Are you a parent? If so, you have most probably had your fair share of ups and down.

You know those moments of which I am speaking: those moments where your child causes you to think thoughts that no self-respecting, sane person should be thinking!

Insanity aside, becoming a father has been the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life. It has taught me a lot about myself, about others, and about God.

I always saw God as this tyrannical slave driver who only wanted to be a killjoy, but becoming a father changed that, and it gave me some real insight into the way God deals with us.

Here are some comparisons I see:

1. God’s love is unconditional

I have found that I choose to love my children no matter what they do or don’t do.

If my children do something naughty or just down-right stupid (which happens daily) it does not and never will change the fact that I love them deeply. I do not love them more when they are being good and making clever choices. I do not love them any less when they scream “I hate you!” and act like ungrateful little monsters. No, my love for them is unconditional.

2. God says no for a reason

Like I mentioned earlier, children often do stupid things. That is not exactly a bad thing because they are actually learning life skills – but there are times when you cannot allow them to do something stupid out of sheer love for them.

Like the time when my son wanted to put his hand on the oven plate while I was cooking, or the time I found him licking the exhaust pipe of my car; or the time he decided to try breathing under water just because he wanted to double check the facts we had taught him (alas, humans cannot breathe under water). I am very sure that there are going to be many more times in the future where I will say no to my children, and it will always be for their good.

3. God disciplines those He loves

When my children are naughty, I discipline them, and each child is disciplined differently, because one form of discipline does not work for all my children. Some people do not discipline their children at all. I am sure you know those children of whom I speak.

Parents these days don’t want their children to hate them, so instead of being a parent, they  try to become their child’s BFF. This is dangerous because the lack of discipline does nothing but turn children into disrespectful and irresponsible people who are oblivious about the concept that their actions carry consequences.

4. God blesses those He loves

I love to bless my children. I try my best to give them the things they want or love. I go out of my way to help them when they need help or to get them that thing they have been eyeing in the toy store. I love seeing them happy. I am also teaching them the value of appreciating what they have because just as quickly as I can bless them, I can also take away that gift.

These are just a few lessons about God I have learnt from being a father. I feel very happy that I have finally been able to make sense of some of God’s actions towards me. There are some I will never understand, but with these four above, I know I can trust Him in all areas of my life.

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