I watched a pretty honest podcast the other day by a pastor called Carl Lentz that kind of put things in perspective for me. It was actually more of an honest conversation than a sermon. The theme of the video basically revolved around the relevance of the Bible.

He had a pretty surprising viewpoint that’s probably pretty similar to mine. He started by emphasising how important it is to stay relevant to the times and meet people where they are at, but he also said the Bible is the Bible – that we can’t change it. He described it as the most honest and truthful book ever written. Finally, he said: “The Bible isn’t about bad people becoming good, but dead people becoming alive.”

It was such a shift in perspective. I mean, I always knew that and in my heart, I believe that – but often when you’re around people you want to stay relevant and “cool”. However, sometimes we get so consumed by the desire to be relatable that we miss the truth of the gospel. That it is the most honest and truthful book ever written. That God himself never changes. The message never changes. Even though our methods may vary, He is true and good.

Hearing that podcast made me realise that we don’t need to water down the truth or try and make it fit in with society. The reality is that we can’t. The gospel is simple and his grace is there for you even when you feel like you don’t deserve it.

Be real.

God Speed.