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Check out AKA’s pop-up store

On Thursday South African rapper AKA launched his merchandise store in Cape Town ahead of an event dubbed The SupaMega Show. The store was hosted by Lost Property, the famous sneaker boutique.

We decided to visit the store  at the Rhreede Street Mall in Cape Town on Friday, when AKA dropped by. We arrived to a rather modest queue of fans waiting to get in. After a good 30 minutes, the crowd broke out into a mini rap battle as fans challenged each other with their lyrical skills – It was pretty cool and set an amazing vibe!

In true rapper style, AKA appeared – fashionably late, of course!

I was pleasantly surprised that he walked in personally, greeting fans and chatting to them before entering the store. Customers were then allowed to enter the store to do some shopping, all the while chatting to AKA himself, who was signing personal message boards and other merchandise!

The shop boasted some amazing once-off sneakers and other merchandise.

Of course all this follows in the wake of Kanye West’s recent Life of Pablo pop-up store in Cape Town. Many Kanye fans jumped at the opportunity to grab some gear, but some were disappointed by the quality of the gear. On close observation, and following feedback from many of the shoppers at AKA’s store, we’re happy to report the merchandise was top quality in this case, so kudos to AKA for getting that right! Most shoppers also agreed that the prices were more realistic.

Here are some pictures of the event:

I got the keys

On my way home yesterday, I caught a glimpse of a guy walking next to the freeway. On his belt was a tingling set of keys. How amazing is it, I thought to myself, that almost everyone knows what keys are – how they are made, and what they do. I love the thought that everyone has keys, and access to keys.

I got the keys: Besides this being the name of DJ Khalid’s new single and album, I thought this phrase is extremely relevant (so I guess it’s no surprise that this song has topped the charts, hitting 45 000 downloads/album sales within an week!).

The reason I’m so interested in this subject, is because I had a mini revelation on my drive home. You know the saying, “God opens doors”? It just became apparent to me that God has given us all keys – and we just have to listen to His timing on when to use them in order for doors to be opened.

Yes, you could just make your own keys (your own effort), but God’s doors are different. They don’t open with man-made keys, and they don’t close with man-made effort either.

When I think of all the keys God has given me, I’m so excited to unlock the correct doors – not in my time but in God’s time – and to step into what He has for me.

What do you believe God has given you? Are you ready to open new doors?

Life of Pablo pop-up hits Cape Town

103 Bree Street was abuzz on Friday as rapper Kanye West brought one of his much-anticipated Life of Pablo pop-up stores to Cape Town.

The store opened at 10:00, with – as you’d expect – queues of devoted fans waiting patiently to get their hands on the controversial muso’s merch.

Naturally 1Africa was there to see what the vibe was like. Check out some pics below and see what a few of the fans had to say.

Behind The Scenes

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Episode 1 All the Bloopers

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Beauty of Difference DVD launch

I was greeted with a packed Barnyard theater on Monday as I attended the live DVD recording for the launch of South African legend Neville D’s new album, Beauty of Difference.

I have to be honest straight off the bat and say I didn’t know Neville D well going into this, and I’ve never been to a Gospel event – or even the Barnyard theatre, for that matter. I really didn’t know what to expect.

I was greeted in the foyer by a bunch of friendly, welcoming faces, and rows upon rows of BOD (Beauty of Difference) goodie bags that attendees received at the door. They had a few vendors selling cool merchandise, including English and Afrikaans versions of BOD. There was also a section where audience members could record a shout-out or thank you to Neville about his performance.

Neville had many of his friends and fellow musicians perform their own cover versions of his songs. Before each of them did so, they all shared a heartfelt message of how Neville D impacted their lives.

The night opened with Leavel Eaton, who is from my hometown, Durban. I was impressed with his amazing voice as he sang Sun Will Shine Again. Andre Petersen and his wife, who played a classical bass, performed an amazing version of Our God is Bigger in a jazz style which was very refreshing and different. Euclid Jacobs was up next on the keys – he played an amazing version of Calling My Name. Next up, a very funkily dressed young guy holding a huge tan guitar – a popular musician in Cape Town called Jonathan Rubain. He really got the crowd pumping with his version of I Press. Wilmot Fredericks followed with Pray and Topdog called Ready to Go before the main act came on stage.

The name Beauty of Difference isn’t just a cool title – the opening performers were just that: different! Each artist brought their own style and personality to every song they sang. I was in complete awe of the vocalists,  soulful sounds, and amazing control from every performer. Even if it was an instrument that was played, the manner it was done in was with absolute excellence.

Christian Art’s Cher Murphy introduced the man of the moment on stage before a few media colleges from the audience had some kind words to say about Neville D (because he was busy changing wardrobe after being in the crowd). He opened a few minutes later with a vibey song that got the crowd going.

The show was fantastic and there was a faith-filled atmosphere in the packed Barnyard Theatre. My favourite part was hearing the amazing sound from the top balcony from the Beauty of Difference choir. Neville D is such an authentic artist – he took time during the show to share his story of where he came from, and even took time out to honour a fan who flew in from Johannesburg who was seeing him perform live for the very first time.

I left the venue thinking about the power of gospel music, and its future, which by all accounts is bright. There’s a reason why so many people came out on a Monday night to enjoy it!

Here are some photos from the event – see if you can find yourself if you were there!

TopEvent at V&A

The last few days have definitely seen many firsts in my neck of the woods. I’ve been to my first ever Gospel event, my first ever TV series shoot, and now my first ever fashion event! My friends will tell you that I’m not exactly one for the fashion scene – I never really care how I dress or what brand I wear because clothes are clothes for me.

However, I recently attended the Student Event at Topshop & Topman at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa, and had the greatest time. The concept of the event was really cool – Topshop invites students into the store for the evening and from 7pm to 9pm, for one night only, they lay snacks out, invite The Kiffness for entertainment, and take 20% off everything! I can live with that! If fashion and savings wasn’t enough, you had me at free food!

The evening was fantastic – the funky sounds of The Kiffness was in the air as people streamed in and browsed the various garments on sale, grabbing a refreshing beverage and a quick snack while they were at it. Customers also had the opportunity to win a R2 000 gift voucher.

All in all I loved that I got the opportunity to chat, build relationship, and capture the delight of shopping as a student. If you were out at TopShop, see if you can find yourself below…

Tomorrowland Unite takes SA by storm

A couple years ago I found out about Tomorrowland in Belgium and after seeing numerous video clips it really looked like the biggest international party in the world. I immediately decided to find out how much it would cost to get there, but it wasn’t exactly cheap – besides the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get a ticket to the event itself. I heard that as soon as tickets for the event opens online, about 180 000 tickets get sold almost instantly!

A few years ago, however, I heard that Tomorrowland was coming to South Africa, and on the 23rd of July (one day shy of my birthday) it arrived! Tomorrowland Unite took place at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg, featuring 12 hours of non-stop house and electro music, and live linking seven countries via a video connection to the “People of Tomorrow” in Belgium.

The South African DJ line-up consisted of some of the best local DJs, including Kyle Watson, Ricardo Da Costa, Vimeo and Chunda Munk, Timo ODV, and Dean Fuel. 5fm’s own Roger Goode and DJ Fresh got the crowd warmed up for the live link to Belgium, with some of the biggest international DJs playing, including Nicky Romero, Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike, as well as the Swedish music duo Axwell Ingrosso.

The event saw thousands of people all over Africa and South Africa come together in one of the biggest parties on the continent – you could really see the magic, mystery, and wonder that is Tomorrowland. Complete with confetti canons, lasers, pyrotechnics, world-class production, and innovative stage design, this spectacle was an unforgettable event that blew South Africa away.

Rocking with Majozi & Friends

This Saturday, 1Africa’s Ryniel Muthusami headed out to the much-anticipated Majozi & Friends at the Aandklas (“evening class” in Afrikaans) event in the heart of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Full disclosure: Ryniel is not easy to impress. And we’re not even kidding.

“I don’t usually attend events with bands because I’ve never been a ‘band’ type of person. I’ve just never liked the typical band sound. Real musicians probably want to kill me right about now – but I was just never attracted to that sound,” he explains.

So, since he is such a tough customer, we asked Ryniel to give us his honest impression of each of the acts on stage. Here’s what he had to say!

Opposite the Other

“I never got to meet these guys after their set, which is a shame, but they played really well and I have to admit that I really enjoyed their set. The vibe was very upbeat, featuring synth mixed with really good vocals. They really had the crowd bobbing and dancing. They were also really good live performers, engaging with the crowd and just having fun. Opposite the Other, you get full marks!”

Josh Wantie

“I’m not sure if it was the cold or the nerves but Josh got off to a shaky start. I was, however, quite impressed because he plays both guitar and keyboard, and is backed up by a drummer. Things picked up by the time he performed his single, Go Under, the crowd singing along. There is no doubt that Josh has some skills and Im looking forward to what he does in the future.”


“I have heard Majozi’s music on iTunes before and I have to admit that It wasn’t my cup of tea. It felt  very ‘country’ – but then again I’m all about hip-hop. Even though I knew the style wouldn’t appeal to me personally, I nevertheless decided to hang around and take some pics. As Majozi and band came on stage, the whole atmosphere changed – everyone in the place seemed to gather around the stage, almost as if the rest of the venue stopped what they were doing to come watch.

I do have to admit that after a few songs that I’ve heard a couple of times on the radio, I kind of got into it. Majozi is a great performer – he knows how to interact with the crowed and have fun. The music was excellent and really got the crowd on their feet. At one point I actually found myself singing along!

What I really loved was the individuality of the performers and the “art” of the music. It was so pure and raw as the artists belted out their songs and played from their hearts. I left the venue feeling really happy – and I’ve even gotten over my ‘bandophobia’! It turned out to be a really enjoyable evening!”


Black Coffee brings home BET award

Multi-award-winning DJ and producer Black Coffee (Nkosinathi Maphumulo) has another statue to add to his growing collection: this weekend, he became the first South African to win a BET Award in the category for Best International Act: Africa, fending off the challenge from seven other African artist to win the accolade.

The internationally recognised DJ’s album Pieces of Me went platinum in 2015.

Dressed in an emerald green suit with black sneakers, Maphumulo, accompanied by his wife Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa, took to the stage to thank his fans while also congratulating fellow nominee Cassper Nyovest.

“For every kid in Africa that thinks they cannot stand here: In the words of Lupita Nyong’o every dream is valid,” he said.

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