In our day and age, infidelity in marriages is everywhere. I think you would search far and wide to find a family who hasn’t been affected by this in one way or another. It’s not easy for me to share but my father left us for another woman after 22 years of marriage to my mother. It was devastating on every level and it’s effects ravaged my heart, mind and emotions.

So when I got married, you can imagine I had some trust issues. I was constantly suspicious of my husband, always assuming the worst and reading into everything he did and said (or didn’t do and say) to see if I could¬†catch him being unfaithful. I guess in an attempt to protect myself, I was trying to be one step ahead of the worst thing I could imagine happening in my marriage – infidelity.

Many arguments ensued and instead of protecting myself, I was alienating my husband from me and actually causing problems where there were none. In my desperation, frustration, fear and paranoia, I cried out to God in prayer.

As I lay crying on my bed, I came to one conclusion; I cannot put all my trust, faith and hope in my husband. No matter how great a man he is, how honest, how trustworthy. The fact is he is a human being, not perfect, susceptible to temptation and free to make his own choices. I cannot control him, I cannot force him to stay faithful and I cannot watch over him 24/7. What I can do is be the best wife I possibly can be, bring out the best in him and give my marriage my full attention, devotion and investment. But the only person I can really trust is God.

  • Trust Him that He knows the plans He has for me and they are good.
  • Trust Him that He knows everything and is in control.
  • Trust Him that He holds my life in the palm of His hand and no matter what happens, He is with me every step of the way.
  • Trust Him that even if the worst were to happen, He loves me and we’ll journey the road ahead, whatever it may hold.

This has taken a lot of pressure off my marriage¬†as I no longer look to him to be the perfect husband. I thank God for him, I pray for him, believe the best about him, but above all, I trust God with my marriage. You’ll be happy to know that we have been married for 16 years and our marriage is stronger than ever, happier than ever. We adore each other and have a lot of fun on this journey of life but all our faith, hope and trust is not in each other, it’s in our amazing God.

If you’d like to know God in this way, I invite you to click on the link below or the pop up banner to find out more. Happy days!