What are you wearing?

We live in a city driven by fashion, the latest trends, the latest looks, who is  wearing what. We have to look our best where ever and when ever.

I noticed this the other day, when taking a stroll down the street and I began to people watch(haha). I started noticing how in a crowd of thousand’s everyone was wearing something fresh and new. In a way it was kind of awesome.

Brands like Nike, Adidas, vans are always some of the main features but recently, I have been noticing that people have been wearing some really awesome international brands like Palace clothing, Only clothing and some more new york type style clothing.

I love that our city is trendy and trending, I love that we break the stereotypical view on how Africa or South Africa should look and the funny thing is, the people have gotten friendlier. You would think in a city or nation surrounded by status and trends people would become more exclusive.

I discovered this when I got to chatting with a guy, who seemed pretty popular in the fashion industry, at first glance he looked as if he wanted nothing to do with anything or anyone (haha).

When I began to get to know him, he turned out to be a great guy. My whole mindset of what fashion should be or how we should look changed. It made me realise that it’s not about what I’m wearing but more about who I’m representing.

We can wear the most expensive brands, the most exclusive brands In the world but if you’re not happy or welcoming to people, then you just wearing really expensive material.

I think in a way your clothing has the ability to portray a message. You can speak without even speaking. Be inclusive even if your clothes are exclusive. Stand for our community, togetherness and for fashion.

“If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything”

Be trendy, Be happy and never forget about people.

God Speed.