Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Review – Born A Crime


I first came across Trevor Noah as a stand-up comedian in South Africa. Yes, that is before he occupied his seat as the host of The Daily Show. Trevor has gone from being a stand-up comedian, to host of The Daily Show and now a published author. Even Bill Gates and Whoopi Goldberg recommend his book, “Born A Crime“.

I Like Nice Things And I Cannot Lie

I like nice things and I cannot lie. Nothing makes me confront this truth more than an Apple product launch. Together with millions of people around the world, my oohs are pregnant with want. I wish, I want that and that, well everything new. New technologies come with new services and devices that make life easier. A dream, almost.

What Is Wrong With The World


Marvin Gaye is a notable artist of all time. (Seriously old school, right?) Besides his great artistry, his renown is also due to the subject that makes for most hits today. He, like other great artists, today and before him, hold the mirror to the world. One of Gaye’s greatest hits, if not the best, is a haunting question.

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