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The Top Ten Breakup Lines Decoded

There are only a few things worse than a breakup: your pet dying and a flat tire on a deserted freeway after midnight. Needless to say, breakups suck – believe me, we know. That’s why there are best friends, crappy pop music dedicated to help you get through it.

But what seems to suck even more than a breakup is an almost breakup … a break, or what even was that? I mean, we hear plenty of cliché breakup lines in our pop-culture, but when they’re used on us in real life, it’s like some Source Code that leaves us confused and clueless. “What does that mean?” “What is he trying to say?” you ask yourself. Fret no more, here are all the top breakup lines decoded for you. With both the optimistic and realistic versions.

“It’s not you; it’s me.”

Optimist: You’re not the problem; you’re perfect. It’s me and all my problems causing this not to work.

Realist: It’s totally, utterly and 100% you.

“I need space.”

Optimist: I just need to take a step back and reexamine our relationship.

Realist: I need to get far, far away from you.

“We’re too alike.”

Optimist: You’re just as funny, caring, sensitive and charming as me.

Realist: You bore me.

“I think we should see other people.”

Optimist: It didn’t work out; it’s quite unfortunate. I see a potential for us both to find new mates and be happier.

Realist: I’m already seeing other people and think you should catch up.

“I think we’re better off as friends.”

Optimist: I wouldn’t want to jeopardize our great friendship with a relationship.

Realist: I don’t want to have an intimate relationship with you.

“I’m not ready for commitment.”

Optimist: You are a great catch but at this point in my life; I’m just not ready for a serious relationship–maybe after a short, ambiguous period of time.

Realist: Imagining a future with you terrifies me.

“I need to focus on my career.”

Optimist: Your greatness is unbelievably distracting and I fear I may lose everything if I continue loving you.

Realist: I’m crushing on a coworker.

“You deserve better.”

Optimist: You’re the greatest catch; anyone would be lucky to have you. I don’t feel good enough for you and I can’t live with these feelings of inadequacy.

Realist: I want to let you down gently so you don’t go all crazy.

“I think we’re moving too fast.”

Optimist: Let’s slow this down and enjoy the ride.

Realist: You’re stalking me. Seriously, you don’t need to ask me what I’m doing. I know you already know.


Source: huffingtonpost.com [Edited]

Pop Culture’s Irony Obsession


The fact that so many millennials are obsessed with irony isn’t a new observation. It’s been written about, critiqued, debated and even praised for years.

On one hand, we are constantly making judgements about what other people post online, and on the other, we constantly feel the pressure to make sure our own contributions won’t be judged too harshly.

The Internet has given twentysomethings the ability to be the most transparent generation in history. We can literally document our every thought, meal, outfit, song choice, idea and observation. A huge part of our lives are now consumed with either presenting ourselves online—through selfies, tweets, Snapchats and Facebook posts—or scrolling through infinite feeds of other people’s lives.

This double-edged sword of social media creates a conflict: On one hand, we are constantly making judgements about what other people post online, and on the other, we constantly feel the pressure to make sure our own contributions won’t be judged too harshly.

When you know that there is a likelihood that (at least) dozens of people will read your tweet, see your picture or comment on the post you are about to make, you run the risk of being too vulnerable. Being too honest can backfire. We literally filter our own pictures so they look the way we are comfortable with people perceiving them. We do the same things with our thoughts every time when we click the “Post” or “Tweet” button.

The result is a device we can use to be “honest” but still shielded from the harshest judgements: irony.

We know that if almost everything we do, post, photograph or publicly think is only partially serious, we only have to take criticism partly seriously.

If a friend makes fun of our duck-face selfies, it’s OK, because it was kind of a joke anyway, right? If we accompany real thoughts with semi-serious self-deprecating hashtags (#allthefeels, #thestruggleisreal, #firstworldproblems), our ideas are above criticism because they’re not actually how we think or talk. Liking a sugary pop song is OK if we’re doing it ironically, because no one can think we really have bad taste.

Irony has long been a staple of hipster fashion, so much so that the line between ironic and serious has almost completely faded with things like mustaches, man-buns, statement T-shirts, hair flowers, lumberjack gear, wolf graphics, retro shades and florescent accessories.

But shielding ourselves from real emotion—even when it’s uncomfortable or at the risk of being “too” vulnerable—can cause us to miss out on real truths.

An Authentic Life

In James, one of the books of the Bible, the early church is instructed on how to deal with infighting. But after opening with the context of “What causes fights and quarrels among you?”, James makes the question a personal one: “ Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?” He starts to address issues like envy, improper motives, worldly acceptance and, eventually, pride.

God opposes the proud, but shows favor to the humble. Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up. James 4: 6 – 10

Change in behavior and in our lives comes from not only our ability to recognize flaws, but to respond in sincere humility. James says, “Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom,” not because he is against joy and happiness, but because change and repentance requires us to be vulnerable before God.

That means removing any of the shields—like detached irony—so that we have the ability to experience and express sincere emotion and authentic relationship.

In mourning, wailing and grieving, we present ourselves in the most unguarded way, because it shows that we trust God isn’t going to hurt us or humiliate us—He’s going to redeem and heal us.

Irony alone isn’t bad or wrong. It can be funny, poignant and appropriate. But when it becomes a default safety mechanism to protect our real selves from being criticized by other people, we begin to lay the foundations of a wall that prevents us from experiencing a God who longs for authenticity.

It’s not about eliminating irony from personalities or relationships. It’s about keeping it in check, so we don’t forget what sincerity feels like. If you’d like to know more about God or how to live your life with freedom and sincerity, click on the banner below.


Content credits: relevantmagazine.com

Don’t Put Pictures Of Your Boarding Pass On The Internet


If you post pictures of your boarding pass on the internet, you might get hurt — and we don’t mean by officemates jealous of your trip.

So suggests tech security guru Brian Krebs, who used his blog Tuesday to explain to potential oversharers just how much information an airplane boarding pass contains — all hidden in “plane” sight in the barcode.

The data, in addition to the flyer’s first and last name, also includes the traveler’s origin and destination airports and frequent flyer number — and all it takes for an enterprising thief to access it is a quick visit to a free online barcode reader.

That frequent flyer number can be used to access someone’s account and could potentially alter the traveler’s itinerary, as Tech Insider’s Tim Stenovec notes.

The news is sure to be a blow to jet-setters all over the internet, as sites like Instagram and Facebook are rife with boastful photos of boarding passes to exotic locales.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

Obama Gives Kanye West Some Advice About Getting Into Politics


President Barack Obama gave Kanye West some advice about getting elected on Saturday.

The rapper recently announced he was running for president in 2020. Obama, alluding to the inability of House Republicans to find a new speaker, suggested Kanye could be a candidate for that position instead.

“You may have heard that Kanye is thinking about running for Speaker of the House. It couldn’t get any stranger,” Obama said at a fundraiser in San Francisco. He dispensed some tips “in case Kanye is serious about this whole POTUS thing, or as Kanye calls it, ‘Peezy.'”

“Do you really think this country is going to elect a black guy from the south side of Chicago with a funny name to be president of the United States?” Obama said. “That’s cray.”

“Saying you have a beautiful dark twisted fantasy — that’s what’s known as ‘off message’ in politics,” he continued.

Obama also suggested that West’s appearances on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” might serve him well in politics.

“You got to deal with strange characters who behave as if they are on a reality TV show,” Obama said.

From the moment Kanye came out in the open with his intention to run for president , flooding the social media scene are comments from those expressing how unsuitable he is for the office and from those simply wondering if this was a stunt or something Kanye is serious about.

To many , the idea of Yeezy filling the office of Speaker of the House is way too far-fetched. But some of us reckon that life has never stopped being a mystery , dishing out scoops of surprises each day that we rather chose to have the approach which believes that a human mind, coupled with a strong will, commitment and dedication can achieve unimaginable things.

If Kanye doesn’t make it to the White House, at least he should be admired for being one in a million, to dare to dream big. Many of us are afraid to even think we can own a house, a company, an institution or sit in the office of Head of State. For what it’s worth, may Kanye’s boldness be an inspiration to us all.

If you are afraid of dreaming big, or are beaten down by the negative words of people who have told you that you can’t make it in life, click on the banner below. No dream is too big, you have what it takes to make your make in this generation.


Additional content from : huffingtonpost.com

Don’t Turn The Wrong Way

“That’s the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty.” – Ecclesiastes 12:13

Solomon, the ancient king of Israel, was a man who had everything he wanted. He had extraordinary success and wealth, incredible intellect, more women, and sex than any Hollywood star or professional athlete could ever have, yet it all became meaningless to him. He felt so empty inside. Why? Because he had turned his back on God to pursue all that he wanted for himself. He was a classic example of a good man who started strong, but turned the wrong way and wound up empty.

The good news of the story of Solomon is that late in his life, he came to his senses and turned back to God. After trying everything else, he found the key to life is “to fear God and keep His commandments.” Fear means reverence. In other words, to revere God, worship Him and show you mean it by obeying His word.

Do you feel empty and weary? Trust God and obey Him. It’s a sure way to feel fulfilled and not empty inside.


Source: rightfromtheheart.org

Why You Need A Mentor


They say behind every powerful man is a powerful woman. I’m not sure if this true for every powerful man but what I believe is true is that success is never achieved alone.

When pictures of Serena Williams lifting that Wimbledon cup go viral online, what we often don’t see is that many people were involved in supporting and guiding this phenomenal athlete to her great success. Trainers, mentors, nutritionists, family and friends just to name a few, all play a major role in the success of any sportsperson, musician or businessman who has made it big in their career.

Human beings have a natural desire to succeed and any person who is serious about life knows that getting wisdom, advice and motivation from someone “greater” than them is of utmost importance if they are to succeed.

As you journey through life, who do you look to for guidance and motivation?

In this day and age where everything we need, whether it’s information or a product, is a mouse click away, it’s easy to get trapped into thinking that we can achieve it all on our own. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Human life was made to be experienced in community and the place of mentors, advisers and coaches in our lives is as important today as it’s always been.

Pick a mentor. The role of a mentor is to monitor your movements. When you desire to move the positive way and you connect with someone who thinks the negative way, you can’t get there!” Israelmore Ayivor

Whatever sphere of life you operate in, having a mentor – someone who’s been there before you and acquired wisdom and knowledge that you do not have yet – is crucial.

But more than having someone to look up to in our careers and business ventures, there is a God who has made His unsearchable wisdom available to anyone willing to have it. His ways can be trusted, those who walked with Him never failed.  If you’d like to know more about God and how He can impact your life, click on the banner below.

I have set the Lord before me always. Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” (Psalm 16:8)

How To Stop Worrying


Worrying is something that happens to the best of us. Whether things are going well for you at the moment or not, I’m sure you have been in , or will encounter a situation that would get your nerves worked up. So what do you do when you find yourself worrying?


Set a benchmark for the things you worry about. Are they life-threatening to you or those you love? Will they leave you emotionally or financially abandoned? If not, they should be scaled into categories ranging from “minor concern” to “major concern”.

New thinking: It may be a worry, but it’s not the end of the world – I am still healthy/in love/have money/a roof over my head.


Follow this plan: Isolate the problem, accept what you can’t change, assess what is achievable and break that down into small manageable steps. This process will help you to feel in control, to understand the situation and accept it.

New thinking: Think of what you can do, rather than what you can’t. Any action – no matter how small – will still help.


By accepting the problem and moving on, you’ll reduce the effects of secondary worries like anger, regret and guilt. You can’t change the past but by setting positive future goals, you can take control of your current situation and improve it.

New thinking: Use your experience of past concerns to help you overcome any future ones more effectively.


A worry in one area of your life can pollute the happiness of the rest of it, often making it an even bigger problem. Focus on the positives in your life, make time to relax and socialise, and work towards achieving a long-held goal, such as learning a new language.

New thinking: Schedule some weekly “me” time where you put your concerns on hold and take time to read a book, have a long, luxurious bath or watch an old film.


An unhealthy body and mind makes it harder to deal with your worries. A bad diet raises blood sugar levels and triggers an adrenalin rush – a stress response that puts your body into stress mode. Alcohol and caffeine can over-stimulate your system, making it difficult to switch off. According to the Mental Health Foundation, smokers are 16 times more likely to suffer from panic attacks than non-smokers.

New thinking: Allow your body time to rest, fill your mind with positive thoughts, people and places you love, even if they’re fantasies. Pleasurable diversions boost energy and give your brain a worry-free breathing space.

Source: womanandhomemagazine.co.za

If You Ever Fall In Love …

If you’ve been in love, you know that falling in love is a blissful, an out of this world experience that we already begin to dream of from tender age.  Ask any 5 year old girl what she thinks about love, she’ll probably have a lot to say about what she expects from her future prince charming. This just goes to show how important relationships are to the human experience.

It matters to us so much to be in healthy relationships, that’s the reason why you’re reading this article , and probably have read many others giving tips and advice on how to build a loving relationship that will last.  So for you who are yet to fall in love or are already in love and would like to enrich your experience, courtesy of The Huffington Post, here are some important things to look for in the person you choose to give your heart to :

If you ever fall in love, fall in love with someone who…

You can laugh with, but also cry with.

You can joke around with, but also be serious with.

You can enjoy the present moment with, but also envision a future with.

You can enjoy nights out with, but also sit in comfortable silence.

You can bring around your friends, but also around your family.

You can be young and crazy with, but also picture being old and wise with.

You admire.

You respect.

You are proud to be with.

You smile just thinking about.

You would do anything to spend time with.

You make a priority in your life.

You can picture raising children with.

You genuinely miss when they are not around…

Fall in love with someone who comes into your life and makes you understand why it never worked out with anyone else.

Fall in love with someone who motivates you to become the best version of yourself, without changing who you really are.

Fall in love with someone who you will pledge to choose, every single day.

Fall in love with someone who supports your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Fall in love with someone who you believe in.

And most importantly, fall in love with someone who feels the exact same way about you.

As I said in the beginning, relationships matter to us because we were created to be in relationship with one another and the One who created us; no matter how human opinions try to convince us that there is no need for a God or rather, that He doesn’t exist.

Being able to love someone else properly begins with knowing  yourself and loving yourself well, and we can never truly know the full essence of who we are unless we look at ourselves through the reflection of God. If a truly loving and lasting relationship is something you desire , click on the banner below.

Tupac Shakur’s Emotional 1995 Letter From Prison Is Up For Sale

According to an item in Page Six, an emotional letter written by rapper Tupac Shakur twenty years ago while he was incarcerated in Dannemora prison in upstate New York on sexual assault charges, is up for sale by an autograph auctioneer known as Moments In Time.

After surviving a shootout and being imprisoned on the assualt charges, Shakur said in an interview that year that he planned to change his ways, reportedly saying that “Thug Life,” which was tattooed on his his chest, was dead to him. “Thug Life to me is dead. If it’s real then let somebody else represent it because I’m tired of it.”

Shakur penned a letter to Nina Bhadreshwar, who worked for Death Row Records and was editor of its Uncut magazine, as well as her own title, Real State. “Here is what my heart says at this time. It’s long but it’s true. Use it as u see fit,” wrote Shakur. The entire text is available on the Moments in Time website.

“I am not granting this information to any other publication, not even Time & Rolling Stone so please represent it as it is layed,” he told Bhadreshwar. “I trust u.”

The letter is followed by a four-page manuscript in which Shakur addresses the question of whether Thug Life is dead and offers advice to young black men in America. Shakur reflects on his rough upbringing in the ghetto, moving from New York to Oakland, California and retracing the events that landed him in Clinton Correctional Facility (the same institution where two inmates escaped from in June, sparking a massive, costly manhunt).

“I want all my homiez 2 realize there is another level. It takes heart and courage 2 stand alone face the demons and make a change! We are powerful people but not unless we have power and if we all die we have nothing, No power, no money, no life, nothing,” writes Shakur.

“A true Boss Playa knows when 2 advance. U must play the game Not let the game play U.”

Shakur was killed in 1996, less than a year after his release.


Source: artnet.com

Believe In Yourself


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure – Marianne Williamson

There are so many tips that can be given on how to become successful in life and achieve great things, but truly, success begins within. Believing in yourself, in your dream, is the place to start if you wish to succeed in life and achieve your dream.

We all have in-born abilities, talents that have the potential to grow and become something great if we could allow ourselves to rise above fear, trials and limitations, and focus on the big picture. If you want to be great, begin to think like a successful person today. Conquer your thoughts, trust in yourself, believe that you are unique and that you have what it takes to make your mark in this world.  The video below captures this message powerfully:


For as he thinks within himself, so he is : Proverbs 23 : 7

What kind of thoughts do you think about yourself? Has someone told you are good for nothing? Are you discouraged because that business venture you started failed a few times? There is greatness in you, failure is simply a stepping stone to the success that lies ahead. If you’re in a place where you are discouraged and are ready to give up on your dream, click on the banner below. It’s possible to have your hope reignited.


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