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She’s Back

Adele is back!

Breaking records, dominating charts and being down to earth – this lady is owning life in more ways than one.

With her new album, 25, dropping on the 20th of November, the music industry is gearing up for another Adele frenzy. The first single – Hello – has sold 1.7 million copies in less than two weeks and is showing no indication of slowing down. She has finally hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list. It was long overdue. With an official tour on the cards, Adele’s Hometown Glory is going to be celebrated across the world.

Leading on from seeing this success, one has to ask “why?”. “What does Adele have such a clear place in the market?” Aside from a distinctively poignant vocal and an unforced style, I believe there are a few factors that make Adele extremely successful.

  1. Character

Adele is highly respected in the music industry for her very simple, down to earth character. Celebrities have gushed over how awesome it is to meet her. Fans flock to her shows and even the worst quality interviews on YouTube have hundreds of thousands of likes. If you ever hear her speak, it is clear that Adele does not take herself too seriously. She is not flippant, nor does she try to be modest. But she is always honest. Watching her Royal Albert Hall concert, she makes everyone feel like they are in her kitchen, ‘catching up’. That sense of security is a huge breath of fresh air in an industry that is all about sales, image and typecasting. In fact, the day Adele’s music video released this month, the streams for female artists were flooded with videos. Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande and a few other artists all released multiple tracks and remixes on the same day. Whether it was coincidence or actual marketing, it reveals an insecurity that can hardly be found attractive.

  1. A Timeless Grace

Don’t get me wrong. Adele is an extremely hard-working individual. But after touring over one hundred dates in 2012, she had to stop for vocal surgery. No doubt this must have been scary for her, but the pragmatism and air of grace in which she handled this rocky season is very respectful. Twitter is Adele’s main form of communication to her fans (it makes for some fun reading sometimes), and reading through some of her posts, you can hear an honest and simple perspective on life. Her private life is still her own. Obviously a whole lot of people want to know more about her son, her relationships and her weight is continually discussed, but that never touches the style and grace of her music. Adele’s previous album, 21, was all about a bad breakup. But not once did she expose who he was, and she even relayed how they had made peace. After four years of silence – interspersed by the singular Oscar-winning Skyfall track – everyone is still in love with her. What she does is credible, no matter what people say about who she is. That is a hard medium to nail in these media-obsessed times and she has navigated them well with poise and grace that frames her music.

  1. Clarity

Adele writes most of the content on her albums. Not only is it a good financial decision, but it also reveals how she wants to communicate through her music. A big factor that underlies everything she produces is that people can identify with her emotion. Adele evokes memories and stories through her songs. As much as it may be therapy for her, her writing has a euphoric quality that cuts through the silliness of chart numbers, promotions and gossip cycles and speaks to our souls. There is no one on the planet that can do this as well as Adele.

It is clear that Adele is a living, breathing music legend. I might be too much of a fan to be objective, but her music is timeless. Her character is refreshing. The simplicity of her style is masterful and she communicates so well through her music. Check out her new music video below.


Dear Single Girl

I have a mother, a sister and a girlfriend. All of them are absolutely heaven-sent awesome. But in conversations and after a few awkward experiences of my own, I have been completely amazed by how different guys are from girls. So, out of genuine concern, I thought it would be a good idea to write a letter – from a recently taken guy.

Dear Single Girl

Firstly, I need to confess that I have no idea what it’s like to be you. I am not writing this to preach. I am not claiming to know all the factors that make up how you think, act and feel. The world would be a very boring and ugly place without women. So thank you for being one of them!

Starting off, I want to let you know that you are enough. I am sorry if others have not made you feel this way, but I am very confident that ‘who you are’ is an asset to any environment. Comparison is useless. You do not compare to anything else on earth. You as your own person is the best thing for where you are. You do not have to prove yourself in any way.

Please be proud of your uniqueness. Guys can see if you are trying to be something you are not. Unfortunately, some will reward that kind of behaviour, but they do not deserve any version of you if that is the case.

There is more than one guy on earth. You may find a guy you really like. You may even receive some hints that he may be interested, but running ahead with your imagination can be extremely harmful for you. And – I can speak from experience – extremely awkward for the guy you believe is ‘the one’. He may be kind, enthusiastic and thoughtful around you, but he could be the same with everyone. A real man will initiate a relationship clearly. If he hasn’t done that yet, guard your heart and keep your eyes on the horizon. It’s really good to take note of what you like about a guy you’re attracted to. It will probably help you identify the man who you will end up marrying.

Set your standards high. But don’t have a ‘type’. Some of the men around you may not have blonde hair, the right kind of jawline or an impressive job, but they could probably make you happier than any mental ‘pin-up’ you have in mind. Sometimes when you find the guy you envision, you can start making ‘concessions’ instead of holding your standards. Just because he looks a certain way does not mean he can degrade your self-esteem. Just because he plays a certain sport, or drives a certain car does not mean you have to change a single thing about you. If you ever feel pressure to change who you are, he is not worth the light of day (or the dark of night).

Have fun! Being single is definitely an awesome opportunity to do everything you want to do. Independence and self-confidence are very attractive to us guys. In fact, there is nothing more attractive than a woman who is owning in life – living to the fullest, taking risks, laughing and achieving all they have set their minds on. If a guy is intimidated by anything that is not your beauty, he is not the guy for you. Your beauty will always be terrifying to guys. Make sure they earn your attention.

You may feel like you’re running out of time. You may be extremely scared about ending up alone. But please don’t wait for a man. Live. Live outrageously big lives! Time is an opportunity to grow yourself and get ready for your future. In many ways, ageing only becomes a concern if you are not engaged in life. Your equal is out there. The friend to your future is coming. I hope he is ready to celebrate all that you are!


A Concerned Guy

If you find you are at a loss when it comes to who you are. If you struggle to even conceive what it is like to be confident and comfortable as a single person. If you are struggling to find your feet after a bad breakup, or are in an unhealthy relationship that is eating away at you. You need God. He is the only answer I can point you to. The most attractive thing a woman can do is be in a vibrant relationship with their Heavenly Father. If you want to know a Man that will never drop you – who will affirm you and encourage you, amuse and bless you – please click on the link below.

Disney Movies Mean More Than You Think

What would a childhood be without Disney?

There is a saying, ‘Everyone knows where they were the first time they saw Mufasa die’. I was on the floor of a cinema with a bunch of other kids – completely traumatised… I remember actually being angry with my mom for bringing me to such a horrific thing. But Hakuna Matata made up for it a few minutes later.

The imagination of good old Uncle Walt has brought us the classics and so much more. From Mickey to Toulouse, Ariel to Mulan, Prince Charming to Tarzan, and Belle to Elsa, Disney has spanned fantasy and reality, history and mystery to bring us some of the most memorable and loveable characters.

But if you take a step back and actually analyse some of these stories, there are some very serious concerns that probably will arise… As well as a few revealing qualities of why you probably identified with the characters.

Snow White – The Desperate Victim

The evil stepmother is jealous of Snow White’s beauty and tries to kill her once her father has died. Snow White escapes and finds seven moody dwarf men whom she cooks and cleans for. She bites into a poisoned apple and dies. A prince arrives and kisses her and she is revived.

  • The role of men in this story is very crude. Whether it is the absent father, the needy and pitiful dwarves or the heroic prince, all do not represent what a man should truly be in any relationship.
  • Snow White’s story is so endearing because she is a victim. All the way through, she takes the punches and never actually stands up for herself. If you identify with this mind-set, it may be time to evaluate how you live your life.
  • Kissing dead people is disgusting.

The Little Mermaid – The Stubborn Rebel

A princess mermaid, against her fathers’ wishes, goes to the surface of the sea and rescues a prince from drowning. She falls in love with him and makes a deal with a witch to get legs. The deal works, but it goes sour when the witch steals her voice. The witch tries to attack the prince and Ariel. The prince kills the witch. They live happily ever after away from her family.

  • Rebelling against authority is considered brave.
  • Ariel’s belief that she is doing the right thing – even when dealing with the witch communicates that sometimes evil is necessary for you to be happy.
  • She hasn’t even spoken to the prince, but knows he is her soul mate and sacrifices family, her home and her physical appearance to get him.

Cinderella – The Helpless Saint

An evil stepmother enslaves her innocent daughter (sound familiar?). She suffers in silence for years until a fairy godmother gives her a dress and a carriage for a few hours. After the magic wears off, she returns to her hard life. The prince she met comes looking for her. He finds her because of her unique shoe size. They live happily ever after.

  • This story is absolutely depressing. The only way to get out of your situation is a ‘lucky break’ or magic.
  • The world is unfair. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s everyone else’s fault.
  • It’s up to others to make your life better.
  • Escaping seems like the only option.

The Lion King – The Reluctant Saviour

Simba is held dangerously over the edge of a cliff by an arguably crazy baboon. “Everything the light touches” is his. He disobeys his father and goes to the shadow lands. His evil uncle tries to kill him. Mufasa, his father, saves Simba but dies in the process. Simba runs away because he believes it’s his fault. He meets a colourful pair of friends. A girl finds him hiding and tries to bring him back. He refuses, then goes back after seeing his father in the clouds. He fights the evil lions and hyenas. He takes back his destroyed ‘pridelands’.

  • This story has extreme biblical references. Moses’ exodus, the fall of Lucifer and the story of the Messiah come to mind.
  • Hiding from reality seems to be justifiable, however. It’s only when a woman/lioness enters the picture that he gets serious about life.
  • He allows shame to affect him for a huge part of the movie.
  • Having fun means ignoring your issues.

You might think I am being a bit facetious, but these observations about the films we like could actually highlight how we see ourselves… If anything, I hope that this little analysis provokes you to think about what shaped your childhood.

It doesn’t all have to be bad. The wild, untamed nature of Tarzan and the courage portrayed in Mulan deeply affected who I have grown to be.

It’s human nature to identify with others’ weaknesses. But I believe there is a whole lot more to gain from recognising our own strengths. One of the greatest strengths we have is our connection to God. The only way you will find out what you were made for is to get to know the one who designed you… If you are serious about finding out more about who you are, click on the link below.

Make Life A Work of Art

Have you ever felt trapped in the ‘have to’s’ of life? Those moments when you feel like everything is an obligation and you have forgotten why you do what you do in the first place? This can actually become a really destructive cycle that can rob you of all your joy and hope.

Recently I have had an awesome revelation of how to get out of this rut.

At the moment, life is pretty hectic, so when I have any opportunity to take it slow, I have to be intentional about taking it slow. Trying to shut your mind off from all that you need to do in the day, however, is easier said than done. As I was looking out the window at a piece of sky trying to stop thinking too much, I realised something that changed my life.

Art – in every sense – should achieve three things: it should represent itself, draw the audience in and evoke something that could promote change. That little piece of sky, with the clouds strewn across it was an absolute work of art. It was simple. It was progressive. It brought peace.

But what made that piece of the sky an artistic inspiration to me? Why did I see it with new eyes?

It was because it was framed by the window.

Now you might be thinking this is a bit ‘castle in the clouds’, but bear with me.

In many ways, art is made by the frame it is put in. For fine art, it is an actual shaped limitation. For film, it is the size of the screen. For music it is the tonality and time span. For poetry it is the length of the page. The limitation of a frame forces the artist to be specific and the audience to focus.

So how can we make our lives a work of art? How can we take the menial tasks that have fallen into indifference and make them meaningful and effective?

Frame what is in front of you.

I chose to frame my week by taking four aspects of one of my favourite sections in the Bible. 1 Peter 2:9-10 says I am chosen, I’m a royal priest, I’m a Holy citizen and God’s special possession. Looking at my life, those four ‘sides of the frame’ immediately cut off any stress, anxiety, frustration or tiredness.

My frame of mind changed how I have lived the past few days. If you’re interested in finding out what part of God’s word you could frame your life with, click the link below.

Capacity: You Can Do More Than You Think

You can do more than you think.

You can achieve more than you think.

Your life can be more fulfilling.

One thing that I believe I can do in my twenties is push the limits when it comes to what I can achieve with the time I have. I have met so many people that limit what is possible for them because they hit this ‘glass ceiling’ of what they believe they can manage. I am in no place to judge how people live their lives. There are definitely emotional, physical and spiritual factors that determine what could be seen as a simple decision. But I do believe that all of us could carry a little more.

Fact: Life Will Always Get Busier

Once you have finished studying or school, you get a job. All of a sudden holidays are cut down by 75% and, in most cases, Saturdays are no longer your ‘chill’ day. Then you find that special someone. Spending time is important to you and you work harder to spend more time with them. Things progress and you end up getting married. Financially you need to stretch a bit more, so you take on the side job. A few months/years later, you get a promotion and have children. Goodbye sleep and selfish living. All of a sudden you are responsible for more than just yourself.

I could carry on. But the truth is, you will never have as much time and energy as you do RIGHT NOW.

Fact: The More You Stretch Now, The More You Can Carry Later

Our capacity in life is largely determined by how flexible we are willing to be. The more you are willing to stretch, the more you will be able to carry and stretch further down the line. Stretching is uncomfortable, but it keeps you healthy and enables you to do more without injuring yourself. That extra responsibility you are thinking about taking on, that volunteering opportunity or that skill of yours that you have always dreamed about developing are all on the edges of your life, waiting for you to stretch. Once you say “yes” to the stretch, it will take a while, but that stretch will begin to feel normal. Which will enable you to look at what more you can begin to do.

Fact: Life is a Rhythm, Not a Scale

So many people are obsessed with balance. The idea that certain stresses need to be balanced by time off or other responsibilities. I am all for wise counsel in making sure you don’t burn out, but life is way more fluid than a static scale. There are busy seasons and slow seasons. There are high-pressure responsibilities and invigorating activities that refresh your soul. Instead of trying to barter with the different elements in your life, why not look at what is possible when you take the season in your stride. Sometimes life is a Tango. Sometimes it’s a waltz. Sometimes it’s a ballet recital.

Fact: Quantity Doesn’t Threaten Quality

Doing more does not mean that you compromise quality. In most cases, I have found that doing more motivates me to focus. If I am conscious of four different responsibilities I have today, I have more clarity about the task I am doing. I understand the importance of doing what’s in front of me, as it will set me up to tackle the next task with a sense of achievement. All of a sudden, the ‘rhythm’ of my life gains momentum as I execute what I have decided to take on. I believe you become sharper, more effective and a whole lot more productive if you are busy. A busy person will get something done. You carrying more makes you more reliable to others and yourself.

Fact: Healthy People Carry More

You may think this is a no-brainer, but the health of a person physically, emotionally and spiritually will determine how much you can carry in life. You may be reading this and be a little overwhelmed with the thought of taking on an extra 15 minute task every week. But I believe there are a few principles that need to be in place for you to work at your full capacity and be the best you. For me, it all starts with your spirit. I start my day getting to know a God that is so much bigger than anything I could ever achieve. It is scientifically proven that brain activity is healthier if a person spends time recognising there is something greater than himself or herself. Reading about God, speaking to Him and hearing from Him refreshes my soul and sets my perspective for the day. Without Him, I would honestly be a mess and would not be able to carry any of what I do today. God doesn’t only heal you and make sure you are OK, but also sets you up to be the best you can be. If you are interested in finding out more about Him, click on the link below.

How To Respond During Crisis

#FeesMustFall is a serious reality in South Africa.

With a national increase of just over 10% set to take place in 2016, students are in uproar as many are struggling to pay the current fees. When there are growing numbers of students being ‘financially excluded’, the nation needs to wake up and address this problem.

Education is the answer for Africa. Our greatest resource is our people. Investing into the younger generations is Africa’s only sustainable path to a promising future.

As someone who is fresh out of university, I can understand why students have reverted to violence – even though I definitely do not condone it. I have a huge student load to hack away at. Things definitely need to change. The way the police reacted was outrageous.  Some students are under huge pressure, as they are writing final exams and have bursaries. The fact that the Vice Chancellors are all meeting with the President looks promising, but a constructive solution is still very elusive.

So how do I construct my response to this crisis? There are a few things that are important in dealing with it:

1. You need to know where you stand

This issue affects the next 10 years of our nation. It is not something we can ignore. It is our responsibility as citizens of a nation to know what to say if ever asked about this issue. I can guarantee that you know someone who is directly affected by what is happening right now. What you say may have an effect on their futures.

2.  Don’t react

I have had many conversations where people have reacted without thinking about the greater picture. Some have reacted in frustration – saying that this kind of behaviour shouldn’t warrant any change. Some have reacted by laughing it off. Some have reacted by being offended. All of these different reactions are not constructive to society.

3. Be informed

It is important that you educate yourself on the greater issues that are in play during this time. Not taking sides or getting emotionally involved before you understand the facts, not only know them. This can take some time and effort, but if you don’t take your social response seriously you are undermining the part you play in building our nation.

4. Construct a response

This is when you need to choose what is important to you and to those around you. A response is calculated and just. When injustice, a lack of accountability, some opportunistic people and a whole lot of politics is involved, you need to make sure you are not fuelling any particular flame.

I am not going to tell you how you are meant to respond. I just ask that you make sure you are intentional about doing so. Crisis brings about change. And I am believing for a miraculous outcome.

Whether your crisis is personal, in your family, in your faith, in your education, finances or identity, I believe it is so important that we respond rather than react. This is a whole lot easier when you have a bigger perspective on life. God sees every element of your life. His view on what you are going through will change how you live – and will definitely change the outcome of your troubles. For more information, click the link below.

The Secret to the Almost Season


Do you ever feel like you are living on the brink of something new? Sometimes you live in the hope that things are going to change – that breakthrough you have been holding out for is just one more day away…

Living in the land of ‘almost‘ can be demoralising, or simply exhausting! Trying to convince yourself to keep going when things get tough is pretty consuming. I remember a time when I was really struggling to get past my current situation. I had no job, was living on the kindness of friends, my car was broken into and I had no money to repair the broken window. But the strangest thing happened… I began to laugh. In that moment, I realised that the only thing I could control was my reaction to what life had thrown at me.

Living in that place of ‘almost’ (almost employed, almost independent, almost OK), I was extremely emotional and tired but I learnt a lesson that has helped me get through so much more of life.

When you are living in ‘almost’focus on the ‘ALWAYS’. 

1. There will ALWAYS be another day

The truth is, you will still be breathing tomorrow. Even if you have messed up all your chances today, tomorrow will be there. You will have another opportunity. You will be more experienced than before.

2. There will ALWAYS be more

Your ‘be-all-and-end-all” – that thing you are holding out for – once you get it, there will be more. There will never be a point in our lives where we can honestly sit back and say we have ‘made it’. There will always be room to grow. There will ALWAYS be room for improvement. There will ALWAYS be something greater that you are called to.

3. There will ALWAYS be hope

The possibility for great things to happen will never be absent in your life. You may not see it all the time, but there will ALWAYS be the probability of that random act of kindness, or that phone call that could change everything. If you look for hope, you will find it.

The problem with living in the ‘almost season’ is that you can end up ‘almost living’. Waiting for a specific opportunity to come around cuts you off from possibilities you can’t foresee. Focussing on what ALWAYS has and ALWAYS will be not only gives you a way bigger perspective, but opens you up to the unthinkable.

In the Bible it says “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no human mind has conceived the things that God has prepared”. If what you are waiting for is already clearly thought out, you can guarantee that you are missing something. We are created to live lives that go beyond human understanding. There will ALWAYS be a new day, there will ALWAYS be more and there will ALWAYS be hope. But these truths are rooted in the biggest ALWAYS there will ever be. God will ALWAYS be available to you.

If you want to know more about a God who will never leave you – who will ALWAYS be there, click on the link below.


Money is a strange phenomenon. I don’t know what your first thought is when I mention cash… but to be honest mine is immediately awkwardness and a little bit of anxiety. Or rather, it was.

Entering the job market is daunting. Whether you have studied, taken some years off or jumped straight in – there is a level of confidence and determination you need to learn to really get going. There are a few things that I have learnt as I have started to work.


A few weeks ago, one of our awesome bloggers wrote a great post on Modern-Day Hustlers (check it out here). It talks about how in today’s society, multiple income streams is almost essential for us 20-somethings.

The actual definition of Hustle in the Urban Dictionary is:

To do what you need to do to get money.

Multiple jobs is empowering

You would think that working more than one job would be exhausting, degrading or at least somewhat frustrating. But there is no shame in doing more than one type of job. All of a sudden there is no humdrum boredom from a single-office job. Variety is the spice of life. And as millennials, I believe life should be extra hot.

More than one job means that you are safer and the ball is in your court. Employers cannot demand preference over another employer; and you will definitely have your bosses’ respect for working hard.

Time is your best friend

You need to think of time as someone you want to invest into. Throughout your days, there will be that cancelled meeting or space of 15 minutes where you have finished everything you’ve had to do. These are moments where you can put in some extra effort into another area of income. So, in essence, you will be able to fit a whole lot more into your ‘9-5’ work time.

Boundaries and Priorities

It’s important to make sure that you treat all your sources of income as equal – despite which one pays the most. Each opportunity is exactly that – a chance to go further in that area. So make sure that you don’t neglect one area to focus on another too much.

There will be situations that you will have to negotiate where jobs clash, that is when you need to make sure that both bosses are aware of your commitment to them. When that is not questioned, there will always be leeway.


Don’t forget to put away the phone and relax sometimes. When you are doing a whole lot of different things, you can tend to feel like you’re being tugged in different directions. But giving your brain space to focus on things that are meaningful to you can get you out of that predicament.

Every form of employment has an upside. Sometimes it’s hard to find it, granted, but job satisfaction is essentially up to your attitude. The fulfilment of enjoying different types of work all at once is something that is not only liberating, but very exciting!

If you are looking for inspiration, or need encouragement the best place to turn is God. He knows exactly what you are going through, as well as who he has made you to be. To find out more, click on the link below.

The Power of Your Story

As long as time exists, story exists. As long as you are alive, your story isn’t finished.

For many years of my life, I did not believe my story was worth much.

Growing up in a home where my parents loved God and each other, I thought that there would be no power in what I had to say. We didn’t have much money, but we were a happy family. How could my story have any relevance compared to the ‘rags to riches’ narrative that the world around us glorifies?

But then I realised that everyone has a different normal. What a ‘normal’ childhood is to me is completely different to what the guy across the table from me would think.

The fact is, I saw miracles almost every day of my early childhood. There were times when we couldn’t afford the new shoes that I needed because I had grown out of my old ones. We prayed for blue gumboots and shoes. The next morning, there were blue gumboots and trainers in my size on the front porch. In the months that we couldn’t make ends meet, we would make soup and invite people for supper every night. All of a sudden we had too much food. Once I woke up screaming as a two year old, saying that our pastor was in trouble. I wouldn’t calm down until we prayed. We found out the next day he had been in an accident at that very time the night before.

As a young family, we travelled the world as missionaries. At 5 years old, I found myself in the middle of the naval capital of communist China with my 3 year old sister and two crazy parents. For six months, I lived with my eyes wide open – living in a world that culturally was the absolute opposite of anything Western. At that age, I had a revelation of what it meant to be baptised and forced my parents to baptise me in the bath of a friend’s apartment (you might think I’m crazy… I know).

Stories inspire

Just writing a small bit of my story down has already encouraged me. There is power in my story. And there is power in yours too.

When you hear where someone has been, what they have done and how far they have come – it’s natural for you to see yourself in their story. You are unconsciously placing yourself in the timeline of someone else to find hope for your own situations.

The real power of your story is for yourself, though. If you went back and recounted what your life has been, I can guarantee you would be able to find inspiration to move forwards.

Is your life inspiring you?

Stories teach

You have probably learnt your most valuable lessons through experience.

No matter how much someone tells you, sometimes it is only when you go through the lesson yourself that it has a lasting effect.

But there is power in learning from each other. Your story could save someone else a whole lot of pain and frustration. Your friends’ story could direct you through a tricky season of life. The whole biographical literature industry is based on this principle.

Are you learning from other peoples’ stories?

Could other people learn from yours?

Stories sell

Without stories, there would be no entertainment industry.

Whether to escape, be amused, be inspired or learn, people are drawn to story: the beginning, tension, climax and final outcome.

Your story is valuable. It could become a New York Times best seller one day, or a riveting film.

The only person that can limit what your story can be is yourself.


You might say, “there’s nothing significant about my life”.

The best stories start with insignificance – The Lord of the Rings, Madiba’s lifestory are just two examples.


You might say, “but you don’t know what I have to deal with.”

The greater the struggle, the more encouraging your story will be.


You might say, “I just want a normal life.”

I’m sorry, but there is no such thing as normal. Settling for what other people think is good is the greatest disservice to yourself.

You have a great story inside of you that needs to be told – today, tomorrow and in 100 years’ time. If you feel like you are going nowhere, or are even tempted to end your story before the final chapter – I want to encourage you. I have witnessed the power of God in my life. The power of my story is that you have no grounds to contest what I have experienced. If you want to get to know the writer and narrator of your timeline, click on the link below.

The Fallon Phenomenon

Jimmy Fallon is a name now synonymous with present-day American culture. There are many reasons why his comedy talk show is so successful, but I believe that the underlying factor is the phenomenon of when someone does what they are made to do.

Starting off as a stand-up comedian, he began paying his dues, getting paid $7.50 per set. He also had very small incidental roles in films and television. From a photograph seller through to one-line characters that ended up getting cut, Jimmy began his acquaintance with what can only be called the Entertainment ‘beast’.

His lifetime dream was to join the cast of the extremely successful Saturday Night Live crew. The audition process for the show is notoriously challenging – having to showcase your brand of comedy in front of critics that hardly ever laugh. Jimmy’s first attempt failed, but he did not give up hope. Two years after his original attempt, he was given another opportunity. This time, his attempts garnered laughter from everyone – including comedy royalty Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey.

After six years with SNL, he forayed into films with marginal success before returning to the NBC television network to host Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2009. Dominating the late night spot for five years, the show transitioned to The Tonight Show – drawing huge ratings.

He is known for his fun games and musical skits – placing celebrities in situations that expose their humanity. The impetus is on fun – whether the game or activity works or fails dismally, the viewer will always be caught smiling.

Some of my favourite segments are as follows:

Wheel of Musical Impressions – Ariana Grande kills this one. Also look out for Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Jamie Foxx’s versions.


Thank You Notes – a weekly roundup with a great big dollop of cheese.


Box of Lies – a ridiculous game that contains probably the most random objects ever to exist…


Lip Sync Battle – Emma Stone is still the reigning queen of lip sync, even with a whole spin-off show dedicated to it now.


Fallon’s in-house band – The Roots – is the trump card of his show, with live musical backing to do everything from building suspense through to jamming with guests. As a musician, I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. They are a tight, multifaceted group that puts the soul (both musical and metaphorical) into the show.

A master of camaraderie, Fallon has been able to crack the sternest of guests. His recent hosting of presidential candidates Trump, Clinton and Fiorina definitely introduced the broader public to their options for the 2016 Elections. In many ways, this is where Jimmy Fallon has hit a crucial medium. He has been able to bridge the gap between entertainment and personal ‘everyday life’ with great success. All of a sudden people know Nicole Kidman gets hysterical, Selma Hayek loves puppies and Harry Potter likes to rap. Presidential candidates are no longer ‘untouchable’ and entertainment icons become the friend down the street.

After being a long-time fan, it is clear to me that Jimmy Fallon is doing what he loves and gets paid for it. Personally, I believe that all of us have a sweet spot – where ‘what you do’ and ‘what you were made to do’ line up. For me, there are certain things that make me feel truly alive. Getting paid to do them is an absolute bonus!

Just like Jimmy Fallon, sometimes we need to start somewhere and work towards our dreams. Once we reach those dreams, however, it doesn’t mean that we have found what we love. Even after SNL, Jimmy hadn’t reached his full potential. If you are yet to find out what you think your purpose is, a second opinion is always a great starting point. Getting to know what God intends for you is a great starting point. If you want to find out more, click on the link below.

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