What to do when you lose motivation

Have you ever set a goal and excitedly given it a shot? Only to have that passion waver after a few weeks? What do you do when you lose motivation? Here’s what happened to me:

At the start of the year I was determined. I had my plan all laid out and I was ready to go. My friend and I were going to take our lunch break on Wednesdays and Fridays and go for a jog. No excuses, I was going for it.  My friend and I were going to be running buddies and accountability partners.

We started out pretty well. We were excited to be getting in our exercise during the week and doing it together was fun. But then one thing after the other started to go wrong. First, the rain came so we had to skip our exercise for that week. Then we both had meetings that interfered with our running schedule. Before we knew it, we had totally lost motivation and we haven’t gone for a run in months.

So what will we do now that we’ve lost motivation?

Remember why you started

There is always a reason why we decide to do something. In our case, we wanted to get fit and exercise a few days a week. Exercise has so many health benefits and we wanted to enjoy those. Now we have to remind ourselves on why we set this goal in the first place.

Have friends who will encourage you

There is a saying that says, “The blind can’t lead the blind.” If you are struggling to find the motivation to do something, find people who will cheer you on and encourage you. That way when you feel weak and low, they can encourage you and motivate you to reach your goals.

Perhaps you have had a desire to know more about God and perhaps even set a goal to go to church this year. But then the worries and stress of life have kept you busy and distracted.

To find out more about knowing Jesus for yourself and drawing closer to Him, click on the link below.

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