Over the past few years, I’ve learnt that it is easier to take the road travelled rather than the road less travelled.

We never really fully understand the weight of our actions or choices. We make them so freely, without hesitation or thought. Until it’s to late.

Do you ever choose something or make a decision when you know it’s going to have a bad outcome? All my life, I’ve struggled with making decisions for seemingly good reasons that end up turning out bad – whether in terms of relationships, friends, deciding when to do things, or even who to speak to. Reflecting on years of bad choices has brought me to the realisation that there are way too many good reasons to make bad choices.

With this in mind, I want to give you three ways to help you make better choices going forward. These three considerations will help you look past your immediate want, and will help you think about the outcomes of your decisions.

1. Understand your journey

We often look at others and where they are, and that leads us to make rash decisions in order to emulate them. When making a decision, make sure that it is going to push you forward on your journey, and not ultimately harm you.

2. Live without comparison

We sometimes make decisions based on trying to be better than others, or in an effort to have more than the next person. However, you need to remain real to who you are – and that includes making decisions that fit within your budget! Years from now your position will be sustainable, rather than one of stress and anxiety because you’re constantly trying to be the best.

3. Give it some thought

When making decisions – no matter how small – take the time and give it some thought. Look at the end result and decide whether this decision will ultimately benefit you or hinder you. Take the time and don’t be hasty – it doesn’t hurt to give it a little thought.

Decisions are all around us – whether it’s something as seemingly inconsequential as deciding what to drink, or something as huge as deciding to move countries. All those decisions end up shaping our lives. So take your time, and understand that you have the power to reach your potential by sculpting a fulfilling life through your decisions.

God Speed.

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