I was recently asked this question: What are you building on?

There’s a lot to consider when someone asks you a question like that. Which is part of the reason why I couldn’t answer it right away.

We all hope to go somewhere in life. We have a picture of where we would like to be and have some sort of motivation. We also have morals and values that we build upon in order to have stability and growth.

My relationship with God and my spiritual growth has great value to me, along with my physical health and my relationships with those around me. These are all foundational to my life.

But it’s easy to neglect some of these areas of life, or to focus on one at the cost of the others.

In order to grow in life, to move forward and be someone with vision and purpose, you need to know what foundation you are building on. I usually take it a little further and ask myself “where”,  “how”, and “why” am I building.

To be honest, I sometimes lose sight of that. Don’t be the fool who walks aimlessly through life without paying attention to these basic aspects.

Have a vision, know what you are building on, and have fun along the way.


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