Social media is a magnifying glass. It magnifies to the world what you are doing, what you like, and who you are with. It magnifies what is important to you and what inspires you. There are not many people left in this world who do not have some form of a social media account by which they can express to the world what is on their mind.

But as much as we use social media to tell the world what we think about it, do you know that your social media activity says a lot about you, too? Here are just a few thoughts I have:

Post mostly selfies

I admit selfies were fun for a while but when I saw a selfie stick for the first time, I realised we had gone too far. If the majority of the pictures you post are of you, it may be highlighting that you are a tad insecure. It may be magnifying an unspoken need to be noticed, liked and commented about. Just something to think about…

Spouting off your opinion

I know this one may seem odd because for many people, social media is the platform where they get to share their opinion, but hear me out on this one. Many of us would say things on social media that we would never say to someone’s face or in front of a group of people. That’s because it seems that social media takes away our “think before we speak” instinct. Many people go through their news feed and post their negative and often thoughtless opinions about what others are posting. Sadly, this highlights that you may have an over-inflated view of your own opinion and feel you have the right to share it at any cost.

Attention seeking posts

It always amazes me how with some people, the only time you see them post on social media is when something bad has happened to them. If all you ever post is how sick you are, or how injured you are or what catastrophe has befallen you, it may be highlighting your need for attention. There seems to always be way more comments on negative news posts than positive posts. Why? Because the world is conditioned to respond to negativity.

Please know that there is no judgment from my side here. I am simply sharing my thoughts on how social media is changing the way we interact.

My closing comment is simply this: If social media is a magnifying glass and you are concerned about what it may be highlighting to the world, my advice to you is this: Before you post, check your motive for posting. If you feel like you need some love, affirmation or attention, there are healthier ways to get it than projecting that on social media.

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