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The 1Africa crew got to cover the annual Zombie Walk Cape Town 2013! Check out the Highlights video below, as well as the amazing Zombie Short Film produced by our team here at CVC Media.





Undoubtedly two of the biggest names in the Hip Hop industry, Kanye West and Jay Z recently dropped their latest releases. Jay’s album entitled “Magna Carta Holy Grail” and Kanye’s entitled “Yeezus”.  Two masterfully produced albums with some of the most talented producers in the business.

Both albums stirring quite a bit of controversy for various reasons, but one of the main reasons I’ve noticed are their direct references to the Christian faith. Now say what you will, I’m sure there are many opinions out there about where both rappers stand as far as religious beliefs go, but for me personally, I will forever heed the resounding voice of an ex-employer who once said “opinions are like arm-pits, everyone has them, most of them stink”. So for now, I’ll refrain from adding mine to millions of others out there.

Now while I wouldn’t consider myself an avid Hip Hop music lover, I think my love for the genre is more about the love of music production, creativity, word art and thought provoking lyrics. Unfortunately most of the time this is not the case. Let’s be honest here – there’s only so much you can take of lyrics to do with clubs, cash and shaking what your mother gave ya’!

That said, out of many rappers I have heard, Jay Z and Kanye West are some of the few that really stand out lyrically. Now it’s not that I often agree with what they have to say or especially “how” they say it, but there are often many truth’s about the state of a culture hidden within the voices of influential artists.


The greatest similarity I’ve noticed across many rap artists and more specifically Jay Z and Kanye West is their undeniable referral to themselves as “God” or “Gods”. (I always joke about how rappers always have to mention their names in their own songs, otherwise people won’t be able to tell them apart from the millions of other rappers out there!). Jokes aside though this pretty much does send out a message of self-worship, self absorption and a seriously inflated ego. This concerns me for a few reasons, and I would hope that it does you too. Is this really the echoed voice of a culture?

Are people looking to themselves for the answers or is there a deeper longing for unanswered questions?

Kanye’s reference to himself as “ Yeezus ” (meaning Jesus) and Jay Z to himself as “ Jay Hova ” (meaning Jehovah), really says they have no respect for the Christian faith but more than that it just seems like big players like themselves, have truly lost perspective on who God really is and as a result have distorted that same perspective for the one’s they have influence over.

(If you’re unfamiliar with some of Kanye’s trademark statements – see insert from Clevver News below:

Perhaps it’s just a front or perhaps it’s a publicity stunt, but one thing is certain, and that is the egotistical nature of fame is a pretty destructive one. It’s just interesting to me that so many celebrities have “everything they ever wanted” yet they battle to maintain their marriages, often get addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex and materialism.

You see it everyday through media but what’s even scarier, is that to some degree we often see it in our own lives. We may not be making millions or sippin’ on Cristal, but often we can find ourselves being overly consumed with materialism or a lust for a life that’s un-obtainable without compromise of moral standards.

Hopefully this is some food for thought.

From a slightly different angle though, I still do believe that the undeniable musical talent that these Rockstars of Hip Hop possess, comes straight from the one who created them. Talent however, I believe was never meant for the glory of one’s self but rather for the Glory of God.

We all have been created with gifts, passions and vision for our lives and God has given us the freedom to choose where to direct our worship and which path to take, but the path to eternal freedom and salvation doesn’t come through “Yeezus” or “Jay hova” or any other celebrity figure, Christian or not…. It’s only found in Jesus Christ.

He is the only one that can bring true peace and fulfillment to your life without compromising who you were created to be, but rather enhancing the person you are and the person you’ll still become for the sake of His Glory.

Have you ever considered a relationship with Jesus? – continue the conversation. Follow the link below.




Hopefully the title of this blog got your attention!. If not, I actually wouldn’t be surprised to be honest. It really seems that people in general have become so de-sensitised with things of such an extreme inappropriate nature. I have mixed emotions about that. Sadness, anger, confusion, disappointment….and the list goes on.

Before getting into the real “issue” though, what brought about this topic is the fact that my wife is carrying our 1st born, Malakai Jude Ferguson. Malakai meaning “messenger of God”, Jude meaning “praise” and Ferguson meaning “supreme one of highest calling”. Oh yeah!, he’s gonna be an over-achiever destined for greatness!. I believe that with all my heart.

Besides his ridiculously cool name though, it’s actually been quite an eye opening time for me, as I’ve been exposed to the miracle of life like never before. Each and every scan I see, further and further documenting his growth and every anti-natal class we attend, I’m overwhelmed by the complexities of embryonic development, and the process which this little human goes through to eventually being born is mind blowing.

I finally understand now, why people who have children tell me that “to have a child, is to truly have a miracle”, and my wife and I cannot wait to meet ours.

I could never imagine that anybody in this world could, and would take away the opportunity for another precious soul to come into this world, by aborting it after the complex development of life has already begun.
It seems completely inhumane, sick, twisted and carnal, but the reality is.

So does this mean there are MURDERERS AMONG US?. Well? 

I stumbled across this video a few days ago, and if there was ever anything in the world that could confirm my pro-life / anti-abortion status. This is it. I believe in life, I believe in God and I believe that Jesus died so that people could LIVE, not be robbed of that opportunity.

Watch this video, and if you can stomach it, watch through till the end.

If you just watched this and have possibly taken offence at the fact that I referred to you as a murderer because you, yourself have had one or maybe multiple abortions. Firstly please understand the context of which this was written and secondly, MORE IMPORTANTLY, please know that there is redemptive God that exists, and is gracious enough to forgive you and give you a clean start, if you repent of your mistakes and allow Him to take His place in your heart.

His name is Jesus and he loves you more than you know and more than you think you deserve. If you’ve never really thought about abortion or prefer to go through life minding your own business, I sincerely hope this video and blog post opened your eyes to three things.

#1 Abortion is in fact murder.
#2 Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life.
#3 Everyday is a new opportunity to start this life again.

If you have any thoughts related to this post, I’d love to hear from you and if you want continue this conversation, click the link below.



Instagram now does video

So for those of you who may have missed what happened to one of the current most popular photographic social media platforms recently. INSTAGRAM now does video! Yes, it’s true. What used to be a “strictly photos” mobile App, has now taken a great new step into the realm of journalistic videography. Apart from the usual vintage styled filters that the App has for photos, Instagram now offers 13 BRAND NEW filters for video, along with a very impressive “cinema” function which auto stabilises shaky video footage. I personally am pretty excited about this development as I’m an avid Instagram user and I get the chance to expand on creative ways of documenting special moments in life.

So if you haven’t yet heard of Instagram, or the new video development or seen it in action, take a look at these videos below, be inspired, get filming, and share your video’s with us by  dropping a link on our 1Africa facebook page.


Also here is the official introduction, as well as a practical rundown of how the new feature works by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.


Here’s your 1AFRICA exclusive for the weekend!

Neville D’s brand new single featuring CJay! Like Fire also known as “THE JESUS SONG”.
Take a listen below and download it while you can.

UPDATE: Song no longer available.

You can get hold of more awesome music by Neville D at links below:


So I’m sure with a title like “I have a secret”, the first thing that’s most likely to come to your mind, would probably be… “what is it?”. Well, wouldn’t you like to know. But we’ll get there –  just settle down for a sec! (kidding of course).

We need to talk about your secrets for a moment. Let’s be honest, we all have them, and if you’re thinking to yourself “I don’t have one”, just think a little harder and longer –  one is bound to spring to mind. What got me on to this topic was a really interesting, inspiring, shocking and yet thought-provoking video clip I stumbled across on Vimeo recently. It’s basically just five minutes of a few random people confessing a secret they’ve never told anybody before.

Before I say anything more though… watch this clip real quick!

I’m sure that was pretty funny, uncomfortable and possibly shocking for you. What was interesting to me though wasn’t only the actual secrets being confessed but also the feeling I got inside when trying to imagine myself in their shoes. What would I confess? What would the repercussions of that be? How would people’s perceptions of me change if they knew every single detail about my life?

Some tough questions indeed, wouldn’t you agree? After thinking about this concept of “public confession” and about the video itself, a bible verse that I’m sure many would recognise, came to mind.

John 8:32 – “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

Now while I’m aware that the truth specifically being spoken about here is  the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you’ve got to admit, when a secret is out in the open, when the truth has been spoken or heard, regardless of the consequences, It’s going to be a weight lifted off the shoulders of your conscience.

I am a Christian – That’s no secret. Most people who know me would probably already know that. The reason for the random statement is that in general, the average person seems to have a perception that Christianity or righteousness (being in right standing with God), is something that is unattainable because of their lifestyles and often… because of their secrets.

Statements I’ve heard in the past include, “I’m not good enough to be a Christian”, “I can’t abide by all those religious rules”, “I’m not that kind of person”, and so on.

So here’s a “dirty little secret” we all share: None of us are good enough! The bible tells us that there are in fact “none righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10).

So where does that leave you? – It leaves you in total and complete dependence on Jesus.

He loves you the way we are, they way you were and the way you will be as life goes on. It’s because of what He did that you can be righteous and acceptable to God the father.If you have ever considered the Christian faith and possibly accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour, it’s as simple as believing in your heart that Jesus died for you and receiving God’s love and forgiveness. Honestly, the rest will pretty much take care of itself.

Come as you are, with all your secrets, your confessions, your faults, your talents, your unique personality, your background, your future ambitions, your passions, your dreams and your goals.

Let me say this again.Jesus Loves and accepts you as you are.

 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

So, what’s my secret?  My secret is that once I was the world’s biggest introvert, scared of everyone and everything around me. But since experiencing the love and acceptance of Jesus, I realised I didn’t have to fear anything and my life has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride of adventure, excitement, dreams coming true and the most amazing, purpose-filled life experiences I could have ever asked for.

Are your secrets keeping you from a life that you have only dreamed of?


We had the privilege of catching up with Nicolas from a very trendy, as well as interesting company called AFRICA IS THE FUTURE. Check out what he had to say below:


1AFRICA: Hey Nicolas, firstly thank you for allowing us the opportunity to grab this interview with you. I guess the first obvious question we’d like to pose for our curious readers is, what exactly is AFRICA IS THE FUTURE ?

NICOLAS: ‘AITF’ is a creative work in constant progress. Its current form may evolve as has been the case since Patrick and I began this project in 2004. The main goal is to promote critical thinking of the people in Africa, its place in the World and more generally what it can contribute to the World.

1AFRICA: Tell us a little about how it got started and what were some of the highlights and challenges of getting a fresh and unique brand like this off the ground?

NICOLAS: I would say that three main factors behind this project are: We are tired of seeing and hearing the same clichés about Africa, we want people to understand that Africa is not an exception but the rule and the roots of the worldwide system, and,  to note that nowadays brands may have a greater capacity than any other entity to disseminate ideas about Africa’s  relationship to the world.

1AFRICA: So we know that you’re based in France. Were you born there or how did this fascination and love of Africa begin for you?

NICOLAS: I was born in France.  I try to not have too much fascination for something. To be fascinated implies a magical relationship to reality, a psychological state in which critical thinking is absent. Furthermore, this kind of approach is especially damaging for Africa because the global power relations that shape the continent have nothing to do with magic!  My interest in Africa is more natural than anything else, due to the fact that my father was born in Congo.


1AFRICA: What would you say, is the main over arching message that you would like people to walk away with after being exposed to AITF?

NICOLAS: Think by yourself.

1AFRICA: We recently noticed the launch of your new website (looking super slick by the way). How did you go about approaching the art direction and look and feel of the brand?

NICOLAS: We take the same tools used to promote the American way of life from the post-war economic growth of the U.S. until today. They are emblematic of, and inseparable from, everyday life. We keep their form and aesthetic and we divert the content to give birth to a new reality, able to create a critical distance from the common representations. That’s the plan !

1AFRICA: While “AFRICA IS THE FUTURE” is a powerful statement in itself, is there anything specific you’d like to say to people currently residing in the continent of Africa.

NICOLAS: Do not forget what you already know.

1AFRICA: How and where can people check out more of what you’re doing and also get hold of some of your awesome apparel?


1AFRICA: Once again, huge thanks for the interview and we hope to stay in contact with you guys to see what other exciting things unfold for AITF.




THE HARLEM SHAKE video – 1Africa Style!


If you haven’t heard of the HARLEM SHAKE video yet, you’ve probably been living under a rock, but once you see it, you’ll understand why it’s become Youtube’s latest craziest internet viral video!

Here is our 1 Africa version of the viral craze!


What’s your favourite Harlem shake video? drop us a link the comments section below…


SKRILLEX does FREE music workshop in Langa TONIGHT!


While Dubstep music might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you cannot deny that the man who goes under the more commonly known name “Skrillex” is undoubtedly the most talented when it comes to digital music production.

What’s even better than that is the fact he’s willing to impart his knowledge on the subject FOR FREE in collaboration with a non-profit organisation called Bridges fro music. A great initiative indeed!

See details as per FACEBOOK EVENT below.


The six- time Grammy Award winner and local artists Niskerone and Sibot will be offering a free workshop on Thursday, 28th of February in Langa, Cape Town. In conjunction with Bridges for Music non-profit organization, Skrillex will conduct a session about bass music, technology and his achievements in the industry.

Skrillex, shows his willingness to share his knowledge and engage with young local DJs and producers. The workshop will be the second held by Bridges for Music at the Langa Cultural Center, known as Guga S´thebe, following the great success of the first one with Richie Hawtin and Black Coffee two weeks ago.

The purpose of these sessions is to enrich the local music culture, exposing it to new sounds, local and international artists, and creating a creative and cultural experience through music. Moving forward Electric will join Bridges for Music to explore new social projects through the music industry.
Skrillex will be in South Africa, as part of his international Mothership Tour, on the 1st to the 3rd of March, performing in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. For more information see

Workshop Info:

• Date: Thursday 28th February
• Time: Starts 5.30pm
• To book a seat, please send an email to
• No seat bookings will be kept after 5.15pm.
• Moderator : Richard Rumney (Red Bull Studio Cape Town)


Guga S’thebe Arts & Cultural Centre
Washington Street
Cape Town

Directions to Langa

On the N2 from Cape Town towards Somerset West

Take exit to Bunga Ave./Langa. Then follow the signs to Visitor Centre ( It is close to the Police Station)

For more Bridges for Music information:

For more Mothership SA Tour Information:


A True African Photographer Luke Daniel


We’ve all at some or other point in our lives probably heard the saying “A picture paints a thousand words”In this article you’ll definitely understand why. It’s not every day that a photographer is passionate enough to immerse himself within the confines of a culture that is very far away from what he’s used to.

I recently had the privilege to catch up with local Cape Town photographer Luke Daniel and find out what he’s been up to in the last few months. He bares all in this interview, from his time spent in the Langa township (in Cape Town, South Africa) to being published in One small Seed magazine. And even some of his personal trade secrets!


So we’ve been seeing you and  your work pop up a lot in our news feeds of late, plus we also heard something about a brand new studio in Cape Town? Tell us a bit about what’s been happening with your photography career? 

Luke Daniel:

Yeah, it’s been a busy year. Earlier this year I completed a photographic project, which is centered around day-to-day life in one of South Africa’s oldest Townships, Langa. I was also offered an amazing opportunity to open and run a photographic studio in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, with my great friend and co-owner Josh Watson. So between running South Line Studio and working on various photographic projects – it’s a crazy ride.


Congrats on the coverage in the latest One Small Seed magazine!, how did that come about? 

Luke Daniel:

The project that was featured in Issue 25 of One Small Seed, was LANGA. It’s a social documentary project that took about 3 months to complete.
The photographic essay is a subtle investigation into the socio-economic issues which plague the community of Langa. It was never my intention to set out documenting ‘poverty’ – I never went in search of strife or adversity. In a place like Langa, documenting the struggle to survive isn’t a hard thing to do – it’s there, and you’d have to try hard to hide that. I just wanted to photograph the people, the community and daily life. The story developed over time, into one of a community unified through a shared adversity. A glimpse into the resilience of the human spirit in times of hardship.
I’ve always admired the print quality of One Small Seed, and it was always my intention to have the project primarily print related. I’m not too fond of just uploading the images onto the web, and there they sit. There’s still something very special about print. It’s tangible and I feel it adds a type of value to the photographs. Hence plans for an exhibition and independent print publication of the work.


You definitely have your own unique style of photography. It’s always good when in amongst  the masses of photographers, someone can easily recognize what you do. Would you care to share some of your workflow, gear preferences and  maybe even one or two trade secrets? 

Luke daniel:

Thank you! I guess genuine style develops over time, subconsciously. I’ve always looked up to the work of great social documentary photographers – Mary Ellen Mark, Robert Frank and Robert Doisneau. That’s also why I enjoy photographing in black and white – it forces the eye to concentrate on lines, angles, textures and tones – without the confusion of colour. In terms of workflow – I treat every shoot differently, which probably isn’t the most time effective way of doing things, but it keeps things fresh and exciting. Also, I almost never ‘shoot-for-post’ – I try capture the image I have in my mind, in camera. Photoshop doesn’t enter my mind, when I’m holding the camera.
I keep my gear pretty simple – a few fast lenses for low-light shooting. I prefer shooting on wide-angle lenses, too – just because I like having to move into the shot/action. I do use wireless transmitters when working with off-camera  Speedlites – which allows for some great mobile location lighting.
A trade secret? Photograph, a lot – and often. Also, with reportage/documentary work – photograph situations that are out of your comfort zone. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, you should be photographing. That’s where the magic is – there’s a whole world out there.


What sort of clients do you prefer to work with?

Luke Daniel:

Documentary work wise, I always love working with publications that are open to unusual ideas and don’t shudder in fear under advertisers and corporate pressure.
For more commercial work, it’s great when clients have complete faith in your creative process.


Where can people get hold of you online?

Luke Daniel:

My website (which should be updated more regularly) is over here:
My Facebook page (which is updated slightly more often)

Then check out the studio’s website over here:

You can always give me a shout at [email protected]


Thanks for the interview, any last words or shout-outs?

Luke Daniel: 
Firstly, thank you to 1 AFRICA for the interview!
 Big love to Josh Watson and The Royal Vendetta Family.
The Langa crew, Rock’em Fam and General Luthando Totose.
Max Barashenkov, for taking me to Hopetown.
 Everybody else who has supported me and my photographic adventures thus far, thank you all.

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