In a world where culture determines your feelings towards religion, lifestyle, what to wear and how to speak, it’s often hard to see the good from the bad. We live in a society where what was seen as bad is now acceptable and what was not accepted is now tolerated.

I meet people all the time that would tell me that they hate God because of something someone has done or because of the way they were brought up.

It hit me that the common denominator isn’t God but the common denominator is actually people. We get so caught up and hurt by other people. We allow others to blur our relationship with a God that actually doesn’t care about how we look or how rich we are but will always care about you and your heart.

People aren’t against God they are against those that misrepresent God. Those who cast out the outsiders when all God did was love outsiders.

I guess this is a more of a message for those who feel like they are on the outside, it doesn’t matter how you look, doesn’t matter how talented you are or what you have, God is an inclusive God, not an exclusive god.

God Speed