When your kids don’t play along

Have you ever been in a restaurant and looked over at a table with that annoyed look in your eyes? You see a flustered mom or dad trying to quiet down a fretful baby who is making a noise and making a scene. Have your kids ever misbehaved at the most inappropriate times? What do you do when your kids don’t play along?

As your children get older, you can begin to teach them how to behave and these public meltdowns should begin to diminish. But when they are still small and can’t quite understand, these meltdowns seem to happen at the most inappropriate times.

I recently watched a video clip of a young father. He was left to dress his three children and get them ready. As he was telling his story, he was clearly distraught and traumatized by the event. I couldn’t help but giggle. I have certainly been there. You know when you get everyone dressed and heading out the door, only for the little one to start vomiting all over their beautiful outfit and you have to start the whole getting ready process over again? This is what I learned about what to do when your kids don’t play along:

Stay calm

When my kids lose the plot, often I want to as well. And to be honest, sometimes I do. But I have learned that staying calm is the only solution. Your little one may be hungry or tired. Crying is their only form of communication. When I start shouting and freaking out, it only causes more distress to my little one. When I stay calm, it lets my little one know that I am in control of the situation. It lets them know that they do not need to be afraid. Now of course I know first hand that this is not the easy option, but it is the helpful option.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

If you get everyone dressed and ready to head out the door and it all goes pear-shaped, just take a breath. It’s going to be okay. In the grand scheme of life, arriving a few minutes late or not being perfectly dressed, is not the end of the world. What’s more important than the appearance of having our life all together is a happy and peaceful home with children who know they are safe and loved.

We cannot parent well on our own. I rely strongly on my relationship with Jesus to parent my children. I couldn’t do it without Him. If you would like to know more about having your own relationship with Jesus, please click on the pop up banner or link below.

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