Have you ever looked at someone and thought, how did they get there? And by ‘there’ I mean that promotion, or that new job? To you they seemed like the most unlikely person.  Surely they aren’t qualified?  Do they even have the work experience? These are all natural questions, because to the human mind it just doesn’t make sense. Yet, someone in authority has seen something in them, a potential that is apparently hidden from the rest of us.

But, what is it that they see, and why are they the only ones who can see it?

Well the answer is quite simple.  When you are the head of an organization, whether it be a business or a sports team, you have a vision for where you want the organization to go. You don’t just know where you want to be, you also know the people needed to take you there. Often the reason we don’t see potential in people is because we don’t see the bigger picture. If we knew the end goal, we would understand the process. That’s why it often seems like the most unlikely people get chosen.

This video reminded me that in life no matter who you are or what you have done, there is still potential in you.

If God could choose the most unlikely person, Moses, to lead his people out of Israel, then he can definitely use you and I. You may seem to be the ‘most unlikely’ to the people around you, but to God you are the only person perfect for the task at hand. No matter what people may say, believe what God has said about you. That you are loved and called! There is nothing that can separate us from Him.

Moses was a murderer, suffered with insecurity and had a speech impediment, yet God used him. Don’t see your downfalls as weaknesses but rather as areas where you can shine through. He is strong in our weaknesses.

Know that even though it may seem that all is lost, there is still hope. There is a plan for your life. God has chosen you!

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