I don’t know if you have ever been in a room or a space and felt like it was dead or not really full of life? I have. It’s not a good feeling. So recently I have been looking into ways to uplift a room or space. Ways to give a room life and light.

One of the ways is with plants. I have recently moved and I’m obsessed with plants. So heere are a few plants that brighten up a room and space by just being there.

Rubber Plant

This is my personal fave. The leaves have great strength, they are broad and shiny and bold, and is such a great piece of art. It is priced well and doesn’t take to long to gain height and volume.  They may be rare at the moment in the Nurserys so when you find one buy it!

Sword Fern

This plant is more gentle and has more movement to it. It’s from the evergreen family which means it doesn’t lose it’s leaves.  It’s also really hardy.  The name came form the actual leaf shape, which looks like a sword. They reproduce really easily so if you need a quick growing plant, this could provide your answer.


Indoor Palm

These are stunning and will really add depth and a touch of elegance to your living room. Indoor palms are a bit more expensive then their other friends but they work really well for indoors can easily grow up to one or two metres. They don’t require to much care, they love the sunlight.


I love this flower.  It’s bold, the leaves are big and has such a great presence in the room. Monstera’s love good space and will grow huge, if allowed to.  The leaves are poisonous so be  careful if you have kids or pets around.

Fiddle Fig Plant

This plant carries a lot of character and will brighten up a room in no time. Like the indoor palms, fiddle figs are a little more expensive. They also require a bit more care then the other plants mentioned.

I hope this article inspired you to add some plants to your personal space. What are you waiting for?