I recently got married and to be honest the reality of my change in situation hasn’t really hit me yet. For example I still sometimes get up in a little bit of shock wondering who’s this person in the bed with me, but despite this the transition to being married actually feels normal.

I was waiting for this massive realisation or a big ‘ah-ha’ moment but it feels like my wife and I are still dating. In some ways very little has changed. Even though sometimes I feel like I discover new things about her everyday especially seeing that we now are living together on the whole most things still feel exactly the same.

Having said that, one thing I have realised is I have to be stronger than when we were just dating. I feel a sense of responsibility for my wife. I want to make sure that she is okay and that our home is good.  I’m trying to get used to the fact that I actually have to grow up and take more responsibility now and even though I know I won’t get it right all the time, it’s comforting to know that I will always have a wife that supports and believes in me.

This new season I know will bring its challenges but I know that as much as the challenges may sometimes feel impossible this journey is going to be filled with adventure and fun. A new season, a wonderful wife and God’s plan for our life together.

It’s still early days for me when it comes to being married but here are a few things that I’ve already discovered that are good to keep in mind.

Enjoy the journey

Often we get so caught up in the big day and everything leading up to the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an exciting time but when your big day comes it happens so fast and it’s just one day. Your marriage is for the rest of your life.  Take time to enjoy the day-to-day.  Cherish the little things and the time you are spending together.

Remember you are fighting for each other and not with each other.

Sometimes when we are in a relationship or married, it’s easy to think that when you argue you are fighting against each other. When this happens it’s good to take a step back and realise that you should be fighting FOR each other.  You are a team and ultimately on the same side in every battle.  Find a way, that regardless of the argument, your relationship wins! Being the victor at the expense of your spouse isn’t going to make either of you happier.

Continually thank God.

Finding someone who you want to spend your life with and who wants to spend their life with you is a tremendous gift! Don’t take your relationship or the commitment you have made to each other for granted.  Be grateful and thank God for the fact that He has brought the two of you together and the bible say that what God has joined together, no man should tear apart.