you are worthy

Understanding a deep sense of self worth, and to truly know that who we are is: special, beautiful, unique, and worthy of love, worthy to feel valued and appreciated, takes a bit of time and intentional self discovery of ones self. Which isn’t always easy, or fun, as it may require facing our insecurities, addressing the root of it, which requires intentional healing, and letting go of our pain and of our past. It isn’t easy or comfortable, yet, the long term reward will help us to grow, heal, and it will most certainly help us to remember who we are, and what we are worth going forward.

Life throws us curve balls, and sometimes we find ourselves in unhealthy relationships, or find ourselves going through very difficult situations and seasons, that make us feel: less than, worthless, and lacking low self esteem and confidence.

It may even cause us to respond and react to life and people half heartidly, or it may cause us to settle for less and to always expect the worse at every turn. We may even give up before really trying or giving things a proper go, due to think we are not worthy of love, worthy of greatness, worthy of experiencing good things. Therefore, we constantly expect the worse, fail ourselves ruthlessly, and settle for less.

Some people may grow up always knowing and understanding their value and self worth. Therefore, they may always have the wisdom and confidence to make healthy choices, have healthy boundaries in place and act accordingly out of a secure space. Whilst, there are the majority who maybe did not have the greatest childhood, or experienced absuive relationships where they were constantly spoken down on, emotionally maniulapted into believing that they were worthless. Therefore, they live and respond out of a broken and unhealthy space.

But, there is good news, and the good news is that no matter how old we are, or where we are in life, that we too can emotionally heal, and rebuild our self worth and confidence into a healthy space again! It’s never too late, to turn things around, by addressing it head on, and believing that out of those dark broken spaces, we too can come out of more beautiful and stronger.



  • Look at the root causes of what makes you feel worthless. Maybe it was something that was said to you, or something that was done to you that hurt you deeply. Face those issues either via counseling, through to discussing it with someone you trust, and then have accountability when it comes to actively  facing it , and intentionally choosing to move past it.


  • Forgiving and letting go is something that we need to intentionally choose to do, until it no longer consumes or controls us. Forgiveness has the power to set us (the captive) free.


  • When rebuilding your self worth, you will have to re-train what you enter and believe about yourself in your thought life. That means every time you have a negative thought towards yourself, you need to turn it around by saying something positive in return, until it becomes your new norm.


  • Just with the re-training of your brain and though life, you need to change the dialogue that you speak about yourself, and speak over yourself. Instead of falling into your default setting of speaking negative doom and gloom over yourself, choose a dialogue of speech that speaks life, courage, faith and joy. That in turn will encourage you to feel positive and hopeful!


  • Healthy friendships are so important, as the right friends will encourage you, challenge you, and remind you of who you are when you forget. Healthy friendships bring out the best in you, and point you back in the right direction whenever you feel lost! Invest in the right healthy friends, and be a good friend to others – it will seriously change your life going forward!


  • God loves us, yet we forget. God created us in his perfect image, therefore we are a masterpiece. Yet, the world along with broken people have maybe broken us down, which wasn’t Gods plan for us! YET, God can still call greatness out of us, and make something beautiful out of our brokenness. All we need to do is seek him, trust him, let go of what burdens us, and let Him lovingly heal and lead us into wholeness.
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