Would life be easier with drugs? Sometimes it feels like it – that momentary freedom, where nothing else matters except for you and your total, unbounded fun. It’s like living in an world with no rules, if only for a few hours.

Being an ex-drug user, I know the feeling.

I was reminded about drug use and users the other day when we popped into a local pizza shop. Trance music was playing, different drug advertisements were on the wall; honestly, it was surreal. It was like walking into a trance party – but instead of partying, you order pizza. Crazy.

We got our pizza, went to a friend’s house, and began talking about the past and how crazy life was before we started following Jesus. We began to tell all the wild stories about how crazy it would get, just having a few throwback moments.

I went home and began thinking about how easy life would be if I only cared about those momentary experiences. But as I began to do so, a new thought took shape: I began to think about how free I feel right now – how I don’t need to snort or shoot up to feel a sense of freedom. All I need to do is live this life and I can be free, without substance use.

I used to to be someone who loved momentary freedom. Now I’m someone who enjoys eternal freedom. You can make that choice, too.

God Speed.