I know I’m supposed to be address culture topics but this is probably more anti-culture than anything else, but stick with me an let’s explore together. Our culture tends to tear someone down and not allow them to dream but in this post I hope to do the opposite.  So as you read, let these words soak into your soul and bones, and allow your dream to take root again.

I have found that to begin dreaming again, the best way to start is to get to a quiet place. What could it be for you?

1. An ocean
2. A forest
3. On top of a mountain

I find that when I draw away I get a new word and energy from above.

Another thing that I do, when I feel like my dreams are getting smothered by society, is read a book that helps me keep perspective. Something like?

1. Magazine
2. Monocle
3. The Bible

I normally find reading someone else’s story stays with me and encourages me.  If they fought and overcame for the sake of their dream, why can’t I?

The other thing I find helpful is researching on internet the most influential companies and finding out how they began. It’s inspiring to see where successful people began and how they succeeded against all the odds.

Big name companies like Harley, Apple, Obamas Campaign and Disney all began in someone’s garage. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your heart and soul into it, so what do you have in your hands? I can truly say that whatever it is, is more than enough. So do it!

Sites that are great to rekindle your dream:

1. Hillsong collected
2. Relevant Magazine
3. Seth Godin

Hope you enjoyed this and were inspired.  Now go, follow your dream, jump off the edge and let the wind carry you.