Our church hosted our annual end of year party the other day –  and what a party it was! The theme was 80’s and everyone was encouraged to come along all dressed up. Now I love the dress up vibe, but for this particular event, I chose to rather go as my normal self (I am after all an 80’s kid), and I just wanted to observe and laugh anyway. I know, sounds mean, but.. well.. you know… sometimes it’s just more fun to point and laugh… but this type of behaviour is not in anyway condoned – so don’t do it!

Anyway, there I was surrounded by various randoms who, on any given day usually look normal, but for this particular night, decided to go back in time and dress… well.. weird – and even though it was strange, I’m pretty sure many of them had loadsa fun… I know I did!

These are just some of my crazy friends who decided to go all out

While standing around observing the many outfits people were dressed in, I managed to bump into these lovely people, and after finally figuring out who they were and laughing my face off, it hit me… They were a great example of what many tend to do on a daily basis in an attempt to survive the world we live in.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m all for dressing up and having fun, in fact I encourage it… But how many of us have woken up in the mornings and put on a mask, in an effort to portray a “better” version of ourselves to the world? How many of us have left the house in our “pretend outfits” trying to be that “cool someone” we’ve seen on TV or in magazines? How many of us have acted and/or spoken differently in our several life situations, trying to hide the so called “undesirables” in our lives, in order to present our “more acceptable” selves…? – We’ve all been there…

But, when will we ever just be content with being ourselves? When will we finally come to the realisation that we are perfect just the way we are – yes, freckles, blemishes and squishy parts included? When will we stop listening to those who think they know it all and start listening the One who does really know it all? When will we eventually embrace our uniqueness, our differences, our flaws? When will we ultimately start acting, living and being who we’ve been created to be…?

It’s simple really….

When we finally recognize who’s we are!

 So think about it….

Are you being your true self or a second rate version of who the world says you should be?

You gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself

Pulse Show 😉