Hopefully the title of this blog got your attention!. If not, I actually wouldn’t be surprised to be honest. It really seems that people in general have become so de-sensitised with things of such an extreme inappropriate nature. I have mixed emotions about that. Sadness, anger, confusion, disappointment….and the list goes on.

Before getting into the real “issue” though, what brought about this topic is the fact that my wife is carrying our 1st born, Malakai Jude Ferguson. Malakai meaning “messenger of God”, Jude meaning “praise” and Ferguson meaning “supreme one of highest calling”. Oh yeah!, he’s gonna be an over-achiever destined for greatness!. I believe that with all my heart.

Besides his ridiculously cool name though, it’s actually been quite an eye opening time for me, as I’ve been exposed to the miracle of life like never before. Each and every scan I see, further and further documenting his growth and every anti-natal class we attend, I’m overwhelmed by the complexities of embryonic development, and the process which this little human goes through to eventually being born is mind blowing.

I finally understand now, why people who have children tell me that “to have a child, is to truly have a miracle”, and my wife and I cannot wait to meet ours.

I could never imagine that anybody in this world could, and would take away the opportunity for another precious soul to come into this world, by aborting it after the complex development of life has already begun.
It seems completely inhumane, sick, twisted and carnal, but the reality is.

So does this mean there are MURDERERS AMONG US?. Well? 

I stumbled across this video a few days ago, and if there was ever anything in the world that could confirm my pro-life / anti-abortion status. This is it. I believe in life, I believe in God and I believe that Jesus died so that people could LIVE, not be robbed of that opportunity.

Watch this video, and if you can stomach it, watch through till the end.

If you just watched this and have possibly taken offence at the fact that I referred to you as a murderer because you, yourself have had one or maybe multiple abortions. Firstly please understand the context of which this was written and secondly, MORE IMPORTANTLY, please know that there is redemptive God that exists, and is gracious enough to forgive you and give you a clean start, if you repent of your mistakes and allow Him to take His place in your heart.

His name is Jesus and he loves you more than you know and more than you think you deserve. If you’ve never really thought about abortion or prefer to go through life minding your own business, I sincerely hope this video and blog post opened your eyes to three things.

#1 Abortion is in fact murder.
#2 Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life.
#3 Everyday is a new opportunity to start this life again.

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