Regardless of our faith, culture, economic status, ethnicity or nationality, we all came from somewhere. Whether our home is a city alight with activity, or a faraway remote village in the deepest part of Africa, we all came from somewhere. Whether our childhood was pleasant, somewhat average or a bitter experience, fact still remains, we all came from somewhere.

Recently, an acquaintance asked me if it was fair for parents or guardians to make demands on us when we start working even if they offered no support in seeing our dreams come true. Maybe they discouraged us and crushed our spirits because of the career path we took. Maybe they despised the way we went about pursuing our dreams? Maybe they simply didn’t care and left us to our own devices. Whatever the case may be, we still came from somewhere.

Whether we are raised by the most supportive of families, or neglected as children, let us never take for granted the fact that we are still here, alive and well. They gave us life no matter how good or bad it has been to this point. That alone is reason enough to honour our parents, our guardians and those who play a part in shaping the people we become.
My challenge to you is to take time to say thank you, to those who gave you life. If they are no longer living, turn to the guardian who gave you a hand up no matter how good a bad you feel about it. If you haven’t been speaking for years, I challenge you to pick up the phone, or pay them a visit when you can.

If you have taken this challenge or need someone to chat to before you do, please email and our care team will gladly stand with you.

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