Over time, you learn that some things don’t last. Why is that? I’m referring to friends that you never talk to anymore; talents you never practice again; jobs that become boring and seemingly insignificant.

We all want more out of life – even though what we do sometimes feels small and insignificant.

But there’s only one way to truly achieve something worthwhile in the long run: consistency.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but this would become evident in my life about two years ago. It all actually started about three years before that, while I was studying music in Australia. The great thing about studying in another country is that you get to meet all sorts of people from all over the world. The not-so-nice thing, on the other hand, is that you find people who are younger than you who are – to put it bluntly – way more awesome. You can imagine how it felt when all my friends were getting an opportunity and living their dream of writing and composing and doing all things music, yet I was doing what seemed like meaningless tasks.

This was the beginning of a downward spiral – three years of doubt and inconsistency. I felt like I couldn’t do what I wanted to do – and for that reason I felt like I didn’t need to practice or even try. I complained and was upset, rather than actually putting time into my craft.

Fast forward to three years later when I moved back to South Africa. It was kind of different and surprising. Moving into a new city and meeting new people was kind of nice – no one knew me or what I was capable of, until the one time that I was asked to play. Instantly, every emotion I felt in Australia came back. I felt like I couldn’t do it; there was no way I could play on stage in front of other people. I mean, I only studied music for three years – and most of it was practical!

But I made a decision that I was going to be consistent in what I’ve been given. So I locked myself in my room and practiced day and night.

The crazy thing now is that most people don’t actually know this story. What’s even funnier is that I play so much now that I actually sometimes have to say no to opportunities.

Consistency makes way for your dreams to become a reality.

God Speed.

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