This is something I’m struggling with in this season. I’m finding it more and more hard to settle into my new season. A season of having a wife with responsibilities and understanding that I can’t just do whatever I want.

Most of my life I’ve done my own thing, without boundaries or boarders, the only person I had to worry about in the end was me, a little selfish I know but that was before I was saved and actually had a purpose in life.

Now I’m getting married in a month and the transition between fending for myself to fighting for myself plus someone else is honestly the hardest thing, don’t get me wrong I want to fight for my fiance and I will always fend for her but as a guy I think one of the hardest things is to give up your independency even though I know I’m moving into a season which is bigger and better.

I think as men we don’t fear much but one thing I know we do fear is the fear of not being able to do whatever we want whenever we want. Maybe its just me but I’m finding it hard to adjust, now I’m not saying I won’t adjust but in this transition period it’s definitely a testing season.

A few things to remember in this season, don’t forget that it’s just a season. Often we think that we have to give up everything but I was reminded that it’s just a season were my fiance is the priority and everything else is secondary.

Schedule time for yourself, make sure you do have a day to yourself or a few hours just to break away for a bit just to gain perspective or try to clear your head. Often when in a transition period some how it gets busier and busier, make sure you do something that makes you happy.

Lastly never forget your partner, it’s often hard as a guy to remember everything but do little things that remind your girlfriend or fiance that she is the only thing you care about in this season. That she is the priority. Sometimes just being there is enough.

Don’t ever feel like your stage in life is forever, everything happened in seasons and it’s not forever.

God Speed.