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This song is stuck in my head!


When last have you found a song that you simply have to listen to, ‘one more time’? Then that ‘one more time’ turns into ‘5 more times’ and the next thing you know almost all the words and you’re singing it while you’re making your bed, or humming the tune while you’re taking a walk.

I’m there right now. Right now! I heard this song  once and didn’t even register but then, as i listened to the album again, and as the song came around again I thought: I don’t remember hearing this track before, and it’s pretty good.  So i thought: I like that 1st verse, let me start the song again.  Then just as the song started to fade out after 4:23, I click ‘back’ and it all starts again and somehow without realising it I know the 1st 2 lines of the first verse and most of the chorus and I’m hooked!  Now I start to nitpick at the song; the musicality, the intro, the tightness of the band and the quality of the production.  It’s gone from walking randomly down the aisle in the supermarket to stopping and picking up all the baked bean tins and reading the labels and checking which one offers most value for money, and which one has the most fibre!

Why? How? Did something happen in my brain; my heart…What?  Why do I do this with 1 song and none of the others..for now.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow and what will flick the switch? Is it the tune, the lyrics, the guitar riffs, the unusual beat, the talent of the vocalist…What? I have to know!! I feel like a slave to the music.  I want to know what’s’ happening!  But something else could happen next:  I could start to dislike the song because I’m hearing it too often.  That could happen, right? But why?  Do all the reasons i fell in love with it simply vanish?  Is it a case of familiarity breeds contempt?  It sounds like a situation I had with a girlfriend in the late 90’s!  Maybe I think too much. Maybe I love music a little too much and have entered ‘analysis paralysis.’  Anyone know any of these answers?  Anyone care?  Just wait til you turn on the radio or spin a disc and a song grabs you by the heart strings….then we’ll speak again!

You have been warned!

Why is life so hard?


Why is life so hard?

This question has crossed my mind more than once…this past week alone! Yes, it’s a tough time.  Even if you’re up on cloud 9 right now, the inescapable valley awaits some time or the other.  May it be a long way off, but come it will.  Possibly just a little dip that gives the tummy a slight turn or maybe a gut wrencher where our world appears to be melting into a puddle that everyone is going to walk through without appearing to give a damn.  Whether it’s the hiccup or the puddle, we need to deal with it and that’s what I’ve simply had to do.  No more self pity or those laments where I claim God has simply stopped loving me, but rather a confident exclamation of the truth of who God is, how He sees me and what His love means to me even into the depth of my situation.

Some may say I’m naive,  must get over it, or I should simply change things, but I’ve made a commitment.  I told God about 8 and a half years ago that he is now the Lord of my life.  The Big Boss Man.  I gave the creator of the universe free reign over me and that includes the muck-ups I make.  People tell me I obviously need a crutch or that I’m weak to be so willing to commit all to God but you see, I’m actually smart!  I’ve taken all my hurt and anxiety and desperation and fears and said: “Here God, please take all this.  You are the creator of the universe, and I’m a speck in time and space.  No matter how strong I think I am, I can’t possibly match up to you.  You are smarter, wiser and more capable, so; please take all this stuff of mine, and make it into something good please.  I don’t know where to start, but You do.  I don’t know how to fix this but You do.  Thank you for loving me!  Thank you that your heart is for me.  Thank you that all you’ve promised in Your Word is true in Jesus.  Please pick me up and dust me off and set my feet back upon the Rock and let’s keep going.”

Why is life so hard? It just is,  but…Jesus has offered us all we need in and through Him to deal with it and be victorious.  No lies!

So now I wait. And in the process I grow more, and even learn to trust more.  It’s hard but I trust the One who has been victorious over all things.

Do you?

Why are we so quick to judge? Speck vs Plank


Hey Kickstarters…I was reading about how judgemental the Pharisees were when talking to the blind guy Jesus healed (John 9) Why do we judge others so readily? Do we feel better about ourselves if we’ve managed to belittle someone else? Do we crave attention? What could it be?

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