We all want the perfect marriage and we want it to last!  I’m not certain that the perfect marriage exists, but what I can reiterate is that marriage is fun and doing life with your spouse is an experience of note!  Yes there are tough days when you feel like you want to ring each other’s necks, and then there are days where it’s all sunshine and roses and you just fall in love all over again!

Now, you might be single and not married at this stage.  You too can use these key points and apply them once you do decide to tie the knot.

In searching for the winning formula of making a marriage last, I discovered 30 key points that a survey revealed.

Here are the Top 30 things that make the perfect marriage:

  1. Accepting each other’s faults
  2. Trust
  3. Honesty
  4. Respecting each other
  5. Supporting each other
  6. Being able to say sorry
  7. Being kind to each other
  8. Saying ‘I love you’
  9. Quality time together
  10. Give and take on both sides
  11. Compromising
  12. Loyalty
  13. Being best friends
  14. A positive outlook/personality
  15. Having a sense of humour
  16. Understanding
  17. Giving each other time alone
  18. Sharing the household duties
  19. Not criticizing each other in front of others
  20. Regular sex
  21. Talking everything through
  22. Shared interests
  23. Being able to argue and forget about it
  24. Remembering anniversaries and birthdays
  25. Regular kisses and cuddles
  26. Sharing parental duties
  27. Deep and meaningful conversations
  28. Ending an argument before going to bed
  29. Spontaneous romantic gestures
  30. Regular vacations together

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Credit: Edited // Daily Mail

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