Things are a royal mess.  Well, that’s how they seem at least.  It’s a time of choices. You can choose to be depressed and to moan and groan to everyone how your country/government/place of work/church/school/neighbourhood is going down the tubes.  There’s a choice to be totally removed from it and to hope all the negativity will simply just disappear.  Or you can get out from under your rock, to stop complaining about things on your Facebook page, and start to make a difference.  Now I know we can’t just step out of our homes and into a parliamentary building or boardroom and rewrite policy, but you can encourage your family, or the children in your classroom, or the men and women in your office space, or the members of your church.  We don’t want to be oblivious to the wrold around us, and we don’t want to be unrealistic about what is happening and how it is percieved, but we need to be preachers of hope.

Why not go and flip through a history book, or scroll through a detailed website.  The world is shifted and opinions are changed, not initially by enormous decision makers, but by men and women who are firm in there convictions and resolute in their efforts to see a positive impact made in their areas of influence.  They could be Lawyers, pastors, business people, sports people, and even the youth, and their passion for change is fully charged, and their intent to do good is smartly directed.  The same might be true for those bringing destruction, but somehow, and I don’t know if it’s a Universal law or what it is, but good seems to rise up and deliver the goods.  The past is full of these examples.  I’m a South African, and right now, Xenophobia is rocking the Rainbow Nation.  We have a history of disturbing events, but somehow we get through it. We simply have to.  20 years ago we saw an entire shift in the way the entire population is considered, and despite the hurt, the ship has sailed fairly smoothly, although there is a very long journey ahead.  The destruction is most likely being caused by a minority of people with hatred on their minds.  So where are the majority then, with their hearts of love and acceptance?  Why are people so slow to do right?  Surely the people who want what is right, far outweigh the enemies of peace, so where are they?  Where are the agents of change, to take us out of our respective royal messes?  Where are they indeed!

If we are going to see change, and shift the tone of conversations around dinner tables and coffee machines the world over, we need action.  It starts with the leaders, even the heads of families, not being afraid to express their disgust when wrong is left to fester.  Hold people accountable, show others where they might change, take care of your own intentions, and remind people that there is hope.

Here at 1Africa we are not afraid to declare that our hope is in Jesus Christ. Through His world He has taught us how to live, and how to love; something we can do, because He loved us first.  If you would like to hear more about the Man who is the source of our hope, during  this life, and the one we look forward to after our time on earth is through, why not click on the link below.  Keep that hope alive!

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