves to be loved!

You see, my entire life was overturned when someone chose to see the good that they knew was in me, over the bad that was coming out of me. My whole world was rocked senseless when someone decided to overlook my circumstances, inabilities and short comings, and instead continually reach out to me, even when I was constantly trying to pull away. My life was changed by the constant love that was given to me, even when I didn’t want or deserve it…

So, what if we chose to see the “good” in people, instead of the “bad” they are displaying. What if we decided to forgive the people who have hurt us, even when it makes more sense to hate them? What if we chose to love – without limits, without conditions, without measure?

Wouldn’t that change someone’s life and in turn change the world??

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I Look Better In That


Our church hosted our annual end of year party the other day –  and what a party it was! The theme was 80’s and everyone was encouraged to come along all dressed up. Now I love the dress up vibe, but for this particular event, I chose to rather go as my normal self (I am after all an 80’s kid), and I just wanted to observe and laugh anyway. I know, sounds mean, but.. well.. you know… sometimes it’s just more fun to point and laugh… but this type of behaviour is not in anyway condoned – so don’t do it!

Anyway, there I was surrounded by various randoms who, on any given day usually look normal, but for this particular night, decided to go back in time and dress… well.. weird – and even though it was strange, I’m pretty sure many of them had loadsa fun… I know I did!

These are just some of my crazy friends who decided to go all out

While standing around observing the many outfits people were dressed in, I managed to bump into these lovely people, and after finally figuring out who they were and laughing my face off, it hit me… They were a great example of what many tend to do on a daily basis in an attempt to survive the world we live in.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m all for dressing up and having fun, in fact I encourage it… But how many of us have woken up in the mornings and put on a mask, in an effort to portray a “better” version of ourselves to the world? How many of us have left the house in our “pretend outfits” trying to be that “cool someone” we’ve seen on TV or in magazines? How many of us have acted and/or spoken differently in our several life situations, trying to hide the so called “undesirables” in our lives, in order to present our “more acceptable” selves…? – We’ve all been there…

But, when will we ever just be content with being ourselves? When will we finally come to the realisation that we are perfect just the way we are – yes, freckles, blemishes and squishy parts included? When will we stop listening to those who think they know it all and start listening the One who does really know it all? When will we eventually embrace our uniqueness, our differences, our flaws? When will we ultimately start acting, living and being who we’ve been created to be…?

It’s simple really….

When we finally recognize who’s we are!

 So think about it….

Are you being your true self or a second rate version of who the world says you should be?

You gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Be Creative


One Sunday evening while getting ready to play on stage for one of our church’s evening services, I got a little hungry but didn’t want something that was going to fill me, rather just something to nibble on. So, the first thing I chose to eat was a muffin, but for some strange reason that day, I was just not in the mood for a muffin. And so, after one bite, I put the muffin down in search for something else that I could possibly nibble on…

I finally found an apple in the communal fridge, but I’m not really so keen on eating apples that are cold (yes I happen to be a little picky), but I didn’t have enough time to just wait for the apple to warm itself down to room temperature. However, I did have some creative friends. Yes! You’ve just gotz to love them creative friends, and I happen to have a couple who really seem to think far out of the box…

Warming Up An Apple

As you can see in the pic, my friend thought it would be a good idea to use the heat from the toaster to warm the apple up so that it could reach room temperature quicker… The best part of this whole story is that it worked.. Yes! It actually really worked, 3-5min later I was enjoying a room “temperatured” apple…

And then it hit me… Sometimes in life, we find ourselves lacking various things and we could either let these lacks overtake our joy and make us miserable, or we could become creative and do something about our limitations…

That is what Pulse is about… We wanna help you see life from a different perspective, we want you to start thinking creatively so that you do not lose the joy in your life because of the restrictions that may be on you, but rather add the joy in others’ lives.


We know you’ll enjoy the journey and we certainly hope you share it with others!!

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