A little bit of self criticism can be helpful, and can most certainly encourage and motivate us to do, or be, better. For example ‘I need to work out more, so that by body will feel healthy and strong’. Then on the other hand there is a negative self criticism that ends up breaking down your character as opposed to encouraging you. It causes you to feel less than great and not good enough. For example ‘You are useless, you might as well give up. Your best is not good enough. You are terrible at this’

Excessive self-criticism tends to do more harm than good. It purely focuses on what we may feel are our weaknesses and cause us to excessively worry and to feel anxious, if not depressed about who we are.

Address the negative voice

If our inner voice is constantly knocking and bashing our character and sense of self-worth down then maybe it’s time that we address that mean-spirited voice that rips us apart. It’s important to get to the root of the problem, pluck it out of our heart and replace it with truth and promises that speaks to our potential.

Whatever lies we believe about ourselves, it’s inevitable that our thoughts, emotions and behaviour will flow from those spaces. Negative thoughts can cause us to behave in an insecure way, fall prey to comparison, and have a low sense of confidence and self- worth.  We forget that who we are is amazing and special, and every bit worthy of being celebrated!

Deny those lies

Having a heathly way of thinking does not mean that you are always happy, and always overly positive all of the time. It might be possible, but it’s not always realistic. However, instead it means that you approach things, think and act in a way that stems from a healthy space, where you know and understand your value and worth.

Even if you may feel nervous, or have those moments where you may doubt or have fear, you still have the confidence to go forward regardless. You see every season whether good, bad, or challenging, as an opportunity to grow. Getting to that space however may mean that we need to address those inner self judgements and harsh criticism that make us feel otherwise.

Be aware of the inner critic

Learn to decipher between lies and truth. Truth should always make us feel at peace and confident, whereas lies make us feel insecure, fearful, and feel down about ourselves in general.

Address it by confronting the critic

Once you learn to decipher those sneaky lies, then you have the power and full right to confront it by saying “No thank you, I will not listen to that, because it is a lie.” This reaction will build up your confidence, and it will make those lies flee in the other direction.

Replace the critical lies with truth

Once we have spotted those recurring lies, we need to replace them with words and thoughts that are filled with truth, hope, and that will speak courage into our hearts. When I struggled with negative self talk, I taught myself to identify those lies, then I confronted them. I replaced them with promises that I found in the Bible, that breathe life, love and fresh perspective over my life. It took time to learn how to replace those lies, and to learn how to stand on truth with full confidence. It has turned my whole world around.

Continue to speak truth, faith and favour over your life!


If you find you are filled with negative and destructive thoughts the Bible says we can give those to God and He will transform our minds. If you would like to know more, we would love to talk to you. Please click on the link or leave a comment

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