You don’t need the gym!

You’re probably sitting there right now thinking what an idiot I am for even suggesting such a thing – but maybe you need to think about it again…

Why would you waste money and pay for something you don’t even use?

Why would you pay to be in a hot box of germs? Why would you want to pay to have someone else’s sweat drip all over your equipment?

Why would you want to pay to not be in fresh air?

Why would you want to pay for toilets that smell awful?

So I recently canceled my gym contract because I realised that it was a complete waste of money for me. But how do you fill the exercise gap? Here a few ways that you can get a full body workout with no payment and fresh air (with no germs and great views, too!).

1. Trail Run

Trail Running is a real workout that will really hit your legs – but the rest of your body will also be feeling it as you breathe and push and climb different hills and rocks. Different terrains require more steps or less, and you’ll definitely need some quality shoes. Check it out at the above link.

2. Cycling

This is one that I am getting involved in. This will work those legs and keep your whole body fit as you climb hills. Step it up a level by going long distance, and you’ll really see your heart rate climb. You will lose a lot of weight and watch your calorie burn count go up the scale. So give it a go – get a bike and get going!

3. Calisthenics or outdoor gym

This is such a great workout, and will tear through the fat like a tornado. So get some gloves and sneakers and you’re ready to go. Outdoor gyms usually feature equipment like air skiers, cross trainers, gymnastics rings, horizontal ladders, and leg presses – enough to give you a full body workout. The best about this is that it’s a free option – outdoor gyms are usually open all day, come rain or sunshine.

This will inspire you to give it a go.

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