In our interactions with fans of the 1Africa site so far, it’s been clear that one of the issues that you’re passionate about is leadership. Since we belong to a continent where this is such a hot topic, we need to constantly be pushing ourselves to better understand this area. A better understanding of leadership, if turned to practical application, will then hopefully improve the quality of leaders we have in Africa and lead to the possibility of a better life for all. This is not just about top level political leadership but it touches on every part of human culture where leaders may be found.

As in everything, there are do’s and don’ts that should guide us to better understand what we do in life. Here is a list of five don’ts of leadership that should apply, whether you are a team leader in a small company or the president of a country:

  1. Don’t allow what has been to prevent what can be. Being creatures of habit, we often times find ourselves trying to stick with what has worked in the past. Many visionary leaders become stuck trying to relive past successes. The challenge with this mindset is that we become only as good as our greatest performance and we never accomplish anything greater. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the power of yesterday. Embrace a greater victory today.
  2. Don’t let the principle of your own leadership keep you from reaching people for God. As leaders, we forget that the world does not revolve around our belief system. many times we develop an arrogant mindset and theology that “it’s my way or it’s wrong.” This mindset can destroy your organization and kill your ability to reach others.
  3. Don’t use people to build your vision, instead use your vision to build people. There is a major difference in being a leader and being a ruler. It begins in the way you view the people who work in your organization. As a leader, you must want more for people then you want from people. Develop a culture of service within yourself. Live life to empower people and not control them.
  4. Don’t discount the small things. Learn to celebrate every victory. Small wins are just as important as big wins. Don’t just celebrate your personal breakthroughs, learn how to celebrate the individual victories of the people you lead.
  5. Don’t lose your passion. Passion is the fuel that keeps you going. When days are rough, your passion will give you the push you need.When we lose our passion, we become like a car that runs out of gas. Sitting on the side of the of the highway of success, stuck between exits.

Ultimately, as we have said before, leadership is about people and guiding them towards the fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations. Any person who calls himself a leader should be humble enough to recognize that he cannot do everything on his own. He must have the capacity to not feel threatened by the ideas of others but also be willing to appeal to existing ‘ancient’ wisdom when it is necessary to do so.

If you are a leader at whatever level, there is wisdom found in following the way of the greatest leader ever to have lived. We often hear about Jesus Christ as a Saviour and Messiah but not much about Him as a practical leader. If you’d like to know more about him and his leadership style and, more importantly, how it can become a part of your life, please click on the banner or pop-up below.


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