Have you ever wanted to take your friendship with someone to the next level, only to find out that the object of your desires doesn’t want to move with you and rejects your advances.  If you’ve experienced this, I’m sorry to say but, you’ve been ‘friend-zoned’. Being ‘friend-zoned’ is probably one of the world’s top 5 most embarrassing things that could happen to you. It makes everything awkward, your friendship suffers a blow and so does your self-esteem.  Although, at the time it may seem like the end of the world, trust me, it’s not.

Here are 5 keys to survive being Friend zone.

Accept that it happened.

The sooner you realize that this actually happened, the better. Often, when we are humiliated we tend to brush it off as if it never happened. The reality is bad things happen to great people all the time. It’s one of the complexities of life.

Forgive yourself

You are not a loser. You took a risk and it didn’t pay off, that’s fine. Forgive yourself and do so quickly, because beating yourself up will just make everything worst.  Besides every failure presents us with an opportunity to learn.  Take the lesson and run with it.

Channel your disappointment

Most times when we feel disappointment, we project it through our behavior. Make sure you find a healthy release. When I experience disappointment, I pray. Sometimes I really don’t feel like it, but it’s better than sending that awkward text message because you’re acting out of emotion.

Don’t run

You’re not a prisoner to anyone or anything. You still have the freedom to do whatever you did before. Don’t allow the disappointment to keep you bound to the humiliation of what happened. You are going to be okay.  That’s a promise.

You are enough

Being friend-zoned is not based on your value. You are enough! You may not have received what you thought you would, but take this in your stride. A time will come when you’re going to think about this and say  “I can see it now”.  All your disappointment and every stumbling block will finally make sense.



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