Thursday 17th April 2014,

Jesus, who’s that?

So with Easter just around the corner, we thought we would put out a video that highlights exactly who Jesus is. During this time of year everyone seems to know who he is, or at least whom they think he [...]

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Do we have a choice?

Well, the answer to this question would be a definitive “yes”. The right to ‘choose’ is something we are all born with.  In life we have the choice to do whatever we feel like; whether it be right or wrong. [...]

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recipe 1 feature

AAA Kitchen Recipes: Makayabo

Makayabo Featured Cook: Nadine from Burundi Ingredients: 500g Dry salty fish Spinach 2 Onions Garlic (either crushed or fresh) 1 Green Pepper Tomato paste Tomatoes 2 Maggi stock cubes Ground Peanuts 1 packet of Royco soup mixture (green chili pepper) [...]

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africa business feature

Opportunities in the Africa ICT industry

The Information and Communications Technology industry in Africa is unique. While the rest of the globe has gone through the various stages of evolution from interwoven webs of cables stretching for miles, to wireless technology connecting individuals and businesses strewn [...]

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noah feature

Noah Movie: Comparisons and Opinions

Noah: Comparisons and Opinions The new Noah movie, starring Russell Crowe, has sent the Christian world spinning on its head for the last few months. There has been much speculation, criticism, theologising and debating as Christians from all over the [...]

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Phil feature

Phil Collins doesn’t like music!

Who doesn’t like music?  I’m really tempted to type this question into Google.  I’m not kidding.  Only the limitless chasm of cyberspace could possibly contain the answer to this question.  It’s probably some kind of weird disorder like ‘cantstandatuneaphobia’ or [...]

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The Price of Redemption

So, it’s a fact that we all mess up.  We have all made mistakes along the way. Some bigger than others, but the truth is, a mistake is still a mistake, no matter the size.  The only common thing that [...]

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lupita feature

The Seduction of Inadequacy – Lupita Nyong’o

The Seduction of Inadequacy – Lupita Nyong’o The name of Lupita Nyong’o has become famous over the last few months both for her amazing acting and great style but also for her great acceptance speeches. One of the first times [...]

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TC feature

Africa Street

This is a Poem describing the beauty of Africa and its people; The time taken from me by my hesitation, My lack of concentration in my continent. The continent which is a victim of colonization Is this continent merely that [...]

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Purity feature

Purity Pledge

Our youth at church recently decided to make purity pledges in which they pledged to live pure lives by abstaining from sexual encounters until they are married. In America the purity pledges started in the 1990′s among Christian-affiliated sexual abstinence groups  by means [...]

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