In an ever-evolving world, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends, at times it’s even hard to keep up with our friends. If we only had more time in the day, then maybe we’d be able achieve everything we had set out to do. What if time wasn’t the issue, but priorities were? We compromise on our efforts and time for meaningless things and then complain that we just don’t have enough time in the day.

Recently, I’ve sat down with a loved one who I told not to waste my time. Time had caused me so much pain, and left me feeling rejected and abandoned. Time was also my worst enemy, as I have found myself rushing through life. It was in that moment when I stopped, and realised that everything I want, I don’t have! I wasn’t willing to put in the time to get what I know was achievable. Time and I weren’t friends.

Despite telling my loved one not to waste my time, I pondered on two things that I believe did not go wasted in the times where I felt most vulnerable, rejected and alone.

  1. I’ve learnt something, even in a season of wasted time

The hardest thing is to walk away from something after you put so much effort into it. You feel like you have wasted your time and effort on something that had no purpose in your life.  Even though it may be hard to admit, at times those seasons teach us the most about ourselves. It may leave us hurt, but it also makes us stronger. What would this life be if we weren’t constantly moulded?

Instead of focusing of what could have been, I’ve fixed my eyes on the growth and the lesson learnt in that season of ‘waste.’ Not everything goes to waste, we get to choose what stays and what goes. We also get to choose to learn from what has happened to us, or to remain in our despair of what could have been.

  1. Take out the good and forget the bad!

I had to learn to take out the good and leave the bad, Sometimes, if not all the time, we focus on all the bad things that have happened in that season of ‘waste’ that we forget the good. I guess hurt does that to us. Don’t allow yourself to be held captive to the things that are no longer important. Remember the good times, and allow yourself time get over the hurt from the ‘waste’.

Not all wasted time is bad time. Maybe it is just a time to reveal the areas in your life that need more of your attention. I knew the moment I told my loved one not to waste my time, that I was carrying what had happened to me in the past, into my future. That wasn’t okay. Time revealed that to me. Time also gave me some of the best memories with the most amazing people too. Allow yourself the time, to priorities what is meaningful and what should go. Time could either be your worst enemy or your greatest friend.

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