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Weekend Sports Wrap – 23 March ’15


It’s time to look back on a busy weekend with the 1Africa Weekend Sport wrap.  Where to start, is the biggest question!  We’ve got your 6 Nations rugby results, all the English Premier League scores, what we’re excited about as we look ahead to the final week of the Cricket World Cup, and it was one incredible El Classico as Real Madrid took on Barcelona.  We’ve got news and all the scores, so click and get up to date.

Am I Too Thin?


I was intrigued by an episode of Supersize vs Superskinny on Discovery Channel’s TLC. With my background in exercise science and nutrition, the way people view their lives and their food and how they live in denial around these issues, has often had me wondering why we don’t really know more around these basic issues.  I’m not sure if it’s only part of my world view, but I’m bombarded with ads, articles and info on a daily basis.  The basics are out there and it’s plain to see.  It would appear as if people are just pretending not to hear and are not too interested in changing their lives and their lifestyles and have embraced an attitude of I’ll fix it all when I’m older. Another truth which has surfaced again is that there is a desire to be skinny.  This is not a new problem, it’s just that it’s getting some more mainstream attention right now and it’s big on my radar. We know that models in magazines have had their photos retouched and what we see is not really what they see when they look in the mirror, but we are as obsessed as ever, and we believe that to look like these beautiful people is the key to a happier life. Working hard on planning meals and developing the most appropriate exercise plan is a brilliant thing to do, and we should all be concerned about this, as it’s the key to good health and with that, a leaner you. Problems arise when we abandon common sense and good science and take matters into our own hands.

While watching this TV show, they have in this episode, a very candid discussion with a young lady who suffered from an eating disorder. They also spoke to her father. The dad had an excellent view of his daughter’s out of control behavior and simply didn’t understand it, and was clueless as to what he and her mother needed to do.  The young lady on the other hand, had developed a hate relationship with food; and anyone, no matter how caring, was labelled the enemy. Sound, useful and life changing advice was seen as lies and the downward spiral took her to a place of physical collapse. The idea that your body actually needs good food as a fuel source is simply ignored by those wanting complete control of their bodies, and when you have a car with no fuel in it, you’ll soon be stuck on the side of the road. Your body is no different. Young Emily shared her story and it is incredibly powerful. Now she has recovered and at a normal weight to function optimally, and she is inspiring young people through her award winning blog.

This is what Emily says:  “…and the more weight I lost, the fatter I felt. I would eat less and less and I still hated my body, so I just ate less and less.” A point came when she realised she had a problem. ” One morning my mom took me to the emergency room and they told me that my heart was failing and I’d only have a few days to live if I didn’t eat something. I refused to eat. All I cared about was losing more weight so that I could be thin and be perfect.”  Her dad said they spoon and tube fed her all while she was swearing at them for giving her tiny bits of food to keep her alive!

What brought the change? It came when Emile realised she needed help. This is really powerful. Emily says this: “I remember the turning point of when I wanted to make a change. I went to therapy and ate what I was told to eat.”  When she was in recovery, she started to inspire others there and decided to help other people. She is now studying to become a doctor to help others. What a turn around! Emily wants anyone who has an eating disorder to know that there is a way out.

If you feel like you’re letting an obsession with food or your weight rule your life and you feel like you need help, we want to be there for you and direct you to the right professionals. Contact us on the number in the graphic below.  You are not alone.

What Does Your Name Mean?


Someone once got all excited and asked me what my name means.  I refused to answer.  I’ll tell you though, because I won’t be able to hear you laugh from here. It means ‘broad grassy meadow’.  I’m a guy with a cool sounding name that means ‘place where cows eat’ and ‘a place to have a picnic’.  Technically that’s the same as meadow. It is.  So, what does your name mean? In olden times (and beyond, I’m sure) the name you were given was not because it sounded pretty, but because of it’s meaning.  Let’s got to a story from the Bible, the one about Esau and Jacob.  When the twins were born, the one that came out first was red and sort of hairy, like a garment.  That’s in the Bible, people, stop snickering.  They named him Esau, which means ‘hairy’.  Jacob came out next and he was holding onto Esau’s heel.  Weird.  They named that one, Jacob, which means ‘he grasps the heel’.  I would like to add that I’m glad this isn’t’ the norm everywhere, because some people are born in odd circumstances and who’d want a name that suggests ‘looks like a small alien’ or ‘that hurt like heck!’  I know a Beatrice who isn’t a ‘voyager’ and a Marcus who isn’t a ‘hammer’ or ‘war like’, so most of us aren’t given names because of their original meanings.  Mostly they sound good, are specific to a culture group or we are named after our parents or someone else higher up in the branches of our family trees. Broad open meadow, I ask you!!

There are other Bible characters out there that had their names changed because of a new calling or responsibility, like Abraham, Israel and Paul.  This is where I want to put some emphasis.  We go through our lives, unsure of who we are sometimes; we feel a bit lost.  Maybe you’re battling with your identity because of what you’ve experienced in your life or the negative words spoken against you.  How do you even go on when someone calls you ‘useless’ or ‘good for nothing’ or you are told ‘you’ll never amount to anything’?  You start to believe that you are unloved, useless, not as good as a sibling or you’re the ‘least likely to succeed’.  Those lies become the foundations around which we build our shaky lives, and when things go wrong we don’t even act surprised, because now the play is going perfectly according to the script.  Who should live like that?  Let’s agree that even if we are to be convinced that these negative words are lies, you can’t just change what you believe overnight.  It’s a process but you need to start it.  You need to start it now.  The launching pad is to acknowledge something really important, and that is that you have enormous inherent potential.  There is very little that you cannot achieve if you have guidance and are convinced that you can do it.  You have been created for a reason and with a unique purpose, and no one else has your area of influence and can affect it like you do.  You are truly an amazing opportunity simply waiting to happen.  It doesn’t matter if your mom named you James, Jennifer, or Julius, you can make a difference in this world.  You can change a life, a town or even a continent, but it begins with the belief in who you can be, no matter what lies have convinced you otherwise.  There’s no reason to be confused or stuck; because we want to connect with you.  Why not click on the link below, and find some direction in this area of your life because identity, essentially knowing who you are, begins with knowing whose you are.  Not knowing the truth about who you can be, and trudging through life like that, is like a broken pencil. Pointless. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Weekend Sports Wrap – 16 March ’15


Hey 1Africa Sports Fans, it’s time to get stuck into the weekend’s sporting results.  From World Cup cricket results, to the the start of the F1 season, and we’ll add to that, 6 Nations Rugby and more!

Comical Ice Cream Vendor


This young man went for an ice cream, and I think he left with some trust issues!  This Turkish Ice Cream Vendor is one of many, in and outside his country, that have made simply serving up some dessert, a masterpiece of theater and comedy!

I’d actually love one of those ice creams right now!

God is in control

Typing the title to this article is easy to do, but isn’t always how we really feel.  I’m correct by saying that, aren’t I?  As believers in Jesus we are passionate about quoting the scriptures that encourage us; you know the Jeremiahs, the Deuteronomys and the Joshuas.  God has a plan, God won’t leave us or forsake us and we need to be strong and courageous, knowing that God is with us everywhere we go.  Are these verses true?  You betcha.  The only real concern is that our mood shifts and  our feelings don’t always align themselves to the truth of God’s word.  So today you’re more convinced than ever that God has you in His hand and will lead you.  You say without any hesitation, that God is in control.  Then, tomorrow,you get a speed wobble, as life challenges you, and the next thing you know, you’re convinced you’re unloved and that God has forgotten about you and in fact, the whole world is against you.  God’s truth didn’t change, you changed.  How is that not obvious to us all, yet we react like this often; the more severe the challenge, the more dramatically we confess God’s sudden neglect in our lives.  It’s laughable.  It’s embarrassing.  Even Abraham had a speed wobble.  A terrible one actually. God promised him a son, as his age neared the 100 mark.  It wasn’t just a little Abraham promise.  It was an Abraham and the whole world included sort of promise.  The kind of promise where God got to say the awesome line “Is anything to hard for me?”  Love it!  The promise was so big, that God Himself cut covenant with Abraham in a superbly dramatic experience you can read in Genesis 15, from verse 9.  The drama was high end, and having God tell you Himself that you must look up at the stars and try to count them, “…so shall your offspring be.” And despite the Creator of the Universe telling you He’s about to use you for something that traverses national boundaries and generations, you still think it’s better if you try and work this all out yourself.  Have a read through Genesis 16.  Wife Sarah decided on her husband’s behalf that God wasn’t quite keeping His promise like she believed He should and suggested Abraham help God along by having a child (as God had promised) with their maid-servant Hagar.  Abraham went all ‘Indecent Proposal’ on us and didn’t even argue.  He went for it and made a bit of a mess.  Ishmael was born and it wasn’t even his fault, but he missed his rightful blessing and was sent away with his mother because of Sarah’s apparent protectiveness over her son Isaac. It’s all in  Genesis 21 from verse 8.

If Abraham had such an enormous calling and promise spoken to him by God Himself and still dropped the faith ball when things seemed hopeless, let’s not beat ourselves up because we do it too.  It’s not acceptable, but it happens, right?  The key here is the truth that God will come through for us.  He will.  He has promised it, and no amount of confusion, or change in our current situation, attitude or finances or whatever, is going to change what God wants to and will do in your life.  He still loves you, He still wants he best for you, and He is always there for you. We remain the problem, the stumbling blocks, the issue.  We don’t like God’s timing or maybe even His ways, a la Sarah.

The challenge is out.  Read God’s word, find his promises and believe them.  Now know they are for you, trust in the timing of the Master, and just exercise a little patience already; it will be worth it!

Weekend Sports Wrap – 9 March ’15


It’s time for an update on the weekend’s sporting results.  From cricket world cup news, to Davis Cup tennis we’ve got you covered. We’re also looking forward to tonight’s FA Cup action, from Old Trafford, as Man United meet Arsenal.

Is Coffee Bad For You?


I admit that I have a piping hot cup of coffee every morning, and I love it.  Admittedly, that’s the only one I have for the day, but sometimes a post lunch cuppa sneaks in there every few weeks.  I’m trying to be really disciplined about it, but that’s just me.  You might be a 6 cup-a-day kind of person and that’s your prerogative.  I don’t know too many folks who don’t drink coffee, and no matter where you go, it’s being served up with all the trimmings, even in some churches, never mind the malls, arcades and stand-alone coffee houses.  Since it’s so easy to get it, it must be good for us, right?  This is where it gets crazy.  It seems that it’s all about which side of the fence you’re on.  You could think it’s bad, but has some benefits, or you’ll think it’s the nectar from the gods themselves, so let’s not bother ourselves with the odd bit of jitteriness, and that nervous twitch in the eye.

All together about 19 000 studies have been concluded around the health impact of coffee and they have found so much that is good, you’d think the best way from here would be to plug it straight into your veins and get on with things. Doctors have however concluded, that even though there are things to be gained from the humble brewed bean, they don’t recommend it for the treatment of any disease.  That goes without saying really, I won’t put aside the docs meds’ and grab a latte, that would be irresponsible, even if less tasty. Hmmm, latte.  2 Cups of coffee per day has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer by 25%, and those that drink 6 or more cups a day cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 54%. I’m assuming those cups are enjoyed without added sugar, right?  So, is coffee is good for you then? Or is coffee bad for you?

Well, apart from making you super jittery and possibly too wired to complete a proper sentence, it can slowly let you build up a resistance and need more of the dark brew to get the same buzz.  If that’s what you’re after.  On your inside, where all the confusing chemical processes take place, this is what goes down.  In the simplest terms, in your brain there’s something called Adenosine and it only wants to hang out with certain receptors.  When these 2 get together, they make you drowsy.  When you drink coffee and caffeine shows up, it attaches to the receptors that Adenosine cannot. Your pituitary gland sees this and things there’s an emergency so it tells the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline.  On top of all that, the caffeine boosts your dopamine (the feel good hormone!)  The result of all of this?  You get a caffeine high and you feel goooood!

Is coffee good for you?  Well, it has its benefits.  Is it bad for you?  Well, have too much of it and it can confuse your hormonal system, because, it’s a drug after all.  Now your body has to make adjustments to deal with all of this, and that is not really normal and who knows the long term effects.  I’m guessing here that we just enjoy it, because it tastes so F-I-N-E  fine, and if you’d rather not touch an espresso with a barge pole, well, that’s up to you!

What’s your favourite way to drink coffee?  Let us know in the comment section below.  FYI, I like a black Americana, and I’ll add a spot of milk if I’m in the mood!

The Dog Whisperer


Any cat owner will tell you that if you have a dog, you’re the boss, and you can tell your furry friend what to do and he’ll mostly do as you say!  Not so with your cat.  It seems that they are actually the ones in charge and will do what they want, when they want.  It seems that they’ll even tell your dog what to do!


Don’t Miss Out On Life


Do you think about things too much?  I do.  I’ve heard that I suffer from ‘analysis paralysis’.  I spend so much time planning things,thinking about things and the probability of the outcome that I take too long to actually get the task done in the first place.  And them I’m still disappointed in the way it’s done!  It can just get too much some times.  My wife is probably the most vocal about this supposed flaw in what I imagine is an otherwise not terrible personality.  Brad, don’t miss out on life.  This is a real concern for me. I’m worried I miss out on seriously good stuff that’s happening right under my nose. Good things are waiting to unfurl right in front of my eyes but I’m too distracted by my worries and concerns to even notice this amazing track playing out. I’m thinking about the future and my dreams.  I’m wondering if my family are pleased with my contributions and am I being the dad I need to be.  I could always do better, but why has it become an obsession?  Am I achieving to my potential or am I wasting years of my life?  Did I do well with that presentation?  Let’s analyse what I said some more, and nit pick, and feel terrible.  All the while I did quite ok, and everyone has moved on, except me.  I’m missing out on my own not-too-terrible life.  All while I’m wondering whether I’m doing life right.  What an irony; and how sad.

Don’t miss out on life.  Don’t spend so much time analysing it, and suffering under the weight of the endless possibilities and twist and turns that really might never even come to pass. It’s like being the passenger in a car that’s travelling through the countryside and you stare down at your feet and miss the stunning view.  What a shame.

There’s much truth in the fact that parts of life require planning, and goal setting and thought.  It must.  But what about the beauty of simplicity, and the thrill of the chance?  I’m inspired to live a little.  To just let go.  My life is no accident.  I’m not just a blip in some otherwise enormous cosmos.  I have a reason for being here, and a purpose.  I’m no accident.  I also only have 1 shot at this life and if I’m going to give it over to suffering by the hands of my own need to always be perfect, I’ve lost before I’ve even started.  What a shame.  If my days are numbered and purposes certain, then I should just live a little.  I need to watch a sunset, or wake up a bit earlier.  I need to take control of this life and be intentional, before I just survive off the consequences of what life offers up; a victim, and not a pioneer, a puppet, and not a master.  It’s time to give the deep thinking a break, and actually do something that will add to my album of great experiences, that right about now, is all looking a bit thin.

Do you feel that life is happening all around you and you’re being left behind, or perhaps that you can’t find your purpose, and feel the reason for being here is not something you know for sure?  Why not click on the link below and see if you can discover some of those answers for yourself.

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