Have you ever noticed the keys on a piano? The colour, the shape, the position, where it fits and where it doesn’t. Imagine this, a nation, a community, a street, a person, can all be explained through a keyboard.

You see one note on the piano is good, it can create a sound, a sense of presence. It can spark emotion and inspire. In every person there are two types of feelings, the feeling of being alone and the feeling of acting alone. To be alone is to exclude yourself from everyone around you, to act alone is to exclude everyone from yourself. Young and old, we all unconsciously do and feel this way, but imagine what a chord can do?

Perfectly placed notes played together to create a sense of presence that can only be described as an emotion. Music and sound that feels so good you can’t help but move to the sound of its inclusivity – that power is within you. You are a note in a song full of chords. That might seem small but without your note, without you, there would be no music.

Imagine a movement that played the symphonic anthem that our nation felt for years to come. Imagine a place those who are excluded can feel included by a single gesture or sign or smile. You see your note, your influence, your part plays a bigger role than the now generation, your part will echo into eternity.

Black or white, minor or major keys, it doesn’t matter – within us all is a note that is longing to be a part of something that is not exclusive but inclusive no matter the shape, colour, gender or religion.

No practical tip on the earth will show you how to do life with others, but from experience my suggestion would be stay confident, but more than that, have a godly confidence. I’m not religious but I have learnt that a godly confidence far outweighs a regular confidence.

Remember you are important, you have worth, and you are wanted in this nation. There’s this verse in the Bible that speaks how God has created you to do good works. Believe and walk it. Within you is the power to be who you were intended to be, who God made you to be.


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